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  • Nursing In Nursing

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    world. With almost three million registered nurses in the United States alone, the world of nursing has grown larger than ever since the 1800s. I decided to study nursing, and why even with over three million registered nurses in the United States, the demand for nurses is undeniably through the roof. There are some answers as to why they are in such high demand, including opportunities expanded, nursing educators shortage, and the recession. I want to be a nurse myself, and as I've been applying

  • Nursing Philosophy : Nursing And Nursing Essay

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    Nursing Philosophy Nursing philosophy is defined as a nurse or students thought of what they believe to be true about the nature of the profession of nursing and to provide a base for nursing practice. (2016, para.1) The nursing field continues to develop into a professional scope of practice and nurses continue to work to develop a high standard for the profession. The values and skills that nurses’ learn as they care for patients continue to develop into rules and regulations for future nurses

  • Nursing Identity In Nursing

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    Nursing Identity: Nursing knowledge gathering process is moving along the changing society. Initially, Nursings’ Knowledge were derived from other disciplines, followed by a self-generation phase, realizing that the legitimacy of any profession is built on its ability to generate and apply theory. And, finally into a transformation phase, in which nursing knowledge significantly influences its own practice as well as that of other disciplines (N). These challenges in nursing knowledge development

  • Nursing Activism In Nursing

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    Since the first days of nursing school, nurses have always been taught to advocate for their patients. Standing up for them when they have no voice, assuring that they are receiving the proper medication in the proper dosages, and maintaining their humanity in their final hours. In 2010 the Institute of Medicine called for nurses to engage in health policy and lead in transformation of the US healthcare system (Institute of Medicine(IOM), 2010). It has been years since this report and the government

  • Nursing Competency In Nursing

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    The competence in nursing had explored by Benner, which in her study of nursing professional skill provides a rich of nurses’ experience in nursing practice which identify the process of knowledge acquisition and nature of knowledge that acquired through the experience at the different clinical setting. Benner has grouped potential competencies of nursing to live their experience in clinical practice which consist of helping role, the teaching-coaching function, the diagnosis and mentoring, the effective

  • Nursing Theory In Nursing

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    Individualized Attention The application of nursing theories to the nursing care practice promotes the structure of care. It intensifies the importance of an individual in need and facilitates the environment of healing. By integrating the major nursing theories into the daily nursing routine in the hospitals or the community, and understanding their meaning, nursing profession flourishes as a unique science separate from the discipline of law. One of the theories looked at is humanbecoming by Rosemarie

  • The Nursing Practice Of Nursing

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    Nursing is a highly promising profession, yet healthcare institutions are having difficulty filling nursing positions. The nursing profession has evolved since its inception in the 1800’s. Today, various healthcare facilities employ the professionals to assist with patient care. The nursing practice is now a well-paying profession. Despite this, America’s healthcare needs are creating a nursing shortage. Additionally, nurses who seek more challenges in the workplace are taking on roles as advanced

  • Nursing Science In Nursing

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    Nursing Science Nursing is a marriage between an art and a science that combines critical thinking and practical skills with sensitivity, creativity, empathy, intuition, and the ability to adapt care to meet the patient’s needs (Wilkinson, Overview of the Nursing Process, 2012). The scientific aspect of nursing includes critical thinking, problem-solving skills, the application of the scientific method, and the use of evidence based practice (Wilkinson, Critical Thinking, 2012). Nursing science relies

  • Nursing Theories In Nursing

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    Theories in Nursing This paper discusses practice, research, and theory as it pertains to nursing. It explains how important research is in nursing practice. The paper talks about mislabeling specimen issues that hospital I work for encountered and examples of similar situations at other healthcare facilities. This paper discuses Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory of nursing care as it pertains to a horrible case study of parent negligence. Practice Research, and Theory To Nursing Practice

  • Nursing Philosophy Of Nursing

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    Introduction As a nursing student in the BSN program at West Coast University, I have discovered my skills and knowledge to prepare myself on how to be an efficient nurse as well as a nurse that truly cares for the best quality of care given to a patient. I have found some good qualities and insight in the paradigms to a philosophy of caring as a nurse. In this paper I will discuss the four paradigms of nursing which includes: Health, Nursing, Client/Person, and Environment. As a nurse, one must