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  • Arkansas/Arkansaw Book Review

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    Arkansas/Arkansaw: How Bear Hunters, Hillbillies, and Good Ol' Boys Defined a State. Brooks Blevins. Fayetteville, AR. 2009. 242 pages What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the state of Arkansas? Chances are, that as an Arkansan the thoughts are quite different than those of someone not born or raised here. Hillbilly, redneck, barefoot, and trailer are a just few of the common first words invoked in the minds of “foreigners” by the word Arkansas. In the non-fiction work

  • The Implementation Plan For A New Outlook From Local Business Owners

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    and offer insight on the impacts during pre-disaster planning. The implementation plan will support the community plan by; historical management, prioritizing, and community support. By looking at Arkansas history of disaster, strategies can be developed to decrease the impacts. In the past Arkansas, the federal government has paid out disaster aid of over one billion and 120 million dollars. By prioritizing tasks by the most important to the least important, Little Rock can better plan to cover

  • Crowley 's Ridge : Is It Accurate?

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    Crowley 's Ridge not being a charming spot for an excursion it is my charge that Crowley 's Ridge is the most pleasant traveling spot due to its progressive history, significant towns and attractions, remarkable highlights, atmosphere, and unmistakable biological system. Crowley 's Ridges progressive history is stunning to listen. Since when Benjamin Crowley secured a pioneer estate in the closest high ground to his Arkansas delta area grant in the 1820s, he had no clue that

  • The Pros And Cons Of Being A Registered Nurse

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    types of nurses. To be a registered nurse, you have to have at least a bachelor of science degree in nursing and pass the NCLEX-RN certification program. Some of the colleges in Arkansas that offer a registered nursing program are: University of Central Arkansas (UCA), Arkansas State University - Jonesboro, and Arkansas Tech University. The average size of a nursing class at UCA is

  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To Arkansas

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    Arkansas is not very far from my hometown so it might seem odd that it’s my favorite place to visit, but passing that blue “Welcome to Arkansas” sign feels like I’m a thousand miles away from “home.” The smell of fresh air and spring water blowing in as I wave my hand out of my car window. The beautiful cliff sides and emerald green tree tops welcoming me to their lovely home. No matter how many times I visit it feels like the first time. There are endless adventures to take and beautiful hidden

  • Becoming An Ultrasound Technician

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    wanted to become an ultrasound technician for years, but have put it off because I have been out of school 14 years and was scared to come back. I would love to work in an obstetrician’s office, because that would be my dream job. The reason I want to become one is because most of my family is in the medical field somewhere so I have the background and lots of knowledge, but I don’t care for the blood and guts that go with most of the careers in the medical field. With radiology it is non-evasive

  • Sam Walton 's Strategy Analysis

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    Sam Walton 's strategy was built on an unbreakable foundation: The Lowest Prices Anytime, Anywhere. On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opened the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas which the Walton family owned 24 stores, ringing up $12.7 million in sales. In 1969, the company officially incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Vance & Scott (1994)) Then in the 1970s, a decade of incredible growth, Sam Walton began to take Walmart national, proving his vision 's widespread appeal and became a publicly

  • Descriptive Essay About Football

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    Texas, but I had no idea how much I loved football until I went to an A&M game. If you are familiar with the Fighting Texas Aggies, you know how much their traditions hold near and dear to them. On September 24th, 2016 I had the pleasure of attending my very first, and surely not last, Midnight Yell. Midnight Yell takes place the night before every football game and is used to gather the community and show their spirit. At Aggie games the student section has many yell calls that make their group unique

  • I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Essay

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    Maya Angelou was born in St. louis Missouri in 1928 April 4th where she was named Marguerite Johnson. At the age of 7 her parents separated and she and her younger brother Baily were force to move with her father’s mother Annie Henderson In Stamp’s Arkansas. Due to the growing issues of racism in the southern area of America Marguerite witness the police brutality and discrimination from society firsthand. This was due the large uproar that was happening in the south at the time in

  • My Experience In My Life

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    trust," has been my mantra for this whole senior year. It’s something I try to think about when I decide anything important in my life. Rather it’s setting goals for myself, procuring different interests, or choosing in right college, thinking about flexibility, love, and trust is how I try to keep my mind straight for the next couple of years. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the future. This is why I am trying to take a moment to just breath. The amount of things going on in my life can be overwhelming