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  • Cool Jazz : Music And Jazz

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    Cool Jazz originated in the late 1940 's. It was created from the mix of classical music and jazz music. Miles Davis is known as the creator of cool jazz and his most important album was "Birth of Cool". People also say that cool jazz was a smoother style of bebop. The rhythm of cool jazz is more of a melodic flow. Cool jazz also originated in New York While a lot of jazz music used instruments like a saxophone, cool jazz didn 't. The main instruments in cool jazz were French horns, flutes, tuba

  • Jazz : The Emergence Of Jazz

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    Jazz: the Emergence Jazz is a form of music that originated in the United States during the early 1900s. It was a form of music that influenced generations, started the music careers of many great musicians, and its ties are in the melting pot of New Orleans. Jazz has a variety of styles to listen to and also has many diverse musicians to experience these diverse sounds from. Jazz is a great form of music. Its different styles and musicians give it diversity, while strengthening ties to the African

  • The Music Of Jazz And Jazz Essay

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    Jazz had started, when musicians came to New Orleans to play, most of the people that came to play were former slaves of African descent. The African American people had traced their ancestry back to West Africa, and with this knowledge they began to make a new kind of genre of music called jazz, based on ancient African tribal music, that people in Africa had been played for years. Some things that the tribal music and jazz have in common is a strong drum beat, voices imitating instruments, and

  • Jazz And Jazz Culture

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    is culture? What is African culture? What is Jazz music and where did it come from? How can one culture, in a sense, impact the musical landscape of the whole Western world and eventually assimilate into ‘pop’ culture? If we want to truly understand jazz and it’s concepts, we have to navigate through history and explore it’s roots. Simply put, jazz is African American music, and the genre, as we know, formed in New Orleans. However, the origins of jazz started well before then, in Africa. The powerful

  • Jazz : The Power Of Jazz

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    English 100 The Power of Jazz Jazz is a genre of music that originated in African American communities of New Orleans, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It developed from its roots in ragtime and blues. Although jazz has been recognized as a major form of musical expression since the 1920s, scientists are just beginning to understand how jazz triggers relaxation, to what extent it contributes to pain relief, and why it enhances the functions of the brain. Jazz can induce a state of relaxation

  • Jazz Commandments : Jazz Commandments

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    Elements: New Studies For Trumpet by Darren Fellows All winning publications will be part of a display that will be circulating this year among major university libraries around the nation. Jazz Commandments • Jerry Tolson This book with MP3s addresses articulation and style situations that are commonly found in jazz music by introducing a set of guidelines that can be used to make decisions regarding the treatment of notes and rhythms in the swing style. It includes exercises and catchy tunes that

  • Jazz Music : The Jazz Age

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    In the 1920s, jazz music started to gain popularity in America. Taking place during the Harlem Renaissance, jazz music helped define this time and the 1920s as the “jazz age”. The new upbeat and exuberant style of music attracted many young people looking for change. Jazz broke the customary rules of classical music and allowed musicians to improvise. Famous artists like Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, and Louis Armstrong took the country by storm with their talent. Soon speakeasies around cities

  • Essay on Jazz

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    Jazz Jazz is a very intriguing musical style. Jazz music gives the musician space to improve his/her ideas to the world by using their knowledge of swinging rhythms, scales and chords. I believe that musicians only play jazz for the love of it. Not all jazz musicians become millionaires. Listening to the radio today makes me feel sick to my stomach because I can never hear any new rock band or rap group come up with new and original songs. They either sing about their girlfriend dumping them or

  • Essay on Jazz

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    Early Jazz The earliest easily available jazz recordings are from the 1920's and early 1930's. Trumpet player and vocalist Louis Armstrong ("Pops", "Satchmo") was by far the most important figure of this period. He played with groups called the Hot Five and the Hot Seven; any recordings you can find of these groups are recommended. The style of these groups, and many others of the period, is often referred to as New Orleans jazz or Dixieland. It is characterized by collective

  • Jazz Music

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    The Beginning The word “jazz” did not become commonplace until around 1920 even though it had spent the preceding decade establishing itself as a musical genre. A mix of European harmony and African rhythm, blended with the current styles of the time such as ragtime and rhythm and blues, Jazz can be seen as an amalgamation of different cultures and has had huge influences on, and evolved concurrently with, American society in the past century. The birthplace of jazz is the subject of much more controversy