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  • I No Longer Recommend Psychiatric Medication

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    “I no longer recommend psychiatric medications to anyone. I believe the science behind this is seriously flawed. It is based on false assumptions that lead to self-perpetuating mythology (and huge profits for drug companies).” (Smith). While it may sound appealing to simply take a pill for each of your problems, it has almost become common knowledge that medications which directly affect the brain, especially in the long term, can have many direct and indirect consequences. Nearly ¼ of all Americans

  • Children, Adolescents & Psychotropic Medication Essays

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    Psychotropic medications, also referred to as psychiatric or psychotherapeutic medications, are used to treat psychiatric disorders, such as: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They have been used for many years and oftentimes come with dangerous side effects. The side effects that often occur in children taking these medications can include: fainting, blurred vision, vomiting, extreme weight gain, and even death ("Seroquel

  • Improving Medication Communication And Medication

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    Improving Medication Communication People become ill every day and need medications to help them fight whatever disease or infection they may be suffering from. Medications play such a vital part in human lives today. Physicians are always coming up with new medications that they would like to try for a certain illness. As patients get prescribed new medications they need to be taught the purpose and the side effect of the drug. Communicating the purpose and side effects of drugs are vital components

  • Medication Error And Medication Errors

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    Medication error Medication error is one of the biggest problems in the healthcare field. Patients are dying due to wrong drug or dosage. Medication error is any preventable incident that leads to inappropriate medication use or harms the patient while the medication is in the control of the health care professional,or patient (U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2015). It is estimated about 44,000 inpatients die each year in the United States due to medication errors which were indeed preventable

  • Medication Used As Anxiety Medication

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    Seizure Medication Used as Anxiety Medication Everyday someone is fighting a battle with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is considered a mental illness that causes distress, worry, and fear to an individual. Some types of anxiety include the following: panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and a generalized anxiety disorder with unrealistic worry (WebMD, 2016). The cause for anxiety is currently unknown, but environmental stress and changes in the brain can be linked factors (WebMD

  • Medication Errors And The Efficiency Of Medication Administration

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    occurrence of medication errors and the efficiency of medication administration following the implementing an eMAR system. The study was conducted in an appropriate setting and all observed nurses volunteered for the study. Before implementing the eMARs mandatory class were provided and nurses were evaluated for competency. Data was collected by observation and nurses were randomly followed throughout a medication pass. Collected data consisted of medication errors, distractions during medication pass and

  • Medication Reconciliation And Prevention Of Medication Errors

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    Medication Reconciliation and Prevention of Medication Errors Kakeela S. Coaker, RN, BSN Spring Hill College Medication Reconciliation and Prevention of Medication Errors Adverse drug events are the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and represent a significant financial burden to healthcare institutes at an estimated cost of $5.6 million per hospital per year (Meguerditchian N, Krotneva, Reidel, Huang, & Tamblyn, 2013). According to The Joint Commission (2006), medication reconciliation

  • Medication Managment

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    MEDICATION MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW OF MEDICATION MANAGEMENT Depending on the size, structure and functions of the health facility, there may be a pharmacy with qualified pharmacists to dispense medication, or medical and nursing personnel may issue certain medications within the service. Whatever the system, the health facility implements systems to ensure, that all pharmaceutical practices are in accordance with current legislation. Medication management is not only

  • Medication Practices

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    administering medication Andrew Pfaff Nightingale College of Nursing Pharmacology 210 Mr. H 11/24/2017 Best practices to adopt whenever administering medication. Introduction Safe medication practices are key to every nurse since it results to safe medication administration. When medication is not administered correctly it results to adverse drug event which refers to harm to the patient that includes mental harm, physical harm, or loss of function which is as a result of a medication error (practices

  • Medication Error

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    1. Critical analysis of an issue in the clinical area a) My topic is Medication Error. b) I choose this topic because during my experiences in clinical area as well my experience in Hospital where I worked, I have came across different types of medication errors which involve patients and this could be a cause for serious problems to patients and in some cases will lead to death. It is a serious matter. Also drug error can have bad effect on nurses, both personally and professionally. C) Problems