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    The Whitechapel Murders and those of Jack the Ripper are not generally one and the same. Over a period of three years towards the end of the nineteenth century a number of prostitutes were murdered under different circumstances – the murder of prostitutes was not an especially unique occurrence during those times but several of the murders drew particular attention on account of the savagery with which the victim's bodies were mutilated. Within the Whitechapel Murders was a cluster of murders that

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    “Jack the Ripper” Jack the Ripper was a notorious serial killer, whom some believe never even existed at all. From August to November 1888, Jack the Ripper terrorized the East End of London by being responsible for the death and mutilation of at least seven female prostitutes. The destitute East End is also known as the White Chapel district of London, England. A few of the prostitutes were targeted as they were leaving brothels in and around the White Chapel district. Jack the Ripper seemed

  • The Jack The Ripper Murders

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    The Jack the Ripper Murders happened in the East End of London in 1888 and, although the Whitechapel Murderer was only a threat to a small section of the community in a small part of London, the murders had a huge impact on society as a whole. A thing that puzzles a lot of people about this ancient murder spree is why the crimes are still so famous, even though over a hundred and twenty five years has gone by since they occurred. If Jack the Ripper only had five victims, then he wasn’t a particularly

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    also known as the "Canonical Five", were done by the same person. The identity of the killer has never been solved, but many believe the murders are the work of one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, Jack The Ripper. The first suspected murder by the hands of Jack The Ripper was that of Mary Ann Nichols, which took place on August 31st, 1888. Mary’s body was found by two men named Charles Cross and Robert Paul. They discovered her body walking through Buck’s Row on their way to work.

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    Jack the Ripper Source Related In August 1888 a killer who became known as Jack the Ripper committed the first of a sequence of murders. To this day the description of the killer remains a mystery. A mad person who is violent and dangerous who emerge to kill without warning and with no guilt, horribly killed five women in the East

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    Jack the Ripper is one of the most well-known serial killers of the ages. Although everyone knows the name, “Jack the Ripper,” nobody really knows of his true identity. When the murder victims were found the press and the detectives could never put a name with the crime. Jack the Ripper is a mythic figure comparable with Frankenstein and Dracula. The Rippers first three murdered whores, in 1888, were believed to be by the same person. These murdered victims all seemed to occur around the Parish

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    Jack the Ripper was one of the most famous and renowned killers in history. Even though he was not the first serial killer, he was the first killer to strike on a metropolis setting. Jack the Ripper was in his prime at a time when the media had a strong control over society and society as a whole was becoming much more literate. Jack started his killing campaign at a time of political controversy between the liberals and social reformers along with the Irish Home rule partisans. The reports of Jack

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    Jack the Ripper was a vicious serial killer from London who killed 5 prostitutes in 1888. He was never found and to this day no one knows for sure who the killer is, and what where his motives. It is hard to be sure of all the answers considering he committed them so long ago. There are now many theories of the man behind the name expressed through movies, books, and short films. Jack the Ripper committed the murders the way he did because he held a grudge against women, and he felt they deserved

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    Jack the Ripper terrorized the streets of London of unknown reasons. With his ability to disappear he was impossible to track, therefore making him one of the most interesting and clever criminals known to man. In 1888, five prostitutes were brutally murdered within a tiny area of the East End of London. The killings rapidly occurred over an 11- week period but they have both haunted and fascinated people for over a hundred years. (Jakubowski 16) There is no reason to believe that the victims

  • Who Is Jack The Ripper?

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    Jack the ripper, known for the murder of five prostitute killed in the same ways but he has not been caught and hasn’t been identified. So, who has done it? He has done five gruesome murder without his face being revealed, years have past without no trace leading to who done it. I’ve have been doing research on the unsolved case of Jack the Ripper and have found some interesting facts about the case. According to Richard Jones wrote on his website jack-the-ripper.org. He talked about there has