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  • Music Appreciation

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    Music Appreciation Radio Report Instead of attending a concert and writing a concert report, I decided to do the radio report. On April 24, 2007, I listened to the station WWOZ 90.7 FM from seven to eight p.m. It was hosted by Jivin Jean and Neal. The theme of that session was the 50's Rhythm and Blues. Because the Jazz Fest is approaching, they decided to feature some of the artists that would be performing. In which they varied from Percy Sledge to the Fister Sisters. The first

  • Music Appreciation: Music Concert Review

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    Kha Tran Music Appreciation HUM 1113 Second Concert Review A Night of “Guitars” Not like a first concert I attended, this show named “a night of Blues” had a little bit small and less impressive. It was not because the show was boring, but just a few people joined this show, the theater is also smaller, too. It was a Tuesday evening of April 12, me and my sister knew that there also had another concert held on the VPA, but still decided to go to this concert because we all love guitar. We headed

  • What Is Predicting Music Appreciation?

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    article, Predicting Music Appreciation with Past Emotional Responses to Music (2001) by Robert H. Woody and Kimberly J. Burns, describes the reason why many young people may not have a connection or gravitation towards “classical” music. Many young people simply jumble up “classical” music into such broad category because they do not understand the many different complex components to classical music. They assume that all music without lyrics is considered to be classical music. This makes it more

  • I Have A Deep Appreciation Of Music

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    me to truly use the skills I have learned in my music classes to develop a deeper appreciation of music. Yang’s demeanor as a pianist, his talent, and his attention to detail allowed him to transform Chopin’s piece into a piece all his own. I have a deep appreciation for Chopin, but I had never been able to see his pieces performed live before I came to Dickinson. The classes I have taken at Dickinson helped give me the language to interpret music, analyze performances, and finally understand why

  • Music Appreciation: Gustav Holst

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    Brady Akin Professor Dooly Music Appreciation October 28, 2015 Gustav Holst Gustav Holst was a famous 20th century composer. He composed a number of works with The Planets being the best known. His works were based on Romanticism while following the styles of Maurice Ravel and Igor Stravinsky. Holst was shaped by his early life which translated into his works. The Planets success after World Wars I caused Holst to become a famous and well-known figure. Holst was born on September 21, 1874 to Adolph

  • Music Appreciation Of The New York Philharmonic

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    The paper at hand is a music appreciation of The New York Philharmonic’s performance of Gustav Holst’s The Planets at Avery Fisher Hall, New York, on 7th July 2013 at 3:00 p.m. This tenth season of Summertime Classics, presented by The New York Philharmonic, features Bramwell Tovey, who has been the host as well as the conductor of this series since its commencement in 2004 (Gilbert, 2013, p.1). Tovey, a Grammy-winning conductor is renowned all around the world as a highly versatile musician due

  • Essay: Music Appreciation

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    The Musical Composition that has changed my life to how I see music is the song The Stroke from Billy Squier. I did not really know the meaning of the song, but it really Widened my Horizon in terms of music from only before listening to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Monkeys. Then later being able to listen to Rush, AC/DC, Aerosmith And Other Really good rock bands that I still love today. Then I started collecting Records then I started collecting CDs, the first album I bought for myself

  • Music Appreciation Period In The Renaissance Period

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    Music Appreciation class introduced me to the great masterpieces along with the talented artists from the medieval period to present. It helped me understand more and appreciate art from different periods more than a thousand years back. It refreshed me of the music terminologies and added some more. We’re able to recognize and identify musical instruments of various kinds of music. We gained a better comprehension of a music’s texture, melody, key, rhythm, style, or form. Some music masterpieces

  • My Experience In College

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    This semester has been filled with many different encounters and situations. Many different feelings and people. My experience in this first semester is likely one that I won’t forget, I will likely remember my first semester at Badley until the bell tolls for me and I leave this current plain of existence and begin anew. Throughout this paper I will discuss what I experienced, the problems I faced, and how I feel I improved because of this semester. First, I’d like to go through my experiences

  • Music Appreciation: The Impact of Music on Mood

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    investment in music derives from its ability to convey emotions(Gebauer, Kringelbach and Vuust 2012.) Studies have implied that music can elicit basic emotions such as happiness (Gebauer, Kringelbach and Vuust 2012.) Music with a fast tempo and major mode are considered and reacted to as happy music, while music with slow tempo and minor mode are deemed sad(Gebauer, Kringelbach and Vuust 2012.) This effect was shown through fMRI imaging while listening to different genres of music and participant