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  • The Medical Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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    As of April 2017, 29 states in the United States have legalized medical marijuana. That now makes 58% of the 50 states that have recognized the medical benefits that marijuana can provide. Marijuana should be legalized in all states for health purposes because it can reduce seizure activity for those with epilepsy, provide better long term relief to people that have chronic pain (stemming from a variety of health issues) versus the use of opioids, and has been effective in not only treating the symptoms

  • Medical Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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    countries and most often for its medical benefits.In fact, cannabis is not only a soft drug to relax and get high, but it is also a more effective medication than what people think. There are several studies that prove the benefits of cannabis on the human body. It is on these benefits that my thesis will be based to study whether marijuana really has benefits on the human being and on what does it helps to treat. Moreover we will see that the progress of medical cannabis has a very promising future

  • The Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

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    Alaskan Thunderbolt Whether pro, con, user or bystander. The issue of the nationwide legalization of medical marijuana is one that infringes both in political and social standards. Be it that marijuana is subsequently abused, and utilized as an illegal drug. It is regarded highly, as a controversial issue which affects the amenity of conservative, modern America. Because of which one should further seek to understand. Things like its history, correlation with crime, effects on economy, effects

  • Medical Marijuana

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    Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial issue in society today. Although many slanderous claims have been made about cannabis in recent history, the truths are slowly starting to resurface. Unfortunately, these truths are under heavy criticism due to the stereotypical view of what people view as the typical “pot smoker.” This skewed perception of a lazy and unmotivated American is the result of over seventy years of propaganda and misinformation spread by private interests who relied on

  • Medical Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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    Cannabis use for medical purposes and the relief of various symptoms has been around since before recorded history as the National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that, “The earliest written reference is found in the 15th century BC Chinese Pharmacopeia, the Rh-Ya.” While cannabis can be used for recreational purposes, recent research and history provide evidence to its medical benefits (, 2017). While the Chinese Pharmacopeia may not have understood the science behind medical benefits of cannabis

  • Medical Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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    Marijuana is believe it or not, one of the safest ‘illegal’ drugs on Earth. It is safer than legal alternatives: alcohol or tobacco. According to CNN “1 in 8 Americans smoke marijuana on a regular basis.” the drug can provide medical benefits, lower social costs, and better the economy. Therefore Marijuana should be deemed legal for recreational and medicinal usage across America, because it provides medical benefits, lowers social cost, and betters the economy across the board. The true medical

  • Medical Marijuana And Medical Therapy

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    Medical marijuana refers to the use of cannabis as medical therapy in the palliative sense to treat diseases or alleviate symptoms. This treatment modality has proven to be a highly debatable issue within the medical field due to the use of this substance as an illicit drug. “The National Youth Risk Behavior Survey monitors priority health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death, disability, and social problems among youth and adults in the United States” (Center for Disease

  • Medical Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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    surrounding the issue of whether medical marijuana ought to be legally sanctioned as a medicinal treatment. Medical marijuana involves the use of cannabis and its constituent’s cannabinoids in order to treat a disease or its symptoms (National Institute on Drug Abuse 2015). Numerous studies led declare the drug a miracle treatment for a variety of medical issues. These studies, however, are limited and effectively challenged by different studies that exhibit the health risks marijuana can have on the human

  • Medical Marijuana Essay

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    Medical Marijuana One of the most controversial issues in the United States is over medical marijuana. Many experiments test the validity of the drug as a medicine, and results of these experiments receive much praise but also some critique. The DEA and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) are battling over the issue. The underlying matter that cannot be ignored is that marijuana proves to be a useful medication for many patients, especially those with wasting

  • The Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

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    The legalization of medical marijuana has been a controversial topic in the medical world for many years. Currently twenty-nine states have passed a bill where some sort of medical marijuana is legal. So why haven’t all states jumped on the majority bandwagon? Many believe that marijuana is a gateway drug and that it can lead to other more dangerous drugs, but for medicinal use it has many useful effects. Several studies have been done to determine the uses marijuana can have on diseases, pain and