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  • The Iliad

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    The Iliad is the quintessential epic. It is full with gods, goddesses, heroes, war, honor, glory, and the like. However, for just short while near the very conclusion Homer avoids all of those epic qualities. The banquet scene in Book XXIV is the most touching, the most "human" scene in the entire poem . In the midst of the dreadful gulf of war and anger there occurs an intimate moment between two men who ironically have much in common below the surface. Priam, old and fragile, makes his way

  • The Iliad Of The Homer 's Iliad Essay

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    The Iliad ranks as one of the most important and most influential works in terms of world literatures since its establishment. Between the underlying standard to which the Iliad offers us as audience members, along with the plethora of writers that have followed in the footsteps to which Homer’s Iliad paved, the impact that the Iliad has played is remarkable in itself. While the Iliad can be credited for much of present day literature we study today, Hollywood can be created for the plethora of

  • The Epic Of The Iliad

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    The Iliad tells the story of the battles between the Achaeans and the Trojans, and the events happening during the weeks of arguing between King Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks, and Achilles, Greece’s greatest warrior. These events play the role of a playground for the gods, as they often intervene and usually change the outcome of certain events. In regard to Homer, Longinus claims that he feels “indeed that in recording as he does the wounding of the gods, their quarrels, vengeance, tears,

  • The Iliad And The Odyssey

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    “Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.” (The Iliad pg.405) The quote is relevant to the stories Homer created during the period of the Trojan War. Homer orally performed two of his best works The Iliad and The Odyssey. Homer’s stories are old and probably translated differently than their original telling. Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey still show the basic human emotions and are an inspiration to other authors, poets, and oral presenters

  • The Iliad Essay

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    “direct and obvious intervention by a god or goddess in the affairs of humans”. In various myths such as the Iliad, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and Herakles, divine intervention was called upon in order to restrain a hero’s destructive or too powerful forces. Although the divine intervention was used to impair different heroes, the purpose to constrain was the same in all the narratives. Homer’s The Iliad: Book XX features a battle between the Trojans and Achaians, shortly after Patroklus’ death (Lattimore

  • The Iliad and the Odyssey

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    The Iliad and the Odyssey are two classic stories told by Homer. Within these two stories the roles of the gods are very important to the story line and how they affect the characters throughout. In the Iliad, more gods are involved with the characters whereas in the Odyssey there are only two major gods that affect two major characters. The roles of the gods in the Iliad are through two different stances of immortal versus immortal and mortal versus immortal. The roles of the gods in the Odyssey

  • The Iliad By Homer

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    The Iliad by Homer depicts the great struggle by Agamemnon and the Greeks to take the mighty city state of Troy and return Helen to her rightful husband, Menelaus. While many ponder if the war actually happened, or why the gods always seemed to be more human than humans themselves, few ask the key but often overlooked question; why is Agamemnon the leader of the Greeks in the first place? What happened that put him in charge of the Greek forces? Why does there seem to be an underlying resentment

  • Helen in Iliad

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    belonging, within and despite the many constraints to which she is subject.Helen appears in only six encounters in the Iliad, with a different audience in each. As the encounters progress, she reveals more and more aspects of her personality and becomes increasingly assertive, increasingly her own person, and increasingly a part of the society in which she is an outcast. In the Iliad, as in the Odyssey, Helen is repeatedly referred to as the woman for whose sake the Trojan War was fought.But Helen

  • The Eruption Of The Iliad

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    Fay Blakley English 2030 – W4 Prof. Dr. Atkinson 24 September 2015 Humanization of The Iliad The eruption of the Trojan War might stand as one of the most relevant events in Greek mythology. A raging war between kings and gods alike shed blood bath, eventually bringing Troy to a crumble. Was the war intended to be a battle between the mortals? Throughout the epic of Homer’s The Iliad, the gods take on human characteristics, allowing their feelings guide them, intervening, through the war.

  • Quotes For The Iliad

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    Student name: Taisha Paceco Title: The Iliad Author: Homer Date of Publication: According to, The Iliad was made in 762 B.C. Investigators found Homer’s work about after 50 years. Historical Information about period of publication: 762 B.C. is the 8th century. Did I read the book? • I read a little bit of the book in sophomore year. Honestly, I finished the book 100% with the help of summary videos