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  • Marco Polo And Marco Polo

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    change would be Marco polo and Elizabeth Woodville. Marco polo was best known for being a traveler though he didn’t like to be referred as one. Polo considered himself a wayfarer. At the young age of 17, polo went to his first journey to Cathay, modern day china. There the wayfarer met the Chinese emperor Kublai khan. Marco stayed for 17 years learning the Chinese culture. Later Marco became Khan’s second hand. Together they created a duo. Khan send him to missions whom which Polo completely excelled

  • Marco Polo : The Greatest Explorer Of Marco Polo

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    Marco polo The greatest explorer ever the world's finest explorer was marco polo |is mainly known for the book he wrote about his travels, The Travels of Marco Polo, and his sharing of Asian Spices, marked him as a great influence all the way back then going onto today still teaching kids about marco polo besides his long lasting fame,hardly any was known about the personal or the private life of Marco Polo. Marco Polo explored the majority of Asia and some of the Middle East. Marco Polo didn't

  • The Journey Of Marco Polo

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    one stood out: Marco Polo. He was most famous for his travels to Asia from Italy, where he grew up. He was known among his people for his stories, and many believed that his adventures weren't true. He met many people in Asia, one of the most important person being Kublai Khan, the Khagan of the Mongol Empire at that time. Later, Polo was captured and taken to a prison, where he wrote his first book. Basically, Marco Polo was an explorer that went through many adventures. Marco Polo was born in Venice

  • Marco Polo Essay

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    Though not a permanent resident of Kinsay, it is allegedly believed that merchant and traveller Marco Polo spent several years in the service of the world’s largest empire. In an effort to collect information, Polo spoke of stories regarding his journey which were later documented by a fellow inmate of his at the time. Moreover, what Polo had discovered enabled the expansion of European society to take shape thus contributing to early modern global interactions and trade. The fourteenth century

  • Essay On Marco Polo

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    “I have not told half of what I saw” – Marco Polo. Marco Polo was a world famous traveler and trader. The introductions of China and Asia, for many, was all thanks to him. Polo is most known for his travels to China and his book. His book describes the basis of the descriptions of places that were not really discovered. Polo’s childhood was rough and unordinary. Polo was born around 1254 in Venice. Polo’s mother died when Polo was young, leaving him with his father, Niccolo. Niccolo and Polo’s

  • marco polo Essay

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    Marco Polo      Marco Polo was born in c.1254 in Venice. He was a Venetian explorer and merchant whose account of his travels in Asia was the primary source for the European image of the Far East until the late 19th century. Marco’s father, Niccolo, and his uncle Maffeo had traveled to China in 1260 - 1269 as merchants. Despite Marco’s enduring fame very little was known about the personal life of Marco Polo. It is known that he was born into a leading Venetian family of

  • Marco Polo Background

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    Marco Polo Marco Polo was born around 1254 in Venice wich is a city in Italy . He was born into an affluent and cosmopolitan Venetian merchant family. He learned arithmetic and bookkeeping and studied the classical authors. Also, he had knowledge of Italian and French. Marco Polo's father name is Niccolò and uncle name is Maffeo, were jewel merchants. In 1260, They set out on their first trip to the Far East, When Marco Polo was six years old, In 1265 arrived at the court of Kublai Khan ,the Mongol

  • The Life Of Marco Polo

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    Early Life Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice Italy to a wealthy Merchant family. Since his father traveled a lot and his mother died when he was very young much of Marco’s childhood he was parentless left to be raised by an extended family. Marco Polo’s father Niccolo Polo and Uncle Maffeo Polo were very successful Jewel Merchants with an interest in Constantinople and in Sudak, which was a Venetian colony off the coast of the Crimea. The Polo brother’s travels led them to Asia for most of Marco’s

  • Marco Polo Biography

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    Marco Polo (1254 to January 8, 1324) was a Venetian explorer known for the book The Travels of Marco Polo, which describes his voyage to and experiences in Asia. Polo traveled extensively with his family, journeying from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295 and remaining in China for 17 of those years. Around 1292, he left China, acting as consort along the way to a Mongol princess who was being sent to Persia. 'The Travels of Marco Polo' Marco Polo’s stories about his travels in Asia were published

  • The Travels Of Marco Polo

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    “The Travels of Marco Polo” begins with the journey taken by Marco Polo’s father and his uncle, in which they go to present day china and meet Kublai Khan. The Polo’s family were the first Europeans that Khan got to meet. The Polo’s represent the ideals of Europeans and Khan was very interested about their way of life. He wanted to know everything they knew about European politics, religion, and their justice system, “And then he inquired about the Pope and the Church, and about all that is done