Jamaica Kincaid's Girl Essay

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  • Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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    In the essay “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid there are references to many social problems that were prevalent earlier in society that still apply to today’s society. In this essay the author is giving advice to her teenage daughter where she teachers her the “proper” etiquette and what was expected of a woman in her view. In this story the author Kincaid seems to be the mother and the teenage daughter is probably her daughter, in a different way of viewing she may be the daughter herself reflecting on

  • Patriarchal Structures In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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    Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” is a short story that examines the advice that a mother gives her daughter while she is teaching her how to live a proper life. Aside from teaching her how to sweep and how to pick good clothing, the mother also teaches her daughter practical advice about how to make people they do not like feel welcome by their smile. While the short story appears to be an instructive manual on how to cope with life, by examining the text through tone and literary style, it is

  • An Analysis Of Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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    “Girl” is a poem written by Jamaica Kincaid that was published in 1978 in The New Yorker. It was her first piece of published work. She is from Antigua, and most of her work contains stories of Antiguan life. As an African women, Kincaid always explores in her writing about class, race and gender discrimination. “Girl” is not exceptional from her other  writing. Here she creates the image of Western Caribbean domestic lifestyle. The theme of this story is mother and daughter argument. In this story

  • Provoking the Inevitable Change: an Analysis on Jamaica Kincaid’s Girl

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    Girl, a narrative written by Jamaica Kincaid, is a short story written in a dialogue style and stream of consciousness narration. The speaker is an authoritative female figure who teaches a girl about traditional living and the obligations of a girl to society. The narrative is basically one large sentence. Its ideas are separated by semicolons instead of the usual periods. Jamaica Kincaid’s short biography found in www.english.emory.edu by Vanessa Pupello: “Jamaica Kincaid was born in 1949 as Elaine

  • Femininity, Independence And Tradition In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl And Story Of An Hour

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    In both of the stories, “Girl” and “Story of an Hour”, woman's femininity, independence and tradition are shown in many examples. Both tales depict a story of a woman trying to discover their independence and learning the ways of how women are expected to act. They can both be seen as feminists for wanting to be independent but having oppressors such as parents and spouses stopping them from being who they want to be. During the time both short stories were written and where they were written

  • Essay about Contrast of Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” and John Updike’s “A&P”

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    Contrast of Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” and John Updike’s “A&P” “A&P” and “Girl” both symbolized the protagonists’ oppression by an older, more experienced generation. However, Kincaid’s “Girl” was artistic with an undercurrent of selfless love and hope while Updike’s “A&P” was uninspiring with selfishness and lust. The protagonist of “Girl” discouraged her daughter’s dreams out of love. The protagonist of “A & P” encouraged the antagonists’ out of a selfish desire for self-promotion. The short story

  • Jamaica Kincaid's Girl : The Negative Effects Of Gender Roles

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    of the children while the dad goes off to work to make money and provide for the family. Society has come to call these ideals gender roles since they are basic roles and ideas that a certain gender should conform to and accept. In the essay “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid, she discusses in one paragraph how the traditional woman is supposed to act. Michael Kimmel writes in the essay “Bros Before Hos” the same ideas, but he discusses how men should behave. Both authors do not like the roles placed upon

  • Comparing Jamaica Kincaid's Story 'Girl' and Frank O'Connor's Story 'First Confession'

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    O'Connor and Kincaid In both the works of Frank O'Connor and Jamaica Kincaid, the author writes a story about a young person confronting the potential truths of their current identities and how their childhoods will eventually influence and then shape their adulthoods. In the O'Connor story "First Confession," a young boy has to deal with his first communion in the Catholic Church and with the confession that will have to come with it. The boy fears that the sins that he has committed will have

  • A Literary Analysis Of Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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    Analysis of Girl by Jamaica Kincaid Girls, young women, and mature mothers. Society has consistently given women strict guidelines, rules and principles on how to be an appropriate member of a man’s society. These rules are set at a young age and enforced thoroughly into adulthood. When not followed accordingly, women often times too many face reprimanding through means of verbal abuse, physical abuse, or social exile. In the midst of all these strict guidelines and social etiquette for girls, a social

  • The Suffocating Good-Old Days Revealed in Girl Essay

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    Good-Old Days Revealed in Girl         Jamaica Kincaid’s story "Girl" allows readers a glimpse into the strict, demanding manner in which parents reared their children almost twenty years ago. Through Kincaid’s careful structuring of "Girl," readers capture the commanding tone of the story. The relationship between the mother and the girl also reeks of empowerment and distance, as best seen through the girl’s short-lived speech in the story. Most important, "Girl" shows readers how particular