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  • Mood Disorders

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    MOOD DISORDERS A 32-year old female Janice Butterfield, who came in at the insistence of her husband Jed Butterfield for a consultation concerning her suicidal attempt due to dysthymia. American Heritage Dictionary defines that dysthymia is a chronic disturbance of mood lasting at least two years in adults or one year in children, characterized by recurrent periods of mild depression and such symptoms. Although the symptoms of dysthymia may be less intense than those of depression, dysthymia

  • Mindfulness: Treatment for Mood Disorder in Teens

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    Introduction This is an experimental study to test if teens with mood disorders have fewer symptoms when they practice P.E.A.C.E.? PEACE is an acronym for a mindfulness practice attending to the breath, body, thoughts, and emotions. P is for pause; E is for exhale; A is for acknowledged; C is for choice; E is for engage. Mindfulness has the potential to have a impact on teens with mood disorders by enhancing awareness, self-management, self-acceptance. Meditation is used in clinical practice

  • Research Paper On Mood Disorders

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    Mood disorders are the most common cases of mental illness. Every person encounters a type of disorder at least once his life time. Having a mood disorder means that your' emotional state, or in other words your "mood" is distorted (not stable). The disorder is characterized by bringing the persons mood extremely up, or extremely down. Two examples are depression and bipolar disorder. Mood disorders are usually episodic, they come every once in a while according to the person and the events he would

  • Mood Disorders : A Case Study

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    Mood disorders – A Case Study This case study introduces the concept of mood disorders defined as “the elevation or lowering of a person’s mood, such as depression or bipolar disorder: ‘true clinical depression is a mood disorder, which can interfere with everyday life for an extended time’ Also called affective disorder “(Oxford Dictionary Online). In this case Carla is 28 year old Puerto Rican that is having issues dealing with depression, problems in adaptation to a new country, with different

  • The Mood Disorder And Anxiety Disorder

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    to disorders such as dissociative disorder. A huge category of disorders is called the mood disorder. This paper will delve in to the mood disorder, particularly bipolar disorder, how it is diagnosed, how it develops, and what it is like to have this disorder. Moods are a common part of everyday life. They fluctuate every second of the day. It is normal to be happy, depressed, content, or even excited depending on the events that happen in your day, and how you perceive these events. A mood disorder

  • Mood Disorders: Clinical Depression

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    Depression Depression has a lot of terms, diagnosis, names, and treatments. Another name for depression is also “clinical depression”. It is a mood disorder that has genetic, biological, psychological and environmental factors that play a big part in it. This disorder affects not only the mind, but body as well, with something called an “episode”. An episode is where a person can be depressed for weeks or months at a time. Clinical depression is not something that should be taken lightly. Depression

  • Mood Disorders : A Psychological Disorder

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    Shepherd Psychology 1101 19 October, 2016 Mood Disorder Introduction Mood Disorders is a psychological disorder that is characterized by a person’s mood, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Understanding the definition, history, and diagnosis. Also, the symptoms, treatments, social effects, how it effects the brain and neurotransmitters. Many people do not understand Mood Disorder and how they affect people. The reason why I chose this psychological disorder is, because how it effects the brain

  • Mood Disorder Essay

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    As many as 19 million Americans million are affected by mood disorders ( The two main types of mood disorders are bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder which are described as disturbances in mood, behavior and emotion.“ Bipolar disorder is a complex disorder in which the core feature is pathological disturbance in mood ranging from extreme elation, or mania, to severe depression usually accompanied by disturbances in thinking and behavior, which may include psychotic symptoms, such as delusions

  • Mood and Addictive Disorders

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    Mood and Addictive Disorders Mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorders, are the most common among patients. Substance disorder is also very common in our society today. There are many causes and different treatments for each. As well as potential gender and cultural influences on depressive, bipolar, and substance disorders. Depressive disorder is an illness that the whole body is involved, it affects the mood and thoughts. Depressive will interfere with daily life and normal

  • Notes On ' Mood Disorders '

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    Written Assignment #6 Class Topic/Book Chapter: Mood Disorders/Chapter 14 Brain area: Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex What article? 1. Article Reference in APA format. You are also graded here for how appropriate and well selected the article is. Sequeria, A., Morgan, L., Walsh, D.M., Cartagena, P.M., Choudary, P., Li, J., & Vawter, M.P. (2012). Gene expression changes in the prefrontal cortex, anterior cingulate cortex and nucleus accumbens of mood disorders subjects that committed suicide. Plos ONE,