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  • Movie Review: The Help

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    The Help- The Movie A Critical Analysis The Help has been one of the most eminent movies released in 2011. It's been an exceptional piece of work if analyzed in the spectrum of complete entertainment. From storytelling to genre, the movie has performed reasonably in many areas. Although there have been various criticisms on the movie when it comes to basic plot, however overall the movie manages to reveal its actual meaning yet being an entertaining at the same time. The movie was nominated

  • Movie Review : Easy Rider

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    of television in order for films to compete with television, movies needed more than a new shape and new sound; they needed to present material that could not be found on the small screen. 1968 was a pivotal year in American history. The voluntary movie rating system that was introduced that year finally put to rest the motion picture production code, which had hamstrung the filmmakers throughout the sound era, and it completely changed the look and sound of American cinema, making possible more adult

  • Movie Review : Easy Rider

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    candidate Robert F. Kennedy) and a dramatic turn for the worse for the us forces in the Vietnam war. To produce a new American cinema that might reflect or capture this tumultuous era, the studios turned to a coterie of young directors, later dubbed the movie brats. The film easy rider made it clear just how important the youth audience would be to a Hollywood recovery. Its free form style and evocative use of a rock and pop-music score provided a template for future gestures in the younger generations

  • Movie Review : ' Pirates Of The Caribbean ' On Stranger Tides '

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    504563970 Professor Jonathan Kuntz TA, M. M. Reinhard Research Paper 2 B-MOVIES: THE SECONDARY PRODUCTION Hollywood today spends more money on movies than ever before, with an average budget of $140 million per movie. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’; the most expensive movie ever made; cost approximately $378.5 million and that was five years ago. This isn’t surprising since history is witness to a rising trend in money spent on movies, however, even after adjusting for inflation, their

  • Movie Review Of Spotlight: The Vvitch: A New England Folktale

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    Uncle G’s FUN Movie Reviews Spotlight: The VVitch_A New-England Folktale (2015) By: Gary “Uncle G” Brown Twitter @GBrown0816 The odd spelling of 'The Witch' jumped out at me first; The VVitch. Followed by the subtitle; A New England Folktale. I actually passed on this movie when first seeing it offered on Netflix, and then did so a few more times after, before finally deciding to give it a go. After the third or forth time noticing the films poster, I figured what the hell. And also, Netflix's summary

  • Movie Review : ' Movie '

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    SENTIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF MOVIE REVIEWS Final Year Project Report Submitted by VARUN BHAU WALA (A003) CHIRAG BEND ALE (A007) DHRUV MEHTA (A063) Under the guidance of Prof. ANSHUL GUPTA in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of B.Tech INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY At Department of Information Technology Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering NMIMS (Deemed –to-be university) JVPD Scheme Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-400 056 APRIL, 2015 2 CERTIFICATE This

  • Movie Review : ' Movie '

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    Movie Review The story follows a precinct of the Port Authority police on what was to be a regular shift on September 11, 2001. While patrolling the Port Authority Bus Terminal, John and Will saw a plane flying low. The officers are called back to the station where they see on TV, the North Tower of the World Trade Center has been hit by a plane. Sergeant McLoughlin assigns officers to assist in the evacuation of the South Tower. The officers board a Metropolitan Transit bus. On the way to the

  • Movie Review : ' Movie '

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    As soon as the movie starts, the camera is focused on the infant crying with all the mise-en- scene around him/her. Which the mise-en-scene here is all the trash bags and all the children returning home from school. In other words, the baby is left alone which rises a concern in the audience in why is infant left alone on the floor next to all these trash bags. Later, the camera starts zooming out from the infant and that establishes the theme of the movie. The theme that people would agree on for

  • Movie Review: Clue

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    Movie Review Clue Rohan Kartik 25th September, 2017 Introduction Clue directed by Jonathan Lynn. Based on the game Cluedo by Hasbro. Released in 1985. Not a commercial success but a cult classic that gained popularity after its release. This was the same year that Back to the Future had come out starring Christopher Lloyd who plays an intellectual Professor Plum in the movie. Critically or commercially the movie did not make box office success, but - it has received mixed reviews from audiences

  • The Outsiders Movie Review

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    Movie review for outsiders The Outsiders Movie is made with author Hinton and directed by Frank Capra, Hinton started to write the book when she was 15. The movie first published in 1967. Well, the movie is pretty good in my opinion. The Actor and the story are great as well. The movie is pretty close to the book, which I liked a lot. But it skipped some small parts of the book, like Ponyboy got jumped by soc at the start of the book. The story of this book is great too, It basically talked about