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  • Ancient Greece Compared To Modern Society

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    The ancient Greeks were a very well established society, and lots of their inventions and creations are still used today, but some of their equality aspects and a few other things in society were very biased and unfair. Firstly, the Ancient Greeks had a very complex and specific law and government system. Due to the large population of Greece, in 507 BC, the Athenian leader at the time (Cleisthenes) created a system of democracy, and a social hierarchy. This was a very complex system states that

  • Descriptive Essay About Metropolitan Museum

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    The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest and finest art museums in the world. The museum’s collection consists of prehistory and present artifacts from every part of the globe. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located at 5th avenue and 82nd street in New York City. On Monday, November 5th, my brother and I took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum. It was a very long journey to get there. When we arrived at 34th street, we took the E train and transferred to Lexington Avenue to get to 86th

  • Sex Museums : The Politics And Performance Of Display

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    things to certain people. Not only can it be heard differently but seen in a different context as well. Most museums for the most part hardly dedicate exhibitions to represent the different forms of sex because of the repercussions that can affect its reputation. They abstain from having to deal with controversies and with conservative people who are close-minded from not going to their museums. In this paper, I will explain how I took a patriarchal heterosexual painting and transformed it into a queer

  • New York 's Jewish Museum

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    New York’s Jewish Museum, as its first ever exhibition made possible by the digital crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. With a total $31,018 pledged, 340 backers helped forty-two international and intergenerational artists create 400,000+ artworks to be given away during this unconventional exhibition, visitors are encouraged to participate, touch, and even take the artworks on view home with them. Crowdfunding has become commonplace in the art world, but the Jewish Museum launched its first

  • The, The Dead Christ With Angels, And Howit

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    World War, there was an increase of art markets. Museums became more professional and collectors stopped asserting themselves too personally. In the early - twentieth century, though some collection museums like the flick collection in New York maintained personal collections as they had originally been installed. Collection museums through their installations and objects display the beliefs, choices and values of their eras, and they turned into museums gradually. For the purpose of this essay, we

  • The Exhibition Experience Using Falk And Dierking 's Interactive Experience Model

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    People gather halfway through the Andy Warhol exhibition, at The Portland Art Museum, in front of a looping short film of Warhol eating a burger ending with “I’m Andy Warhol and I just finished eating a burger” (, n.d.). The exhibition, provided by the Jordan Schnitzer family, is the largest collection of Warhol’s work to ever be on display (Portland Art Museum, n.d.). I will be evaluating the Warhol exhibition experience using Falk and Dierking’s Interactive Experience Model (IEM). IEM entails

  • The Sparks Heritage Museum Is An Important Architectural

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    The Sparks Heritage Museum is an important architectural facet of the Sparks area. The building was built in 1931, by Rousch & Belz Contractors, and designed by Frederic J. DeLongchamps to serve as the Sparks branch of the Washoe County Library. The building served as the first public library in area and is located at 814 Victorian Ave, Sparks, NV (all PDF). The building was placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places in 1984 (Website) and displays influences from the Mediterranean Revival style

  • Making Museums Moral Again 'And Rapture'

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    a lower class standing of women of color in the society through exhibiting complex identities. Both “Making Museums Moral Again” and “Talking art with Carrie Mae Weems” discuss hypocrisy enrooted in the “reality of museums that are ethically and politically compromised,” and artist

  • Charles H. Wright Museum Report

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    to the Charles H. Wright Museum. I imagined that my field trip to that particular museum would be beneficial to both myself furthermore, my paper. I visited the Ypsilanti Historical Museum instead, having little awe during my observational trip. First and foremost everywhere I glanced I wanted to see a black face sadly, that did not happen in my favor. This museum definitely appeals to the eye for creativity plus their modernization. The notable African Americans the museum did hold were placed in

  • Operation Clean Desert Museum Report

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    The museum has roughly thirteen points of interest (exhibits); starting with a timeline of the atomic age and ending with a gallery of “today and tomorrow”. The museum indicates the weapons and type of tests which were developed and conducted throughout the course of our history. Furthermore, the museum goes about explaining the innovators and inventors of nuclear weapons, as well as vast visual representation and audio of abundant information about the nuclear age and its implications to society