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  • A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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    but also in the Devon School of Prep. The book A Separate Peace by John Knowles is mostly about a boy, Gene, who is receiving his education and learning about how to become a soldier to fight in the second World War. He and his best pal, Finny, are both being forced to mature and grow up before being drafted to fight, but before that even happens Gene’s jealousy gets the best of him which will threaten his friendship. Throughout the novel John Knowles uses a great deal of literary elements to help

  • A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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    Crafted by author John Knowles in the late 1950’s, A Separate Peace is a heart-wrenching Bildungsroman narrated by a pensive Gene Forrester as he reflects upon trials and tribulations at his alma-mater, the Devon Boarding School. In an attempt to process the tragic loss of his best friend and coping with his own responsibility in his friend’s death, Gene returns to the campus to confront his progressive loss of Finny in both his plummet from the tree by the river to his tumble down the marble staircase

  • A Separate Peace, by John Knowles

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    often proceed due to perceptions conceived within the depths of peoples’ imaginations. Irrational assumptions, fears of the unknown, and the development of nonexistent threats allow the justification of these wars within the individuals. In A Separate Peace, wars such as these are seen between the characters and

  • A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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    A Separate Peace by John Knowles: Boys to Men The boys at the Devon school, in the novel A Separate Peace, written by John Knowles, are World War II influenced by making them mature and grow up more quickly than they would have had there not been a war. The war makes some boys stronger and more ready for whatever life would bring, while in others it disables them to the point that they cannot handle the demands of life. This novel shows a “coming-of age” story, especially with three boys. Gene starts

  • A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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    In his novel A Separate Peace, John Knowles demonstrates that, to achieve adulthood, one must lose innocence and acknowledge this loss.       For instance, John Knowles uses Elwin ‘Leper’ Lepellier and his time in the military to show that one must lose innocence and accept this loss to reach adulthood. Leper is, according to Gene, in “a protective cloud of vagueness” (Knowles, p. 204). This allows him to remain innocent throughout his time at the Devon School, though, after a ski troop attempts

  • A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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    grow, seeing conflicting sides of good and evil. A Separate Peace by John Knowles narrates the story of young boys growing up with World War II as the backdrop. The war impacts them dramatically and is constantly thought about as they are coming of the age since they will soon be enlisted. However, not only are they living during an era of war but are also struggling with the war inside of themselves as they search for the truth within. Knowles depicts the ability of war to affect teenage boys in

  • A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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    do occur it’s hard for us to even want to comprehend that the people we love and trust would do such things harm us, because of that we get tangled up in deception and false truths in order to obtain a peace of mind. This emotion, this feeling was brought about in A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the story took place back in the early 1940’s during World War II in a flashback. I believe this novel brought up many worthy questions of troubles in life and relationships but I think the main one that

  • A Separate Peace, by John Knowles

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    there exists cultures that base themselves around the idea of war, creating hostile and bellicose peoples. At times, war may not even have grounds, but the aggressive nature of the people often cause it to proceed without justification. In A Separate Peace, wars such as these are seen between the characters and within the characters of Gene and Phineas. These wars can be thought of as figments of imagination, founded on irrational assumptions, fears of the unknown, and nonexistent threats. Regardless

  • A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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    In John Knowles’ novel A Separate Peace, it begins with the protagonist, Gene Forrester coming back to his alma mater the Devon School in New Hampshire. Wandering through the campus, Gene makes his way to a tall tree by the river; the reason for his return. From here he takes the reader back to the year 1942 during World War II when he was in high school. During the summer session ofthat year, he becomes close friends with his daredevil roommate Finny who is able to convince Gene into making a dangerous

  • A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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    As Stephen King once said, “Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.” John Knowles’ novel A Separate Peace which is also a movie by Peter Yates, both have the same theme and plot, however, there are minor adaptations that are made to the movie which fail to capture the nature of the characters. A Separate Peace is set at a boys’ boarding school in New Hampshire during World War II. It is the story of Gene Forrester, and his confused feelings