Obstacles Essay

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  • Description Of A Police Officer

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    Introduction I always knew that I wanted to become a police officer, so I decided to interview a Police Captain. I interviewed Police Captain John Carpenter of Riverside Police Department. I found him through Riverside Police Department after looking around at the organizational chart I found online and looking at the titles that were on the chart. The Police Captain is one rank above a Lieutenant, but one below a Deputy Chief. A Police Captain is in charge of a certain precinct, and normally has

  • Air Assault School of the Army Essay example

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    Notice always results in a thunderous "Hey, Air Assault. Drop!" That simple command is the vanguard of a relentless cycle of push-ups, flutter-kicks, and other physical torture they like to call corrective action. As we near the first obstacle, my canteen of water falls from my cargo pocket. I stop to retrieve my wayward bound canteen only to have those four backbreaking words slam into me from behind. As I drop to the ground, I hear the distinctive sound of a highly polished combat boot

  • Reflection On The Blindspot

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    To start of my college journey at Loras we went to a low ropes course as part of Launch into Loras weekend. It wasn’t an ordinary ropes course because it had teachable moments as part of our learning experience. It was time to get out of our comfort zones and allow ourselves to interact with others. This was either going to make us one or break us into awkward groups. Another part of our task was that we needed to take mental notes on how our mindset changed throughout the course because we would

  • Obstacles In College

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    unrealistic goals for myself. Throughout the year, I had to overcome various obstacles to strive in meeting the goals I had set out for myself. One of my goals during the first year of college was to earn a 4.0 GPA. I thought this would be an easy feat as I was able to academically grow throughout my academic career—excelling from being roughly a 2.6 GPA student to roughly a 4.0 GPA student. One of the biggest obstacles I had to face was taking exams. In high school, I did not need to prepare for

  • Jamie Fielder Superpowers

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    their lives would be a million times better with these capabilities, they would not be. Life may contain hard times and good times, although, the way someone handles those times is what matters. There is one woman in this world who conquered obstacle after obstacle and has found the way to deal with anything she faces. She was able to find the perfect balance between family, friends, work, and volunteering in her life, and her name is Jamie Fielder. No matter what the job or activity, Jamie does it full

  • Obstacles Essay

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    Obstacles are a diurnal task every person has to go through quotidian. However, turning those drawbacks into a positive outcome is phenomenal because it aids you remain going with your day known you can do anything you want no matter whatever life throws at you. Experiencing barriers turned into something exceptional can construct you to be ready for any type of situation, and help you into look at different objects differently to work them to your advantage. Being ready to take anything life

  • Descriptive Vacation

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    again?” I asked. Everybody, except for Mom glared at me. Mom simply said, “No, Isabel.” I shrugged and went over to the beach lounge chair things. Then I went to the pool. I tried a simple, fun obstacle course. At the third obstacle, I tipped back in the pool’s water! After a few backflips, I went back to see my mom. I was as cold as ice as I skipped merrily over to the beach chairs. I settled down in a chair with a towel covering me. I waved to my mom, who was

  • Winter Blast Short Story

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    eventually gave in, and we exited our cabin and headed towards the hill. My nerves grew by the second as I neared the giant opening. We gazed upward as we entered the barn. Climbers of all shapes and sizes were many stories up, climbing through the obstacle courses. The barn was cold and dim-lighted. The musty smell of the barn filled my nostrils. It made me feel as though I had entered a Haunted House. People screamed as the ropes above shook with the wind being brought in through the holes in the

  • Immigration Obstacles

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    possibly escape the turmoil of the warring Middle East country. Immigration is a very difficult shift, and the inability to understand the native language of a country can very much make the journey even more difficult. One of the most hardest obstacles to overcome is the difficulty of blending into the new society. It is usually parents who have this issue, because they weren’t born in the alien country, and lack idea what it is like in this unfamiliar country. Their children do not face this complication

  • Childhood Observation Report

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    The day is Thursday, March 16. I am at the Child Discovery Center, observing Josiah, age 8. Josiah is part of the after school program, in room 1. The observation takes place outside, on the school's playground. The time is 4:30 pm. Josiah starts to play a game of “leprechaun tag”, and he is it. He begins to run after two other girls, his arms are lifted at his sides as he pumps them back and forth, and he is running at a moderate pace. He is not as fast as the other children playing. While he