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  • Janie As A Woman

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    The novel presents a story of an African American woman, Janie Crawford. It shows her struggle in which she fights for acceptance and a sense of security. Throughout the novel, her growth into womanhood is presented. At the beginning, Janie is depicted as a shy and withdrawn woman who is not inclined to speak about her emotions and feelings. Her voice is often stifled, and, as a result, she remains unheard and unnoticed. She feels that her community ignores her. She could not define herself as a

  • Gatsby And Janie

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    Fitzgerald and Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, the main characters, Gatsby and Janie, respectively, are in search of their soulmates that they believe represent their idea of true love. They both strive to find their soulmates, though the restrictive societies they live in make it difficult for them to find what they are looking for in love. Another similarity between Gatsby and Janie is that they were willing to do almost anything to find true love. But in the end, no matter how

  • Eulogy For Janie

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    Logan killicks the older man that was going with janie. He was a wealthy old man he had over 60 acres of land but i can not see myself relate toward logan the way he was old and mean to his lady. Also the way he talked to janie and he was a woman beater and i can’t relate towards that,reason being is he did many things or handled things wrong the only thing i can see myself honestly being like logan is how he owned the shop and the way i can relate to that is i can see myself owning a business

  • Character Analysis: Janie

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    Even when Joe is sick and dying, he still has power and control over Janie. He doesn’t want her to take care of him. Instead he consults with a doctor. He refuses to see Janie and prohibits her from coming into his room, in which he moved into after the fight they had. Maybe he is treating her this way because he wants her to feel guilty for defending herself in front of the townspeople. On his deathbed, Janie stands up for herself again. That was the second and last time she has ever done that in

  • Janie Color Analysis

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    The purpose of our project in the form of a drawing is to represent the life of Janie Mae Crawford. The image of the world shaped like a heart has both a light side and a dark side. In general, the world is in the shape of a heart to show how Janie views her world: completely involved in the concept of love. Janie, constantly encompassed within goals of finding and understanding love, views the world as a giant melting pot of love, and all she has to do is travel the planet to find it. The light

  • Janie In The Milk Carton

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    The author used many literary devices throughout the book. The setting of the book takes place in the Connecticut, when Janie and the Johnsons lived in a town, the cafeteria where she sees her face in the milk carton, Reeve’s house backyard where Janie and Reeve spent a romantic time, and New Jersey because that’s where the springs live and she had to go and lived with them. Jannie protagonist of the story she has red hair and freckles. She has lactose intolerance and in the beginning of the book

  • Janie Character Analysis

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    Throughout the book, Janie has been through many different marriages. With each marriage comes a different way she carries herself. These changes range from her behavior, self confidence, and ideals, to her actual appearance. The way she looked and acted were a direct result of each marriage, whether that be for good or poor reason. As a child, Janie was free to do most of what she wanted. She didn’t seem to have any limitations on herself, other than the normal limitations of being a child. She

  • The Power Of Speech By Janie

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    Throughout her life, Janie has always been told what to do. She could not express herself without being criticized. She is not given the chance to make decisions for herself because she is a woman and women were to expected to obey and not talk back. It is deemed wrong anytime she tries to stand up for herself. Throughout Janie’s life seems to be is controlled by others, first her grandmother, then Logan Killicks, and Joe Starks. Janie’s first husband Logan, thinks a Janie exists to make life as

  • Essay On Gatsby And Janie

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    Social Mobility For Gatsby vs Janie Upon first glance, Gatsby from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, and Janie from Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God seem very different. Gatsby-- a wealthy white man-- seemingly has all the ability in the world to gain money and status. Whereas Janie appears to have very little social mobility, as she is a black woman living in the South. However, upon closer inspection it is clear that they have similar hopes and dreams, and that within their communities

  • Reaction To Jody's Treatment Of Janie

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    think for women and chillun and chickens and cows”? What can you infer about the town based on their reaction to Jody’s treatment of Janie? My reaction to Jody’s comment is that the comment is offensive. Women should have their own mind. I can infer based on the reaction that jody has no respect for women.Janie hates working in the store and post office. Jody makes Janie keep her hair tied up because he is jealous of the men who stare at it. It is there for him to stare at, not others. They make fun