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  • Hammering Out A Federal Republic

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    advice on what was essential to keep the great independent government the Americans had begun. Both documents were fairly consistent with one another, giving adequate insight to the future of the United States. The United States fifth president, James Monroe, wrote the Monroe Doctrine. He wrote it as a response to the Czar of Russia diplomatic inquiries. The Czar of Russia’s inquiries involved how the United States would answer if European colonization were restarted in the Western Hemisphere. In

  • The Constitution Of Government And Selections From Aristotle 's Politics

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    known to the ancients,” wrote Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper number 9. In The Federalist Papers, which Thomas Jefferson described as “the best commentary on the principles of government, which was ever written,” writers Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay sought to articulate and defend the integrity of the new Constitution, and to demonstrate the ways in which it fulfilled the requirements necessary to establish a Republican form of government. However, as seen in the opening

  • The Killer Angels By Michael Shaara

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    What better way to tell a story about one of the most significant battles of American history, then getting the information straight from the warriors who were fighting in the tranches? The book is written from the viewpoints of Robert Edward Lee, James Longstreet, and a couple of other men who were in the war. Robert E. Lee was fifty-seven at the time of the war. He was a highly respected general of the Confederate Army. He was an honest, God following man who had great morals which made a great

  • Dubliners By James Joyce : The Moral History Of Dublin 's Paralysis

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    Dubliners by James Joyce is a collection of stories centered around Joyce’s intentions to write the moral history of Dublin’s paralysis. Although paralysis seems to be the main theme in Dubliners, another motif comes across in the pages of the stories. As if all of the mental, physical, and emotional problems weren’t enough, many of the characters in Dubliners are alcoholics. Joyce utilizes the character of the drunk in many of the stories in Dubliners; hardly a story skips a mention of a drink.

  • Knowledge, The Sculptor Of Character : Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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    David Ibarra Mr. Carroll Brit Lit - Period 7 March 31, 2015 Knowledge, The Sculptor of Character: Frankenstein Socrates once said, "To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge." This quote holds much truth as a truly knowledgeable and wise person would recognize that there is always more to learn and no one will always know everything. Thus, this idea states that new knowledge will constantly enter and shape one’s character. Similarly, the idea of being aware

  • Free Will : The Concept Of Moral Responsibility

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    Part One, The Thesis: Free-will can be defined as the ability an individual has to act without the limitation of necessity or fate. It the power a person has to act at one’s discretion. Do we really have the freedom to experience what we want, when we choose? Some would say yes while some others will say no, philosophers have argued about this topic and there hasn’t been any particular conclusion yet. It is the ability a person or animal has to choose his or her course of actions. Although most philosophers

  • The Fate Of Their Country : Politicians, Slavery Extensions, And The Coming Of Civil War

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    The author of “The fate of their Country: Politicians, Slavery Extensions, and the coming of Civil War”, Michael F. Holt has several very good points about the reasons why the Civil War happened. Now I am going to explain why he thinks that slavery is the main issue of the conflict between the North and South. Why did Texas have such a pivotal role in the struggle between states? Why was the Wilmot Proviso politically dangerous? What occurred in Kansas and why did things go do wrong? And what is

  • Do Not Use The Library And / Or Research Databases?

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    wanting to recapture Texas. The movie depicts soldiers defending the Alamo and the battle of San Jacinto in which Santa Anna was defeated. I see soldiers fighting and dying for Texas. I see the Battle of the Alamo. I see legendary heroes such as James Bowie and Davy Crockett played by Billy Bob Thornton and Sam Houston played by Dennis Quaid. I see cannons firing and soldiers defending the

  • Stereotypes, Prejudice, And Prejudice

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    In recent discussions of American Born Chinese, a controversial issue has been whether Yang represents the stereotype successfully on his book or not. On the one hand, some argue that he go a little off from his main point from his book. From this perspective, many people found the book that it is not good enough to read. On the other hand, however, others insist that Yang did a great job on representing stereotypes, which makes his book very powerful and interesting to read. In the words of one

  • Is Frankenstein Really A Monster?

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    Is Frankenstein Really a Monster? I. Introduction Ronald Britton is the writer and editorial manager of the article: Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein: What Made the Monster Monstrous. Throughout this article Britton will talk about the genesis of the renowned story of Frankenstein, which emerged from a fantasy experienced by Mary Shelley while on an occasion imparted to her spouse and her stride sister. The creator talked upon Shelley expressing that “She emphasizes that she was not confined to her