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  • Mathematicians of the Great Awakening

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    was also a very important time of development for mathematics. One of the mathematicians who had the greatest influence during this time was Gabriel Cramer, best known for his treatise on algebraic curves, published in 1750. Some of the others include Count Fagnano and .Antoine Parent. Ultimately, all three of these mathematicians somewhat revolutionized math during this time period. Gabriel Cramer was a Swiss mathematician born in Geneva in 1704. His father was Jean Isaac Cramer, who was a medical

  • Women Mathematicians: Why So Few? Essays

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    Women Mathematicians: Why So Few? The great field of mathematics stretches back in history some 8 millennia to the age of primitive man, who learned to count to ten on his fingers. This led to the development of the decimal scale, the numeric scale of base ten (Hooper 4). Mathematics has grown greatly since those primitive times, in the present day there are literally thousands of laws, theorems, and equations which govern the use of ten simple symbols representing the ten base numbers. The

  • Female Mathematicians Essay

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    library of Alexandria were destroyed by an Arab invasion. Hypatia is an important symbol for many generations and will always be considered to be the first woman in mathematics. The next woman to be discussed is Grace Chisholm Young. She was a mathematician from England and received her education at Girton College in Cambridge, England. She then continued her

  • The Mathematical Abilities of Women Essay

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    ability, you would think that the field is equally occupied by both genders. Many people have thought about a seemingly simply asked question and have failed to come up with a practical answer why it is so. The question, "How come you know more male mathematicians than female?" is one that I, previously uninformed on this subject plan to supply data that may help to lead to one clearly defined answer. One reason why women are out numbered is that the females were shunned from society throughout history

  • Essay On Ramanujan

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    INTRODUCTION Srinivasa Ramanujan was a very brilliant and probably a self-taught Indian mathematician who became very famous and contributed aot in the field of mathematics. It is also the regarded as the history of his fruitful cross cultural and co ordinations between this young and also an ill educated mathematically talented genius and his mentor at his University. Ramanujan is probably the greatest mathematician that India has given to the world and one of the greatest the world has seen. In the

  • John Charles Fields Essay

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    John Charles Fields John Charles Fields is perhaps one of the most famous Canadian Mathematicians of all time. He was born on May 14, 1863 in Hamilton Ontario, and died August 9, 1932 in Toronto, Ontario (Young, 1998). He graduated from the University of Toronto at the age of 21 with a B.A in Mathematics and went on to get his Ph.D. at John Hopkins University in 1887. Fields was very interested to study at John Hopkins University because apparently it was the only university in North America which

  • What Is The Turning Point Of Ramanujan

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    around him with training in mathematics. The chief accountant of the port trust, S. Narayana Rao, was a mathematician and also a founder member of Mathematical Society. Impressed by Ramanujan’s mathematical powwerness, Rao supported his research work. The life of Ramanujan, in the words of C.P. Snow, ‘is an admirable story, and one which offers credit on early everyone’. Dr. Walker, a good mathematician

  • Sophie Germain : An Important Date

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    wealthy family to say the least. Like any parents in the 1700 's, Ambroise and Marie did not want Sophie to grow up and be a mathematician, but that is later. First we must know what was happening around the time of Sophie 's birth. Although Sophie Germain was born into a very wealthy family, she was not of the aristocratic status. Soon after the birth of the great mathematician

  • Summary Of Srinivasha RamaanujanBy John Keats

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    collaborated on several ground breaking papers. But in 1917, as a result of the climate and a poor diet, Ramanujan contracted tuberculosis. A well known story tells Hardy visiting him in hospital; unable to think what to say. Placing Ramanujan along side John Keats may seem a bit paradoxical as he former belonging to Mahemtics the latter to English Literature. Moreover, Ramanujan has never been marked having an interest in English language nor in literature. But the juxtaposition is apt and appropriate

  • Essay On The Life Of Ramanujan

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    The Life of Ramanujan based on Joseph Campbell’s model of analysis Srinivasa Ramanujan was one the greatest mathematicians in India. With no formal training in pure mathematics, he made significant contributions to the analytical theory of numbers and made an outbreak in continued fractions, elliptical functions and infinite series. He is deeply religious and credits his mathematical capacities to divinity. He once told his friend, “An equation for me has no meaning, unless it expresses a thought