Louisiana Purchase Essay

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  • Louisiana Purchase And The Louisiana

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    significant occurrence happened. The purchase of 827,000 square miles of land for approximately 4 cents an acre or 15 million dollars was made. This purchase was unlike any other, for it would have the most importance of any other purchase made in the United States. It is referred to as the Louisiana Purchase. The land that was purchased was known as the Louisiana Territory. Also, this territory wasn’t just bought. It was exchanged, for an important reason. The Louisiana Purchase is known as one of the most

  • The Louisiana Purchase

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    When the Louisiana Purchase was made by Thomas Jefferson in 1802, nobody in the United States knew anything about the territory. Everyone had to know more about the huge land grant that was just purchased by the U.S. People took the challenge and went out to see the great land. Famous explorers are known for their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. Two famous explorers are known by many, Lewis and Clark. Although, there is one explorer that is less known but explored just as much area as Lewis

  • Louisiana Purchase Importance

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    Importance of the Louisiana Purchase The Decisions made to buy the Louisiana Purchase were tough; however, in the end the Louisiana Purchase was the most important land purchase in American history. In 1803 the United States had seventeen states along with the Northwest Territory. America still had not reached its potential growth, even though the states were still growing with settlers, until after the Louisiana Purchase. The president at this time was Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson’s decision would

  • The Legacy Of Louisiana Purchase

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    Louisiana Purchase, more prominently known as an acquisition that doubled the size of the country we reside in, was much more than just a simple purchase, much less an easy one. Thomas Jefferson had to consider all the aspects, consequences, and effects that the decision of buying 2,144,500 square kilometers of land would have on the country (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 1). This purchase brought many improvements to the country, but also had unexpected consequences that would transform the country

  • Consequences Of The Louisiana Purchase

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    Minnesota and louisiana west of Mississippi, including New Orleans, big parts of North and northeastern New Mexico, South Dakota, northern Texas, some parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado as well as portions of Canadian provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan.” This historical event is known as the Louisiana Purchase. Although the Louisiana purchase is referred to as “Thomas Jefferson’s greatest achievement,” Jefferson had struggles and doubts about purchasing the land. Jefferson decided to purchase the land

  • Louisiana Purchase Disadvantages

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    The Louisiana purchase was a land deal between the United states and France in which the United States gained 827,000 square miles. The land west of the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains was for fifteen million dollars that took place in 1803 of April thirtieth. The Louisiana purchase induced many advantages as it did disadvantages for president Thomas Jefferson. Being one of the biggest land deals in United States History when the Louisiana purchase was being signed by Robert Livingston

  • The Importance Of The Louisiana Purchase

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    negotiated the Louisiana Purchase with France despite personal qualms of its constitutionality. The Louisiana Territory nearly doubled the size of the United States, including the major port city of New Orleans. Despite his personal reading of the Constitution, Jefferson understood that it was more important for the country to act decisively and buy the land than to await an amendment to the Constitution. Jefferson, acting within the right of the president to negotiate treaties, pursued the Louisiana Purchase

  • The Purchase Of The Louisiana Purchase

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    of it. Other than America becoming a newly independent country, the purchasing of the Louisiana Territory was a significant accomplishment as a young, brand-new country. The purchase nearly doubled and expanded the United States size by about 828,000 square miles (“Louisiana Purchase”). However, this was not a laid-back, straightforward business transaction as one individual may think. Surprisingly, the Louisiana Territory was an enormous interest in the Old World for an extended period before 1803

  • Louisiana Purchase Essay

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    The Louisiana Purchase was the most influential and important land purchases in American history. The acquired land in this historical purchase proved to far outweigh what most Americans at the time could imagine. The Louisiana Purchase more than doubled the size of the United States, and lead to many great discoveries and societal benefits. Some of the major and most prominent ways that the Louisiana Purchase influenced the evolution of American were the expeditions of Louis and Clark on the

  • Consequences Of The Louisiana Purchase

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    The Louisiana Purchase was done in the year 1803. In this purchase the United States of America paid fifteen million dollars to get all the land west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains. This transaction was done between Thomas Jefferson and the great Napoleon. The question, however, still remains, was the Louisiana Purchase a necessity for the young growing nation, or was the purchase an unconstitutional act done by President Thomas Jefferson himself despite some doubts that