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  • Museums And Museums Of Museums

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    Maintaining and increasing visitors to museums is essential to the existence of the institutions. Art Galleries, Children’s Museums, Anthropology Museums, Zoos, History Museums and other types of museums all depend on a steady stream of people coming to their institutions. Without a robust attendance, gallery halls are just empty, full of objects collecting dust. Objects and artifacts that the public and researchers are not viewing are wasted opportunities to be an inspiration or to help gain new

  • Art And Race : Museums And Museums

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    Museums and Race Museums and institutions have to handle controversies and tough subject matter. There is no easy solution in handling them that will please everyone. However, there some ways that are better than others. For the issues that surround race, I believe there is one way that is better than the rest. I believe the correct way to display works of art or any other offensive work is to give the proper background context of the article. With this proper context, it is necessary to understand

  • Art Museum Vs. Private Museum

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    Museum Comparison This paper compares four separate museums. The first two compared, are private art museums in the United States, compared to a private art museum in another country. Secondly, a university natural history museum is compared to another university natural history museum in a foreign country. The comparisons involve taking a closer look at the history, function, staffing, and programs at museums. Many reasons can lead collectors to starting a private museum. Whether collectors

  • Are Museums Vs. Museums? Hag. Stuffy?

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    Museums are boring. Stuffy. Musty. Much too “cultured” and “bourgeois”. Who cares about those old paintings? Not us, we say, as we flit from review book to science lab to English essay. Our parents want to plan something fun for the family, and perhaps we could try that new Italian place? Oh wait, we have to finish those notes. Do we even have time for fun anymore? Our friends are constantly busy on the weekends. The few plans hastily created on the group chat inevitably fade away as we are buried

  • Museums Essays

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    Museum Museum, institution dedicated to helping people understand and appreciate the natural world, the history of civilizations, and the record of humanity’s artistic, scientific, and technological achievements. Museums collect objects of scientific, aesthetic, or historical importance; care for them; and study, interpret, and exhibit them for the purposes of public education and the advancement of knowledge. There are museums in almost every major city in the world and in many smaller communities

  • The Akron Art Museum

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    Akron Art Museum The Akron Art Museum is an institute that combined a historic building heavily adorned with Italian Renaissance revival and classicism with a modern and radical steel and glass structure. The once 1899 Akron post office section of the museum houses the local and global pieces of Impressionistic art from the 1850s. The original building is wrapped with a deep red brick and limestone with triangular pediments and pilasters. In 2007, Coop Himmelb(l)au’s architect Wolf

  • University Art Museum

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    The University Art Museum Case Analysis Suzana Duran MNGT 372 Professor Quimei Xu I. Relevant Facts/Background The Art Museum is a building on the university premises that is providing a place for the art collection of a university. The building was given to the university by an alumnus around 1929. The wealthy son of the university's first president served as the museum's unpaid director until his death. He brought a few extra collections to the museum during his service, and while serving

  • The Atlanta Museum Of Art

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    become the establishment now known as the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Since that first exhibition, the IMA has gone through several identity changes. They were first named, the Art Association of Indianapolis. Their next identity was as the John Herron Art Institute, which opened a whole new chapter, as they became “a campus featuring both a museum and an art school.” (History, 2017) Today, the IMA is one of the largest encyclopedic art museums in the nation. The IMA has had various leadership and

  • The Museum Of Natural History

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    Museums are information organizations, that is, they are about giving the most up-to-date information to their patrons. No matter how well their organization, commercially, is wrap it up that part of them remains the same. From the two museums that I visited, the Henry Ford Museum and the Museum of Natural History, are clearly about passing information to the patron. There are differences between them, however, it is the equivalences that I want to focus on as they are what bind them. The three areas

  • The Museum Of Anthropology And The Smithsonian Museum

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    Try, if you would, to recall your last visit to a museum or other similar institution. Did you immediately accept the information presented to you as fact? Did you stop to think about how a particular exhibit represents a culture and whether or not it was accurate? Since their origin, museums were created for the purpose of preservation and interpretation of the material culture they exhibit, and have been the most widely accepted method for the dissemination of information pertaining to other cultures