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  • The Historical Figure Of Jesus

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    Over the centuries, there have been many conflicts, in both the historical and theological fields because there is little documented historical information regarding the life and times of Jesus. Many have attempted using the tools of emerging biblical criticism, modern historiography, plus their considerable knowledge of ancient Judaism, in order to paint a portrait of a Jesus by detaching Him from Christian faith; refusing to study Jesus as a divine figure, but as a Jewish man, who was born as a Jew

  • The Historical Jesus, Jesus as Messiah, and Jesus the Personal Savior

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    Jesus Christ, the figure who changed history more than any other, did many miracles to show others that he was God's son. God gave Jesus power over nature, power over disease, and even power over death. As a young Christian, my knowledge was a little understudied, to say the least. Now, as this module comes to a close, I realize that I have learned so much! While writing this summary paper, I intend to discuss my understanding of the historical Jesus, Jesus as the Messiah, and Jesus as the Personal

  • The Historical Jesus : Five Views

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    DiRienzo Religion 409 The Historical Jesus: Five Views The Historical Jesus: Five Views edited by J.K Beilby and P.R Eddy is a most interesting book to say the least. This is a great book to be introduced into the world of the historical Jesus. Along with the editors we have five contributors hence the name “Five Views”. This includes Robert M. Price, J.D Crossan, Luke Timothy Johnson, D.G Dunn and Darrel L. Bock. Each contributor presents their own views of the historical Jesus presented in the gospels

  • Jesus Of Nazareth: The First Quest For The Historical Jesus

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    The Quest for the Historical Jesus Jesus Christ is a figure of religion and mythology. Miraculous deeds, divine attributes, and arcane sayings are attributed to him, and his billions of followers across the world hold countless views about who he was, what he said, what he meant, and how exactly he was related to God. Jesus of Nazareth is a figure of history, a real man who lived and died in the first century Middle East, but whose biographical details often seem frustratingly elusive, obscured

  • The Resurrection Of Jesus A Historical Event

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    his exaction. When Jesus rose from the grave, the impact was felt immediately and has continued to reverberate throughout the world. This is certainly why many people have attacked the resurrection and set out to disprove it and as Christians it is our job to defend this important part of history that determines the future of so many people. So in order to defend the greatest day in history one has to ask; is the resurrection of Jesus a historical event? Everyone agrees that Jesus Christ was a moral

  • The Historical Existence Of Jesus Essay

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    evidence of Jesus of Nazareth 's existence can only be found within the writings of the New Testament. They believe that the New Testament is a biased and unreliable source for the existence of Jesus. They therefore claim that Jesus did not exist. The historical existence of Jesus is necessary to demonstrate the truth of Christianity. While Christian scholars do not discount the reliability of the New Testament as a historical document, they are also able to point to other historical documents and

  • Essay about Jesus the Christ: The Historical Jesus

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    The Birth of Jesus We can see the birth of Jesus in Matthew (Matt 1:18-25) (Matt 2:1-12), Luke (Luke 2:1-2) and John (John1:1-18). Both Matthew and Luke tell us that Jesus’ birth place was in Bethlehem in Judea in the time of King Herod of Judea and Emperor Augustine of the Roman Empire. The gospels tell us that Jesus was born in a stable under an inn (Luke 2:7). This is unlikely because Bethlehem was the birthplace of David, who was Joseph’s ancestor. This means that there may have been a

  • The Resurrection Of Jesus Was A Literal, Historical Event

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    Questions such as ‘What is there after death?’ and ‘Do I have a purpose on this planet?’ have plagued countless people. When looking at the statement in question, “It is not necessary for Christian faith to believe that the resurrection of Jesus was a literal, historical event.”, one must remember that in the minds of Christians, not only is it a comfort that there is something after death, but also an answer to both of the previous questions; yes, there is life after death and; yes, the purpose is to

  • The Bible As A Historical Document - Who Was Jesus? Essay

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    I felt a very positive impression of who Jesus was after finishing the Book of Matthew. I had a new image of someone who was a down-to-earth, caring individual. I did not find quotes of Jesus that claimed being superior to the common man, of whom sinners could not look upon (a view that most people had of their Gods for centuries before). Matthew 12:49-50, Jesus announces to multitudes that they are his mother and brothers. In that way, he puts himself at an equal level to the people, rather

  • The Weight Of One Of The World 's Most Dominant Religions

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    Jesus as a Figure in History: a Wealth of Information for Those Already Informed Jesus Christ is one of the most recognizable figures in the modern world. And the legacies of few people have sparked as many wars, built as many nations, and changed as many individual’s lives, as Jesus of Nazareth. Understandably, scholars and spiritualists alike have striven to answer one central question, “who was this Jesus?” To some, He is known as the Son of God, who overcame death and sin, offering salvation