Italian Immigrants Essay

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  • Italian Immigrants Essay

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    Italian immigrants were not welcomed with open arms into the land of opportunity. They had to adapt to the new lifestyle without forgetting theirs. Throughout the years, American citizens would be accustomed to having foreigners living in their neighborhoods. The Italian immigrants established communities where they managed to keep la via vecchia alive.   The American population viewed the Italian immigrants as an inferior race. People who made rude comments about Italians specifically directed it

  • Italian Immigrants Holiday Traditions

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    of how they arrived here has been lost. Immigrants of Italy brought to America their family-centered culture of celebrating these holidays. Their culture was so influencing that villages for the Italians were actually formed. The Italians celebrated numerous holidays in Italy; most celebrations included their fine foods and wine. Although, after the immigrants arrived in America they no longer observed many of the holidays that they did in Italy. The Italians’ holiday culture helped to make America

  • The Great Depression and the Life of Italian-Immigrant Workers

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    Depression and the Life of Italian-Immigrant Workers Commentary: In order to develop ideas for this paper, I first analyzed the time of the Depression and what Italian Immigrants lives were like typically living in America. Using this background knowledge, I was able to analyze the lifestyles of the working class in each of the stories. Even though the background story of each of the family’s lives differed, they all had a common basis in that they were Italian Immigrant families working a hard

  • Discrimination of Italian Immigrants in American History Essay

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    Discrimination of Italian Immigrants in American History Fear is a great motivator in man.  In the 1920s, immigrants were coming over to the United States in mass quantities.  Most of these immigrants were from Southern or Eastern Europe, parts of Asia and Mexico.  Because these groups differed in culture, race, and religion from the majority of White Americans, as the immigrant population increased, so did hostility and displeasure towards them.  Italians made up 11.8%, or 550,460 immigrants between

  • Essay about The Italian Immigrants of Post-1880

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    1920 more than 4.1 million Italians were recorded as entering the United States” (Daniels, p. 188). The Italian immigrants of post-1880 were different from other immigrant groups by these topics of religion, labor, family orientation, politics, and education. The 1880s brought a change not only in the amount of Italian immigrants but also the characteristic of them as a group. This group of immigrants was incredibly male dominated, in comparison to the other immigrants of this time, most settling

  • Italian Immigrants Essays

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    Immigration began late for the Italian population. With the main period of immigration coming in the late 19th century, Italians were already several steps behind the Irish, German, and French immigrants (Nelli 38). This proved to be detrimental to the Italians as the previous immigrants had already stitched themselves to the flag producing a resolute hatred for incoming immigrants, one of which was Salvatore Rossi. Having fled Italy in 1897 due to economic hardship, he pursued the “American Dream”

  • Italian Immigrants in America Essay

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    Italian Immigrants in America         Ever since the United States was founded, immigrants have been arriving on its soil.  The first white inhabitants of the U.S. were immigrants from Europe.  They came for many reasons, such as religion and opportunity.  As the country grew and became more prosperous, it became more enticing to foreigners looking for opportunity.  This continued into the 20th century and finally during the 1920’s, the United States began to restrict immigrants from coming

  • Essay On Italian Immigrants In Philadelphia

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    identify with. One section in particular was South Philadelphia, as Italian and Irish people mainly live there. I hardly visit that part of the city and had my first steak this year. This intrigued my interest to investigate Italians in Philadelphia. I will investigate the history of how the Italian immigrants made it to my city. Italians have been a part of the view in Philadelphia since colonial times. In 1665, a group of Italian Protestants came to New Sweden seeking religious asylum. Philadelphia

  • Difference Between Slavs And Italian Immigrants

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    and Italians, being the most predominant immigrants during the late 1800’s, faced a series of appalling living conditions. For instance, Slavs who formed families and lived in the company built homes were most of the time in need and cultivated flora in order to survive on the very low wages paid by companies. Woman as a part of the family had to also contribute economically, this included taking jobs at textile mills and taking care of the gardens at home. Protein supply for these immigrants was

  • How Did Italian Immigrants In The Late 1800s

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    In the late 18th century, European migrants such as Germans, Polish, and Italians came to America to start a better life, little did they know that coming to a new country such as America wouldn't be the easiest. Many Germans, Polish, and Italian immigrants began searching for a new life in America in the late 1800’s. As easy as they thought is was going to be, many immigrants had a tenacious time being part of America. They needed to leave the country that they knew and their loved ones, hoping