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  • The Iroquois Confederacy

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    the Peacemaker and Hayonhwatha thought that there had to be a better way. They came up with the plan of peace. The Iroquois Confederacy was that the five nations’ sitting in council would come together and agree on things that affected everyone. Small affairs would be handled within the tribe. If someone attacked one tribe, then they would be attacking everyone. The reason the confederacy worked so well is that everyone supported another and how the issues was handled. Small thing that did not matter

  • The Iroquois Confederacy

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    1). The reason for the construction of the Iroquois confederacy, or the league of the Iroquois, (Haudenosaunee) was the impeding factor of disunity between the tribes. Hienwatha, a Mohawk Iroquois, lived in Ontario and observed the disunity between the Iroquois tribes. In an attempt to unify the nations, he approached rival tribes and argued the benefits of unification. Initially, his idea is shut down by the elders of each tribe. The changing climate that started to occur, however, increased confrontations

  • Iroquois Confederacy

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    IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY by Loretta Hall OVERVIEW The Iroquois Confederacy, an association of six linguistically related tribes in the northeastern woodlands, was a sophisticated society of some 5,500 people when the first white explorers encountered it at the beginning of the seventeenth century. The 1990 Census counted 49,038 Iroquois living in the United States, making them the country's eighth most populous Native American group. Although Iroquoian tribes own seven reservations in New York

  • The Iroquois Confederacy to Six Nations

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    University The Iroquois Confederacy to Six Nations Thesis: Examine how the Seneca, Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, and Cayuga, and the 1722 addition of the Tuscarora, resulted in the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations and their influence on the creation of the Constitution. Nicole Cushingberry Cultural Anthropology Michael Striker December 16, 2011 Nicole Cushingberry Instructor: Michael Striker Anthropology 100 The Iroquois: Confederacy to Six Nations The Iroquois Confederacy, also known

  • How The Iroquois Confederacy Helped Shape The New Law Of The Land Back

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    conversation with a peer who was helping me come up with a great topic for this research paper we came across the topic of how the Iroquois Confederacy helped shape the new law of the land back in the 1700s when the constitution was written in Independence Hall in Philadelphia ( What is the Iroquois Confederacy? The Iroquois confederacy or the League of Iroquois are a band of several Native American tribes that are originally from the area that is now New

  • Essay about The Iroquois

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    The Iroquois Native Americans were the first people to live in America before any other man came. It is believed that the Native Americans came from Asia way back during the Ice Age through a land bridge of the Bering Strait. When the Europeans first set foot on America, there were about 10 million Native Americans

  • Indentured Servants Pros And Cons

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    This was not true with the Iroquois Confederacy. The Iroquois Confederacy was a band of five Native American nations that all formed a defensive alliance. Included in the five were the Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Seneca, and Onondaga. Many of the Europeans, including the French, English, and Dutch, tried to establish strong relationship with the Iroquois Confederacy because they were such a powerful force in the Ohio Valley. Many European countries believing “the Iroquois claim to authority over Indian

  • Comparing The Iroquois Constitution And The Crahan Family

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    In both the Iroquois Constitution and the Crahan Family, abiding by the rules is crucial to maintaining a happy family or confederacy. These rules are set in place to keep peace and happiness amongst everyone. These rules are enforced by my parents, and followed by my two brothers and I. For example, if I infringe on being respectful, I will get grounded. Similar to the Crahan family, the Iroquois Constitution has important rules or ways of life as well. These morals of life consist of peace, honesty

  • Myth Analysis : The Iroquois Creation Myth

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    Myth Analysis In the Iroquois creation myth, Sky Woman understood that she was pregnant with twins and was pushed by her husband into the Earth’s waters below the above world. Little Toad was able to bring up mud to spread on Big Turtle’s back, and it grew to become the size of North America where Sky Woman created the Iroquois world. Her children, Sapling and Flint, were important in creating the details of the land such as rivers, fish, plants, and even the seasons. The Sky People, Demi-gods

  • Analysis Of David Cusic's The Iroquois Creation Story

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    David Cusic’s, “The Iroquois Creation Story,” was published at the height of tensions between the Native Americans and the expansion of the United States into their territory, and illustrates how the Iroquois creation beliefs are actually similar in some comparison to that of Christianity. The story is about how The Iroquois Confederacy believed the world was created and their views of good and evil. This writing by David Cusic was extremely significant at the time because it was now the only written