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  • The History of Music

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    The History of Western Music Music has been around since the dawn of time, ever since man first inhabited this planet we have learned to communicate in ways other then conventional speaking. Different Cultures all have there own specific way of communicating through music. Music is basically broken into two specific groups Eastern Music and Western Music. Eastern music is mainly derived from the orient and India. While, Western music first emerged from Europe. Western music has developed

  • Pittsburgh Music History

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    Throughout Pittsburgh history, the area has produced many acclaimed musicians and music organizations that have created music that has been enjoyed across America. Pittsburgh is a city of music with a history in Jazz, Classical, Pop, Doo-Wop, Rock, and most currently Rap. Many of Pittsburgh’s old musicians are award winning performers and song writers who have sold millions of records. Their music can now be heard on movies, TV, and even Broadway shows. These famous artists would be nothing without

  • Calypso Music History

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    sea” from the Disney movie, “The Little Mermaid”. Or, maybe you’ve heard the song “Day-O”, also known as the “banana boat song”. Well, did you know that these songs are examples of Calypso music? In this report, I will be explaining, where it came from, what it is, and facts and information. Calypso music originated in Venezuela, Trinidad, and Tobago during the start of the 20th century. It was traced back to West African Kaiso and the arrival of the French planters and their slaves in the 1800s

  • The History Of Western Music

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    The History of Western Music Throughout history all cultures have been influenced by music. Before the Baroque era in music there were many forms of western music. Most of this music was monophonic, sung in chant used mostly for religious purposes. During the previous millennia most music was sung in chant form with very little accompaniment, save a harp or a violin. In these times music was a simple art, sung by the people to praise the Lord. Eventually polyphonic music developed, first starting

  • Music Throughout History

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    Throughout history people listened to music and used it for various different things. In the earliest of times music was used to help emphasize story telling(Young 11). As centuries went on music became more prominent in everyday things and eventually was used for social occasions like festivals and weddings(Young 82). Today we use music for everything from recreational to rehabilitating people. We use music to express ourselves and say things we don’t know how to say. Music is an outlet for people

  • The History of Music Styles

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    Introduction: A study of the history of music styles brings to the fore two distinct periods, Baroque and Classical. The purpose of this essay is to provide a comparison between the two musical eras through the exploration of two different composers and their works, namely Antonio Vivaldi and his Four Seasons ‘Spring’ in the maximized Baroque era and the minimalist approaches of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony. Moreover this essay will review the unique social, cultural, technological an musical

  • The History Of Music Education Essay

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    The History of Music Education in the Americas The history of our schools is told beginning with the founding of our nation, moving through the common school movement, the arguments of the progressive era, and leading up to all of the modern acts made in the 21st century. Music education is a factor in the public schools, and it is rarely discussed as part of the history of our schools. Music education has been a part of our schools since the beginning and continues to better our students to this

  • Music History and Its Influence on America

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    Music History And Its Influence On America Rodriguez Pg. 1 Seven o' clock strikes on my alarm clock, causing it to ring its silver bells, rudely jolting me back to reality from another wonderful dream. Groggily, I manage to carry my body to the shower, still upset that i won't be able to find out if I had kissed that cute girl or not, and still wondering who the man in the peacoat was that was following us around on our date. Thirty minutes later, I've gathered my books

  • The History Of Mariachi Music

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    The type of music known as Mariachi music has been around for centuries. The instruments and way they have played them has changed alot since it was created in the 19th century. Various forms of mariachi were created all around the world and have a different cultural effect on each Hispanic culture. Mariachi gave an escape from the realities of the world as people put their heart and soul in playing, listening, and dancing to this unique form of music. The history of mariachi music starts many centuries

  • The History of Chamber Music

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    The History of Chamber Music What is chamber music? It is ensemble instrumental music for up to about ten performers with typically one performer to a part. Since circa 1450, there has been instrumental music designed for private playing. These pieces used many instruments and (in Germany) it was common that the folk songs would contain 2-3 countermelodies to expand and elaborate the whole, and to arrange the outcome for groups of instruments. Although the