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  • Homework

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    Schools should not give any homework to kids in elementary school. First, homework makes kids not get enough sleep and energy that they need for the next day. Especially because they probably have more school work the next day for them to do. Next, kids don’t get enough family time after school or even on weekends which is not good because kids need family time once in awhile because it normally keeps kids going when they can have fun with their families. Also, homework can cause mental issues which

  • Homework Should Not Have Homework

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    Schools should not give any homework. First, homework makes kids not get enough sleep and energy for the next day. Next, Kids don’t get enough family time after school or even on weekends. Also, homework can cause mental issues which can be bad for their health. Additionally, a lot of other people also agree with me about the no homework policy. One reason we shouldn’t have homework is because kids don’t get enough sleep for the next day. “We really want the kids to go home at 4 o’clock, tired.

  • Homework Is Too Much Homework

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    don't want to get off on a rant here, but school is giving us way too much homework and projects. We have only been in school for two months and we have had at least two projects for every core class except math, and a final 8th grade project. Everyday we wake up, go to school, and come home, easy right? No, everyday that we come home from school we have homework. Each class gives us at least 30 minutes worth of homework. 6 classes a day times 30 minutes is 180 minutes, which is 3 hours. We also

  • Homework Too Much Homework Essay

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    Teachers all over the world assign hours of homework each night even though it has actually been proven that “no studies have been demonstrated that there is an academic benefit to assigning homework” so how come teachers continue to pile loads of homework onto the plates of students who already have busy schedules. Teachers assign too much homework. Kids shouldn't have to spend hours of their time on busy work. When teachers assign excessive amounts of homework students stress levels tend to rise. “

  • Homework Is No Homework

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    In recent years, the argument over assigning students tremendous amounts of homework each night continues to grow. In a few districts scattered across the country, superintendents refuse to allow teachers to assign homework to children. The superintendent of Marion County Public Schools in Florida recently assigned a “no homework” policy for the current school year, joining districts in Massachusetts and Vermont. Most parents and students across the country admired the district's decision and hoped

  • Homework Essay

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    Definition of homework: Tasks assigned to students by school teachers that are intended to be carried out during non-school hours. Why do we have homework? What are the benefits of homework? Is there such thing as too much homework? Homework helps you to gain, and retain more knowledge than would be possible with only classroom work, this is a huge reason students get homework. Homework does actually have benefits, it teaches a host of important life skills, from responsibility and time management

  • Homework Problems

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    Homework is the origin of problems within students, so reducing it to one page of work per class or at most the equivalence of twenty pages of reading a night will improve their overall well being and performance at school. Teachers appoint hours of work at night, which most students do not have the time to accomplish, especially when they want to have a gregarious life outside of school. These problems were well known to Maria, a student in tenth grade. Her normal day consisted of waking up at six

  • Benefit Of Homework

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    Homework is often seen as a useful study tool, however it can cause more problems than solve them. Homework adds to the already harrowing task of keeping up with grades, you have to worry about completing classwork as well as studying for upcoming tests or projects for six classes, even seven, if you have a 0 period. Homework adds stress, prevents students from pursuing their interests, can cause them not to give their full attention to everything they should, makes keeping up with a social life

  • Essay On Homework

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    A high schooler comes home from school. He gets out his homework and gets started.The mom of the student said start your homework and then we will eat.The mom spends an hour at dinner, but the student is not done with his homework. He is asking his dad all types of questions, but he is too busy to help.That happens every day at this family home.When the boy got his test scores back later in the year, they were so low. Students have busy lifestyles and stress at home.They need time away from studies

  • The Benefits Of Homework

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    Cooper defines homework as "task assigned to students by school teachers that are meant to be carried out during non-school hour."(Cooper 2015) However, is it effective enough to justify its extension of the six hours of school students experience each weekday? As Bennett explains in “Must Won’t Do It!”, “Much attention is placed on helping students develop as complex and creative thinkers, yet many classrooms continue to use learning structures without examining their effectiveness. This is