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  • Comparison Between Odysseus And Odysseus

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    Wisdom, aid of Odysseus) Mortals: Telemachus (Odysseus’s son), Antinous (An arrogant suitor), Penelope (Odysseus’s wife),Phemius (The bard/entertainer), Eurycleia (The nurse), Mentes (Athena’s disguise, Telemachus’s mentor), Menelaus ( King of Sparta, helps Telemachus), Nestor (King of Pylos), Helen (Menelaus’s wife), Laertes (Odysseus’s father) Plot: Book 1 The story starts out in medias res, or in the middle of things. The Gods (except Poseidon) gather on Olympus and we learn that Odysseus is still on

  • Odysseus

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    thrilling features of the book The Odyssey. Favored by the gods, and a great man of war, Odysseus was a man to be looked upon with respect. After the war between the Trojans and Greeks had finally ceased, it was time for Odysseus and his men to return home, yet fate held another plan. “Just as I have come from afar, creating pain for many, men and women across the good green earth, so let his name be Odysseus, the Son of Pain, a name he’ll earn in full.” –The odyssey chapter 19. Odysseus’s grandfather

  • Questions On Odysseus

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    Rivas 1 BOOK 1: WHAT WENT ON IN THE HOUSE OF ODYSSEUS 1. Where is odysseus? Odysseus is being captive on the remote island, Ogygia by Calypso. 2. What or whom is Athena disguised as? Athena disguises herself as Mentes. 3. Why do Telemachos and his mother need Odysseus? Telemachos and his mother need Odysseues so he makes the suitor go away. 4. Why does Odysseus's wife have suitors? Odysseus's wife has suitors because they all think that Odysseus is dead and they want to get his fortune and

  • Athena and Odysseus

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    Relationship between Athena and Odysseus By looking at the epic The Odyssey by Homer, there are a lot of contacts between human and immoral, the relationship between Athena and Odysseus, which make me interesting, also this is important for the story. The relationship between Athena and Odysseus is the key for the story, because Odysseus had received a lot of help from Athena, their relationship is the reason to explain why would an immortal Athena who never interesting or attracted by any male

  • Odysseus : A Hero

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    to save the lives of many. For example, in The Odyssey, a hotshot is shown in the life of Odysseus. While many believe Odysseus was a great figure and leader, he was far from that. He failed his crew, and for one reason only, he was not the chieftain his men needed. More specifically, the results leading to the announcement that Odysseus was not an epic hero was mostly due to his personality. Odysseus did not value the opinions of his men, or lives of his men, as the reader was lead first to

  • Intelligence In Odysseus

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    expectations and performs above and beyond the average person. Odysseus from the epic poem The Odyssey, acts above and beyond his crew and the typical mortal. Odysseus uses his intelligence throughout his journeys to further develop his courage allowing him to be resilient in the time of crisis arguing he is a hero. Odysseus uses intelligence to guide him on his tricky journey home to Ithaca establishing that he is a hero. When Odysseus and his crew land on the land of the Cyclops, they get trapped

  • Characteristics Of Odysseus

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    her bold exploits, and favored by the gods. In the book The Odyssey by the poet Homer, the Greek Hero Odysseus and his crew are thought to never come home after 20 years since fighting in the battle of Troy by his family and the people of Ithaca. The poor town is stricken by a coma of grief for their lost ruler. Greedy suitors wanting to marry Odysseus wife Penelope, harass her, Disrespect Odysseus palace by eating all his food and take everything from hi. This has been happening for 3 years. Soon

  • Odysseus Essay

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    Darius Roi A. Guevarra BTIT – 4C III. Characters Directed by: Andrey Konchalovskiy Writing Credits: Homer (Epic poem) Armand Assante as Odysseus He is the protagonist in The Odyssey. Odysseus fought for the Greece against the Troy. He is the one who planned to use a wooden horse to get into the great wall of Troy and bring it down. Odysseus is the husband of beautiful Queen Penelope and the father of Prince Telemachus. He is very popular for his cunning. He is the favorite of the goddess

  • Analysis Of Odysseus

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    Kyle Hoffmann CPLT 2010 Paper 3 Odysseus from Hero to Villain One of the more famous characters of the ancient Greeks, Odysseus, has been written about for millennia. Homer composed an epic poem entirely about him. Dante wrote about Odysseus while describing his journey through the afterlife in Inferno. These two writers, though describing the same man, portray him in different lights – Homer lauding him as a valiant hero and Dante condemning him to burn for eternity. Each portrayal is a product

  • Empathy In The Odysseus

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    if we weren’t always like this? The odyssey is a perfect example of what happens when we don’t have empathy for others. In book 9 Odysseus and Polyphemus fail to understand each other leading to some unfortunate results. Polyphemus shows almost no empathy in his interaction with Odysseus but he shows even less, showing that without empathy pain is inevitable. Odysseus first displays a great lack of empathy for the cyclops when comparing how different his lifestyle is to Polyphemus’. For example when