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  • Homeless People : The Homeless

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    Homeless in Baltimore City is a serious issue that must be resolve. There are different types of homeless people: Chronic, transitional and episodic homeless people. However, there are several or multiples reasons for which people become homeless. It could be due to lack of financial incentives or economic reason, immigrants people (students or foreign), a choice of an individual or poverty, housing needs of the lack of low-income housing and other issues such as unemployment, underemployment, domestic

  • Homeless Life In The Homeless

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    that there were people who were homeless and struggled just to get one meal each day, I didn’t comprehend the sheer amount of people, just in St. Louis alone, who fell into that category. When I was about 7 or 8 though, a group of us from our church visited a homeless shelter to bring food. Our goal was to help out in any way we could as part of a community service day we had established. Because of the culture shock I experienced upon arriving, visiting that homeless shelter for the first time changed

  • Homeless People And The Homeless Essay

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    Homelessness there were about 600,000 homeless people in America in January of 2015. This paper will hopefully spread insight on homelessness as a whole. There are many misconceptions about homeless people and many facts that people do not realize about homeless people. These facts should be brought to attention in order to help increase the knowledge of what normal everyday individuals can do to help. Every day we are surrounded by someone who is homeless and we don’t even know it. People tend

  • Homeless Child Education : Homeless Children

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    Homeless Children Education Several factors severely compromise the ability of homeless children to succeed in school, as I discovered in interviews with 277 homeless families in New York City in 1988. Barriers to the success of these children include health problems, hunger, transportation obstacles, and difficulty obtaining school clothes and supplies—all of which are linked to low attendance rates (Rafferty and Rollins 1989). Other factors are associated with the nature of the emergency shelter

  • Homeless People 's View On The Homeless

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    Here in America there is a high percentage of homeless people. People often label homeless people as lazy, not willing to work, or they believe they are just looking for hand out. But that is just other people 's views on the homeless. My point of view is that maybe they had a rough start in life, or something happened to them or maybe they didn’t have a mother or father figure in their lives to tell them right from wrong. Other might of grown up in broken homes which might of caused them to be the

  • Homeless Shelters : Homeless Shelter Essay

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    shelters that tend to the homeless. With the San Gabriel Valley services being so distant and clustered, it was difficult to assess the overall feel of the homeless services. That is, it was difficult to find any homeless shelters even with the use of a handheld GPS and map, signifying that access to the homeless services is not as simple as it sounds. On the other hand, it was not at all difficult to find other services that seemed, to be very helpful for the homeless in general. A screenshot of

  • The Stigma Of The Homeless

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    During the Great Depression, the homeless were almost glamorized as vagabonds who rode the rails with their belongings neatly tied up in a bandana over their shoulder. Today, the homeless can be anyone: children or women escaping an abusive relationship or those who just cannot afford to pay for housing. While some homeless people maintain employment of some sort, long term homelessness is usually a function of the inverse; either severely under-employed or no income stream at all with which to

  • Homeless Veterans

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    My problem revolves around homeless veterans and how they are at a higher risk for suicide than those who are not homeless. Several factors relate to the notable risk for veteran suicide including health factors, substance and alcohol abuse, stressful life events, social isolation and psychiatric disorders. Veterans who are homeless show higher rates for these significant factors including psychiatric disorders, alcohol and drug abuse and chronic medical conditions. There is a correlation between

  • Homeless And Non Homeless Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual

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    examined two groups, homeless and non-homeless Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (LGB) youths (Rosario, Schrimshaw, & Hunter, 2012). There were a total of 156 participants between the ages of 14 and 21 years with a mean age of 18.3 years. Participants were recruited from community based organizations, which focused on youths and two college organizations of LGB students. Researchers wanted to explore potential risk factors associated with the reason some LGB youths become homeless, while others do not.

  • Compare And Contrast Homeless People And The Homeless

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    thought of how privileged many of us are? Or what life would be like if everything was taken away from us? As of 2016, more than 169 people were homeless in Jackson, Michigan. This number isn't going down. With Jackson’s many homeless inhabitants, there are also over 338 children in the foster care system just in our county alone. When comparing homeless people and foster care children, they are very similar. Both of them do not have a permanent home and both have nothing to hope for in the future