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  • The Italian Mafia And The Mafia

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    The Sicilian Mafia and the Camorra (mafia group located in Naples) were both created in the mid-1800’s (FBI 2010). These are the two mafia groups we will focus on. The Sicilian Mafia was originally an underground secret society formed to unite the peasants as resistance fighters and vigilante justice to protect their families and friends. In the 1920’s these chivalrous groups developed into what we know as the mafia. The Camorra was originally a prison gang that took controlled the prison and collected

  • Mafia And The Mafia

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    1900’s, this is what we now refer to as the “mafia”. What exactly is the Mafia? Many people ponder the true definition of the word. The Mafia is an Italian derived organization that established itself in The United States of America

  • The Mafia And The Origin Of The Mafia

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    The Mafia, a network of organized-crime groups, evolved over the centuries on the island of Sicily, located just off the coast of south western Italy, and the Italian mainland. Up until the mid-19th century, Sicily had been ruled over by a line of foreign invaders dating back hundreds of years. The citizens of the island state banded together and created groups to protect themselves from foreigners and carry out their own justice against the invaders. The word Mafia, having been derived from the

  • The Mafia And The Mafia

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    term "mafia" refers not only to these Italian offenders. Affected by the organization, similar groups of mafias, such as the Russian mafia, have emerged in other parts of the world. Sometimes referred to as local mafia, these elements are still referred to by the daily mafia, still referring to the group of Sicilian criminals in the United States. On the other hand, the same is Italian, but the criminal organization located in Napoli is not called the mafia, but another name is "Camorra". Mafia English

  • The Mafia

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    “The term “Mafia” came from a Sicilian-Arabic slang expression that means “acting as a protector against the arrogance of the powerful,” according to Selwyn Raab, author of “Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America’s Most Powerful Mafia Empires.” The mafia is one of the biggest crime organized groups in the world. They are groups of “families” that are criminals and do a lot of illegal businesses. They have all the money and power you could ever imagine. They are so powerful they

  • Mafia Essay

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    The Mafia way of life may seem like a romantic updated version of the western movie played out on the streets of the big cities where the good guys and the wise guys who share the same instincts and values do battle before an enthralled public but it is actually very different. The Mafia is really just a group of uneducated thugs making money by victimizing the public. Initially, the Mafia was setup as a prominent supplier of bootlegged liquor, but it has spread into many different areas of crime

  • Family : The Mafia And The Mafia

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    When you think of the Mafia one's mind may think of numerous Mafia movies like "The God Father" which is a movie that was made in 1972 about a fictional Mafia family, the Corleone Family or Goodfellas, and Scarface just to name a few. Those movies just give the viewers a small insight of how the Mafia or organized crime works. Organized crime has been around for some time now and many familiar names had been associated with organized crime. The FBI defines organized crime as "any group" having some

  • mafia Essay

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    Their guns terrorized the streets of New York. They were murderous, brutal thugs that killed with no feelings of remorse. They were bank-robbers, drug dealers, casino owners, hit men and pimps. They were the Mafia of the 1920's and 1930's. These degenerates played an important role in American history, they were more than just bank-robbers and gunslingers, and they were men that affected all facets of society. They were celebrities, some of the most recognized men in America. Their evil deeds made

  • Impacts of the Mafia

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    Impacts of the Mafia The Mafia is an Italian secret criminal society. The Mafia, or syndicate, impacts cities all around the world. Most of the effects of the Mafia are negative, but there can be several positive effects on the culture and economy of the cities in which it frequents. Peter Maas declares organized crime the “biggest business in the country” (Maas). “The largest and best known organized crime group is the nationwide organization variously known as the ‘syndicate’, the ‘mob’,

  • The Mafia Essay

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    The Mafia It exists. You probably won’t see it if you visit Sicily. You probably won’t see any of its effects, either, unless you look very closely. But considering it’s profound influence on Sicilian life, no twentieth-century history book on Sicily would be accurate without mentioning the most famous Sicilian fraternity. “The word ‘Mafia’ was formally recorded by the prefect of Palermo in 1865, after the unification of Italy (57 Robb).” It wasn’t until 1982 that it was added to the Italian