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  • Hmong And Hmong American Society

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    scientists believe that there are anywhere between six and seven million Hmong around the world. The Hmong never had a country that they could call their “home” country and to this day this is still the case. Until relatively modern times, the majority of the Hmong people resided in the mountains of Southern China, Laos, Thailand, and northern Vietnam. As an ethnic group, the Hmong are fascinating in this sense. Today there is a large Hmong population in the United States. However, unlike a majority of the

  • Hmong

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    study of cross cultural medicine holds a significant value in all profession. The book chronicles the vast cultural differences between mainstream Americans and the Hmong, and how language and cultural barriers affected Lia 's treatment. To understand the Lees we really need to understand the Hmong culture. Personally, as a Hmong American, I have always felt caught between two worlds trying to figure

  • Hmong Vs. Hmong Language

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    For many years now, Hmong clan leaders have felt that the Hmong language is slowly deteriorating throughout newer generations. First, it began with the writing, and then it slowly advanced to the loss of speaking the language altogether. The loss of this beautiful, perishing language hasn’t slowed down as the English language continues to globally dominate the world. I have watched this dispute occur throughout my life as distant relatives question my parent’s way of raising my siblings and I too

  • Hmong Vs. Hmong Languages

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    Asia, the Hmong language has an ample number of speakers, however the distance between the communities has prevented the widespread use of the language and has also created several distinct dialects. In order to prevent this language from unnecessarily going extinct, moving forward with preventative preservation measures, specifically in regards to education, is imperative. Such measures may include immersion schools, computer programs, and bilingual education. Background and History Hmong is a minority

  • Hmong Culture

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    The influence of the Hmong-American on the Hmong cultural minority in France: the study case of the Hmong Festival organised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A and Aubigny-sur-Nère, France. Proposed research topic The Hmong community resettled both in America and France proved their efforts to maintain a collective memory about their homeland and ethnic consciousness while facing the difficulties of being integrated in a new culture. As a cultural minority, the Hmong of Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Hmong Essay

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    traditional Hmong live a horticultural society they depend on domesticated plants, they are well-adapted on soils of the tropical rain forests and poor soil places which are unsuitable for intense agriculture. Prehistoric Hmong are thought to have moved from Eurasia and made a few stops at Siberia. As their custom they settled in the highlands (mountains) from Vietnam and Laos and later in Thailand. They inherited the name “Miao”, from living in the mountains. Today Five million Hmong reside in China

  • Hmong And Immigrants In America

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    family. I am all alone in this life and land." The common thoughts of Hmong refugees as they began to settle in refugee camps and America are that of deep alienation and uncertainty. When the Hmong first entered the U.S., they were strategically dispersed across the country to promote faster assimilation. However, the stark contrast between the Hmong and America's cultures has made this move backfire. The integration of the Hmong has been especially difficult when compared with other immigrants, leading

  • The Hmong Culture Essay

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    The Hmong Culture      The Hmong Culture of South Asia is a very interesting ethnic group. Between 300,000 to 600,000 Hmong live in Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar. About 8 million more live in the southern provinces of China. Since the Vietnam War ended in 1975, Hmong refugees from Southeast Asia have settled in Australia, France, Canada, and the United States. The largest Hmong refugee community lives in the United States with

  • The Causes Of The Hmong War

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    The Hmong people claim to have helped in the war, but no one has noticed who they were. The Hmong came from southeast Asia, many fled from the war as a refuge from their country, it’s melancholy that people need to do this. The main cause was a political war and it has lug on for a while, the war caused many deaths in the Hmong people and for other different ethnic groups in the southeast Asian countries. When America came to preclude the war from going further, they were aided by a secret army made

  • The Importance Of Hmong Culture

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    do not think that there are cultural or linguistic factors, as many Hmong are gifted in mathematics, and have passed the scientific baccalaureate in France. (Hua) It was interesting to note that while many participants believed that Hmong culture plays a role in the ability to learn mathematics, they were divided as to whether the role was positive or negative. Advocating the latter, some stated that there are elements of Hmong culture and heritage that make it more difficult to learn the subject: