Knee Injury Essay

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  • Knee Injuries : A Knee Injury

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    Knee Injuries Brown University (n.d.) stated that people who participate in sports have a significant chance of developing a serious knee injury compared to any other injury. Over the past decade, knee injuries have risen almost 200% with the most common ones being: sprains, tears, and dislocations. These various injuries can include notorious tears known as: • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears • Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) tears • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) tears • Posterior

  • The Injury Of A Knee Injury

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    called the syndesmosis joint. This is the joint that is between the tibia and fibula. When an ankle does not heal correctly, it is called a nonunion. There are many ways to cause an ankle injury. Twisting or rolling an ankle can create ankle injuries. Tripping over something or falling down can also cause ankle injuries. There are many ways to tell if an ankle is broken. These symptoms are severe pain, swelling, colored bruising, unable to put any weight on it, or dislocation. If someone has these symptoms

  • The Anatomy Of The Knee Injuries

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    most serious and common knee injuries. Many aspects play a role in the treatment and rehabilitation of this injury. This paper will discuss the anatomy of the knee, describe a torn ACL, and the rehabilitation. The knee is a hinge joint which gives the legs mobility. The muscles and ligaments of this joint allows flexion and extension of the leg. “Because the knee supports the majority of the body weight, it is at risk of overuse and traumatic injuries” (France). The knee is composed of 3 major bones;

  • The Injuries Of The Knee Joint

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    The knee joint is one of many synovial joints within the human body. It is the largest joint in the body and is known as a ginglymus, or hinge, joint involving the articulation of the femur and the tibia. A hinge joint is a joint between two or more articulating bones, moving in only one plane. The movements that occur at the knee are flexion and extension. The knee joint is a modified hinge joint, therefore as well as allowing the movements of flexion and extension; the movements of internal rotation

  • Anatomy Of The Knee Injuries

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    flexibility of the knee. Bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and tendons assist with the knee getting the job done (NIH, n.d.). While supporting the body to walk, run and jump, the knee is at risk for enduring a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This type of injury can pose a threat to athletes and their careers. When the ACL is torn, the body will lose stability and the inability to bear the weight of the athlete. Sports competitors are vulnerable to enduring a torn ACL injury during their

  • Devastating Knee Injury Essay

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    Devastating Knee Injury   I thought I was invincible. I tried to be the best on the team, I worked hard and everything fell into place, that is, until my junior year.   The basketball season was going well. Christmas break was coming up and after it, we would start our league games. Our first league game was Paonia, our biggest rivals yet to step into Delta County. The game started off intense.   One minute and 30 seconds into the game, Paonia fouled, so we lined up for the free throw

  • Knee Injury Research Paper

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    Athletes Suffering from Knee Injuries are Opting for Cold Laser Therapy over Knee Surgery By Juliet Peters Aug 22, 2011 A knee injury can be a painful and debilitating setback for anyone, however for athletes experiencing knee problems it can be a deal breaker that threatens to take them out the game. This is why many professional athletes are opting to treat their knee injuries with cold laser therapy rather than go through traditional knee surgery. Unfortunately, the athletes who rely on their

  • Ligament And Meniscal Injuries On The Knee

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    ABSTRACT Ligament and meniscal injuries are traumatic injuries in the knee. Ligaments are fibrous connective tissue that connect the bone to the cartilage and it also holds a joint together. The ACL is the ligament that gets injured the most due to where it is sited in the knee. When ligament or meniscus injury occurs, the client will experience pain and good possibility of instability of the joint. What will the client feel when injury occurs? When do most injuries occur? What surgical management

  • Knee Injury Prevention and Conditioning Essay

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    Knee Injury Prevention and Conditioning An estimated 50 million Americans have suffered or are suffering knee pain or injuries. Most of these pains, sprains, and strains could probably have been avoided with proper conditioning (Fox, 147). I have had knee pain since my freshmen year of high school and have finally taken the initiative to find some exercises that will help ease this pain, and build muscle strength in the surrounding areas to avoid another possible injury. Getting the support

  • Recovering From A Serious Knee Injury

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    serious knee injury and returning to pre-injury levels can be a difficult task to overcome, but it has been proven possible to do this. Improper injury protocols and the injuries themselves are two of the largest factors in professional athletes not having elongated and successful careers. ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, and Patellar Tendonitis are the most common knee injuries in which athletes sustain. Sustaining a knee injury at the highest and most competitive levels of basketball can make the injury and recovery