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  • Summary Of Lysistrata

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    Lysistrata by Aristophanes is seen to be a comical play used to show the impact of war not only on the ones physically in the war, but the ones mentally involved also. This play was written to help express the feeling the author had about the war occurring during the time the work was written. Lysistrata, the main character, is a strong woman who decides to become as what could be said as being “rebellious”. She does this by refusing to have sexual relations with the men in the city until it was

  • Lysistrata Essay

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    of Dionysos will be held the fall of this great year, 411 BCE. Many ideas of entertainment have been suggested, most of which plays from various credible playwrights. One that has caught my eye in many ways is a work by Aristophanes. It is titled Lysistrata, and is a comedy based on our current status of war. Now considering our present situation, this may seem like a ludicrous idea. The wrong choice of words in a public address can result in a revolt, let alone a play that will be seen by many more

  • Essay on Lysistrata

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    Lysistrata is a play written in 411 BC by Aristophanes. At that time in Greek history, the city-states were constantly warring with one another. Consequently, the women were left at home. One woman, Lysistrata, was so fed up with the fighting that she called all of the women of Greece to a meeting. When they finally showed up, Lysistrata presented her plan for peace: no sex until the wars ceased. She eventually convinced all of the other women that this was the only way to bring peace to the land

  • Lysistrata Analysis Essay

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    “Lysistrata” is a tale which is centered around an Athenian woman named Lysistrata and her comrades who have taken control of the Acropolis in Athens. Lysistrata explains to the old men how the women have seized the Acropolis to keep men from using the money to make war and to keep dishonest officials from stealing the money. The opening scene of “Lysistrata” enacts the stereotypical and traditional characterization of women in Greece and also distances Lysistrata from this overused expression, housewife

  • Lysistrata Of Aristophanes Essay

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    The Lysistrata of Aristophanes Aristophanes was a satirist who produced Lysistrata around 413 BC when the news of Athen’s warships had been destroyed near Sicily. For twenty-one years, while Athens was engaged in war, he relentlessly and wittliy attacked the war, the ideals of the war, the war party and the war spirit. This risked his acceptance and his Athenian citizenship. Lysistrata is probably the oldest comedy which has retained a place in modern theatre. It primarily deals with two themes,

  • Power And Power Of Women In Lysistrata By Aristophanes

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    and the creation of an oligarchy. Aristophanes wrote Lysistrata during this time of political strife. Lysistrata is a play about a Lysistrata, an Athenian matron, that asks all the women of Greece to refrain from having sex with their husbands until the men sign a peace treaty to end the Peloponnesian war. The women’s power and leadership displayed in the play was in direct contrast with the legitimate role of women in Ancient Greece. Lysistrata shows women of strength, power, and determination. Although

  • Different portrayals of women in "Antigone" and "Lysistrata"

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    The different portrayals of female characters Antigone and Lysistrata illustrate the fundamental nature of the proper Athenian woman. Sophocles' Antigone allows the reader to see that outrage over social injustices does not give women the excuse to rebel against authority, while Aristophanes' Lysistrata reveals that challenging authority in the polis becomes acceptable only when it's faced with destruction through war. Sophocles and Aristophanes use different means to illustrate the same idea; the

  • The Role Of Women In Lysistrata By Aristophanes

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    Given solely the plot of Lysistrata by Aristophanes, one might think that the play is a highly progressive comedy in which women are empowered and are given meaning beyond the household. Unfortunately, as one starts to delve deeper into the story, there are many elements that suggest otherwise, mainly the portrayal of secondary female characters, the women’s overall willingness to discount their non-physical features and the peacemaking scene around the end of the story. The events in the play encourage

  • The Role Of Women In Lysistrata By Aristophanes

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    Women have always been down played throughout history and always had to fall below men. The play Lysistrata by Aristophanes is great play that shows the first time women started taking a stand against men for equal rights. The adaptation that I saw of lysistrata in San Francisco State School of Theater and Dance, my seat cost 17 dollars and my seat number was 107. I chose this because I believed it was the best seat to look at the play. The person who attended the play with me was my close friend

  • Lysistrata, By Aristophanes : Satire And Satire Essay

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    with the textbook, The Compact Bedford Introduction to Drama, the play Lysistrata by Aristophanes contains the elements of satire with its notable humors that ridicule his contemporary time’s politicians. Simply, he used his contemporary political figures, who caused the war and unable to stop the war, and the situation in war of his time as important factors for his humors that he is famous for. Consequently, his play Lysistrata aims to mock satirically his contemporary public figures, many of whom