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    5th century AD overtime Literary works have been develop such as novel, poems, and short stories. Short Stories are described has miniature versions of books or novels, where an author takes a tale and crams it into a ten to twenty page story. John Steinbeck is not only a well-known novelist, but also writes short stories like “The Chrysanthemums” and “Flight”. In Steinbeck’s “The Chrysthemums” Elisa Allen is married to a negligent ranch owner. While her husband works on the ranch, Elisa tends to

  • Summary Of Juana In John Steinbeck, By John Steinbeck

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    (Juana) put her lips down over the puncture and sucked hard and spat and sucked again (John Steinbeck Pg 6)” this got rid of enough poison to save Coyotito’s life.. Then there are some of the smaller things as Steinbeck really likes to show how often Juana tended to Coyotito: “Juana laid Coyotito on the blanket” ( Pg 15 ) and “she dressed Coyotito in the clothes she had prepared for his baptism” ( Pg 44 ). Steinbeck then wrote all of these examples too: " ’The doctor,’ she said. ‘Go to get the doctor

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    John Steinbeck 	 John Steinbeck was a famous American author who wrote from the 1920 to the 1940. Steinbeck was constantly moving across the country trying to succeed as a writer. John Steinbeck lived a life of constant up and downs, successes and failures before he landed on his feet and became a famous author. 	John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California on February 27, 1902. He was the only son and the third child of John Ernst Steinbeck and Olive Hamilton. Steinbeck's father

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    John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California, a farming community with of about 2500 people. He was the third of four children and the only son of John Ernst and Olive Hamiton Steinbeck. His sisters Beth and Esther were much older than John and he felt closest to Mary, the youngest. He spent his childhood and adolescence in the Salinas Valley, which he later called “the salad bowl of the nation.” John’s mother, Olive, was the daughter of Irish immigrants. She left her parents’

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    John Steinbeck A novelist is someone who writes novels, or writes a fancy work of fiction which often has a complicated plot, many major and minor characters, a significant theme, and several varied settings. A novelist will use literary devices such as characterization, tone, symbolism, imagery, and figurative language. John Steinbeck, an American novelist, uses many literary devices such as metaphors, similes, imagery, and figurative language along with excellent descriptive words to develop

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    author or writer? One of the famous American writer was John Steinbeck. He earned a Nobel prize of literature from his American classic novels that he had written in the past. The Nobel prize was not the only award that he had earned for his literature, he earned different awards for his writings also (John Stein..). John Steinbeck is a man who had overcome different obstacles and being successful in life. Everyone has a life history, John Steinbeck also has a history of his own. His life story began

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    Marina Slezak Mrs. D’Aleo English-Bram 17 April 2017                                                 John Steinbeck's: The Pearl                John Steinbeck’s The Pearl is a Novella, which is longer than a short story and shorter than a novel. The story is about a poor mexican family and the father Kino, whose occupation is diving for pearls off the Baja peninsula. After retrieving the pearl the family becomes wealthy and content and soon after the father turns into a criminal. This shows how

  • John Steinbeck Loneliness

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    deal with so much, and are strong because of that. In the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck uses the characters Crooks, Curley's wife, and Lennie to explain loneliness as a main idea. Curley's wife demonstrates examples of loneliness. She often explained her thoughts and feelings in the story. Curley's wife explained to Lennie, "I get lonely. You can talk to people, but I can't talk to nobody but Curley" (Steinbeck 87). This quote shows an example of how some express that they are lonely. To add

  • The Chrysanthemums By John Steinbeck

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    “The Chrysanthemums” is a short story written by John Steinbeck. The story was originally published in 1937 before later being released as a part of his The Long Valley collection. This is an important story as it expresses women in a way that is more realistic, showing their true boredom, ambition, and capabilities. Some scholars interpreted this story differently, but C. Kenneth Pellow interprets it as “radically feministic.” The Great Depression was finally ending and women’s rights were rising

  • The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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    Intro: A. When want spirals into destruction, a family is split apart, shattered by a rare find. A pearl that seems so perfect, so innocent that it seems as if nothing harmful can come from it. B. In John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, a young man named Kino, his wife, Juana, and their infant child, Coyotito, find a pearl so magnificent that many people will attack Kino to get it. The pearl causes Kino to be overcome with greed and desire and brings misfortune upon him and his family. C. The pearl brings