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  • Lakota Sioux Tribe : The Lakota Tribe

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    The Lakota Sioux primarily located in North and South Dakota “are one of three main subdivisions of the Great Sioux Nation” (“Lakota”, n.d). Prior to the 1900’s, “The Lakota tribe consist of seven bands that lived throughout the Great Plains, the largest and most famous of being the Oglala Sioux Tribe” (“Lakota”, n.d.). In the late 1800’s the Lakota were relocated to several reservations, with the majority of the tribe living on the Pine Ridge Reservation and the Rosebud Reservation. In addition

  • The Black Elk, The Lakota Tribe Of The Oglala Lakota

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    from this high hill of my old age, I can still see the butchered women and children lying heaped and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as when I saw them with eyes young.” These are the words of Black Elk, the medicine man of the Oglala Lakota, the tribe that was attacked by Wounded Knee Creek. The massacre included the killing of civilians, including women and children, by the Seventh Cavalry Regiment. Leading up to the massacre, the Lakota’s land had continually been seized by the United

  • Lakota Indians Essay

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    Lakota History Throughout North American expansion the Lakota people have suffered some of the worst and straight forward persecutions against Native American Indians, and live in some of the poorest if not the poorest conditions in the United States. This is sad for a people who use to be one of the strongest nations in the Central Plains, feared by white men and other Indian nations alike for their ferocity and warrior abilities in the heat of battle. The Lakota arrived at positions of dominance

  • The Badlands And Lakota Land

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    in their discovery. The name “Badlands” is derived from the Lakota phrase makȟóšiča, meaning Land of Bad Spirits.  Today, some Lakota believe that the Badlands are a place to be avoided because it is where bad spirits exist. This paper will discuss the geographic location,  geological formation, Lakota legends,  reasons the site is visited, time or seasons to visit and Lakota stargazing associated with the site. When applicable, Lakota words will be provided. Geographic Location and Geology The

  • The Lakota Way By Joseph Marshall

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    In his story “The Lakota Way; Joseph Marshall III adequately convinces the reader to persevere through a series of stories that allows the reader to develop a personal connection with characters. Marshall achieves this by informing the reader and using formal diction. This allows his readers to experience how perseverance can have a positive impact on one’s life. Marshall teaches us that Perseverance represents a quality in human beings that allows us to be steadfast despite the difficulty. In the

  • Lakota Woman Essay

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    Lakota Woman The book “Lakota Woman,” is an autobiography that depicts Mary Crow Dog and Indians’ Lives. Because I only had a limited knowledge on Indians, the book was full of surprising incidents. Moreover, she starts out her story by describing how her Indian friends died in miserable and unjustifiable ways. After reading first few pages, I was able to tell that Indians were mistreated in the same manners as African-Americans by whites. The only facts that make it look worse are, Indians

  • The Lakota Tribe Of Native Americans

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    tribes are the Lakota, whose homeland was originally located in the Wisconsin, Michigan and Dakota region of today’s North America. From their day to day activities to their extensive culture the history of the Lakota tribe of Native Americans are a very intriguing aspect included in Native American studies. Some major areas of interest include: their daily life

  • Lakota Sioux Movie Essay

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    into detail on how the Lakota Sioux once lived during the westward expansion period in America’s past. The film is different than most other movies that show this time period because it shows the Lakota Sioux as moral people who are only trying to protect what is there’s. Other movies only show the Native Americans as being beasts that only want to hurt the white Americans. That is one of the things that make this movie more realistic of the traditional lifestyle of the Lakota Sioux. In the film it

  • The Creation Story Of The Lakota Indians

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    For the Lakota Indians, stories were passed down through the generations as a way of teaching lessons. Their creation story places an emphasis on maintaining a balance between man and nature. This balance was broken for the Indians when, after violating the Dawes Act, a treaty that gave them full rights to their sacred land, white men pushed them out of their homeland and forced them into a society that they never wanted to be a part of. In doing this, their culture was greatly diminished, along

  • Lakota Indian Genocide Essay

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    bodily or mental harm, inflicting the group member lives to cause destruction, imposing measures intended to prevent birth, and forcibly transferring children of a particular group. Based off these criteria of genocide I believe the acts upon the Lakota Sioux Indians highlighting the instance of the Battle of Wounded Knee and Indian Boarding Schools are acts of genocide. The