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  • Metropolitan Museum Analysis

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    Now, there are many opportunities to go to museums, and enjoy the precious art pieces shown there. One of the museums that has a wide variety of art, is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Metropolitan Museum is extraordinary because it displaying artwork from all over the world, and reveales 5000 years of history through its exhibitions. The museum also shows pieces of art from our ancestors and our contemporary artists. “The mission statement of this museum for the past 140 years is to establish

  • The Museum Of Anthropology And The Smithsonian Museum

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    Try, if you would, to recall your last visit to a museum or other similar institution. Did you immediately accept the information presented to you as fact? Did you stop to think about how a particular exhibit represents a culture and whether or not it was accurate? Since their origin, museums were created for the purpose of preservation and interpretation of the material culture they exhibit, and have been the most widely accepted method for the dissemination of information pertaining to other cultures

  • History and Museum – Instilling National Identity and Multiculturalism by display of History in Museum

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    Museum is a place of presenting and preserving history of a country or a place with educational implication. Museums, as stated by Brown and Davis-Brown (1998, p. 19), “help to preserve a collective national memory and thence to constitute a collective national identity”. The way of displaying war photos and different exhibits may have functions of raising national identity and present multiculturalism to audience. This essay will be discussed about how nationalization and multiculturalism presents

  • The Museum : Kingston Museum And Heritage Service

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    1. Name of museum: Kingston Museum and Heritage Service 2. Name of governing body: Kingston Upon Thames 3. Date on which this policy was approved by governing body: 17/02/2015 4. Date at which this policy is due for review: 17/02/2015 5. Museum’s statement of purpose 5.1. I am not sure of the museum’s statement. 6. An overview of current object handling 6.1. Unknown and not readily available for public knowledge 7. Themes and priorities for future object handling 7.1. Any contact or movement of an

  • Online Museum Studies Degree

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    internet will never be able to replace the feeling of walking into a museum and seeing the exhibits with your own eyes. If you are excited about the preservation of history and seeing historical items preserved for future generations then a career in the museum industry might interest you. An online degree in museum studies prepares students for an exciting career in a museum or preservation environment. Graduates earning a museum studies degree are experts in artifact retrieval, conservation, exhibition

  • Script Of Script On Museum Of Tomorrow

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    Museum of Tomorrow Characters: Isabelle, 20 years old from Rio, chirpy, excited Chase: 20 years old, lives in Australia (won’t be having a dialogue anywhere ) Script: Dear Chase, It is good to know that your summer holidays alredy started.Knowing you,I am sure you already have a calendar full of plans with your university mates.I am looking forward to hearing from you about your crazy summer days.(soft laughs) I am still left with a long week of exams to tackle.(tired sigh)Wish me luck

  • Paragraph On Natural History Museum

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    4. Natural History Museums Natural History Museums are institutions that collect, display and research materials, collected or extracted from the natural world. The multifaceted purpose of such a museum is to: (i) build or store natural history collections, (ii) conduct research and interpret the results, (iii) support the purpose of science and biological conservation, (iv) enhance public understanding and appreciation of the natural world, and (v) collaborate with the public in deriving their own

  • Descriptive Essay About A Museum

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    “Katie, would you like to go to a museum?” Dad asked. Everyone who knew him would know that he loves museums. And I’m fine with them as long as it’s not like the common history museums. He raised his hand and pointed. When I followed his finger, I saw a building, resting on the side of a mountain. “What could be in there?” I asked myself. Even though it looked a little unstable, it could be an amazing place. “Yes!” I squealed. *** As we walked toward the museum, I spotted tiny, yellow bees

  • Essay On Cultural Encounter Museum

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    visiting The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida. The museum was founded in 1958 by Ninah Cummer, who had a very nice art collection in her home. The Cummer Museum is built on the site of Arthur and Ninah Cummer’s home and is considered the largest fine arts museum in northeast Florida. The museum has a permanent collection of more than 5,000 objects from various points in history, and the historic gardens have many statues and monuments. Artifacts in the museum include porcelain

  • Museums and Photographs in the Open-Air

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    history of its origins, was brought back to India in 2012. Accompanied by a team of ethnologists from Germany and England, the photographs were exhibited in Tejgadh, in the state of Gujarat in northwest India, in different locations: in the still young “Museum of Voice” of the Adivasi Academy, in individual private houses in the neighbouring villages and in a consecrated place in the open air, reserved for rituals. This latter-mentioned setting has been recorded in the above-mentioned photo. Mounted on