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    William Shakespeare gave us a most moving drama in Othello. In this play we witness the demise of a “paragon” of a wife and a “valiant Moor”, Othello. Let us consider the Moor in detail, with professional critical input, in this essay. From the text of the play a number of clues can be gleaned which round out the description of the general. In William Shakespeare: The Tragedies, Paul A. Jorgensen describes the general in Othello: Though scarcely the “barbarian” (1.3.353) he is called, the

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    Othello Down Shakespeare 's Othello comprises of the subjects betrayal, affection and dishonesty. At the focal point of this play is the lamentable ruin of Othello because of his so-called friend Iago. In this paper I will be examining the explanations behind and against Othello being in charge of his defeat through taking a gander at critical interpretations of his character and activities. Othello was profoundly in charge to his own destruction as Iago demonstrating to him to be gullible and

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    Desdemona’s Passivity [In the Shakespeare’s play “Othello”] Desdemona is a passive character in the Shakespeare play “Othello”. We can identify this as a fault in Desdemona, in various acts and scenes throughout the play. A critic had stated that “Desdemona is passive, acted upon rather than acting.” This is a valid statement which is noticeable in Desdemona’s character. When Desdemona argues Cassio’s position that Othello stripped from him. We see from this that she could have acted

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    Disintegration of Othello      Shakespeare's Othello is a play with unique characters. One such character is the one for which Shakespeare names his play. In the play, Othello disintegrates from a confident leader to a homicidal murderer. Linguistic changes throughout the play attest to this theory.   In the opening scenes, Shakespeare portrays Othello as a noble character. When Brabantio seeks vengeance (for "stealing" his daughter) on Othello, Othello expresses his actions

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    3 March 2015 Othello Introduction Shakespeare is the second most quoted writer in the English language – after the various writers of the Bible. Many of Shakespeare’s ideas for the play Othello came from a collection of tales written by Giraldi Cinthio. In Othello the character of Iago acts as the prominent main character throughout the play, even though he plays the role of the antagonist to the other central characters in the comedy Iago is the tragic hero. Shakespeare’s Othello was not just

  • William Shakespeare 's Othello And Othello

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    For the time Othello was set in, 16th century Elizabethan society held strong socioeconomic roles that governed social statuses. In Shakespeare’s Othello, class positions become a theme that emphasizes power as a major role in relationships. In the case of Othello, a general of the Venetian army, and Iago, one of his trusted advisors, that power struggle is the force that dominants the play and leads to the disastrous and memorable ending. Machiavelli’s treatise, The Prince, examines the dynamic

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    relationships in Shakespeare’s plays are never simple and even less so when one narrows the field to his tragedies. In the case of Iago and Othello this complicated relationship is made more so by the interwoven theme of appearance verses reality. The idea of Iago, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, fighting both for and against his master that permeates the play. Othello, however, a seasoned warrior being unable to see through the guise is a flaw his companion takes advantage of. Iago’s hatred is the biggest

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    Iago’s main reason to denigrate Desdemona’s character is his love for Othello. Consequently, he will do anything to gain Othello’s admiration. When Iago is putting his plan into action and planting in Othello’s mind that Desdemona is not faithful to him, Iago says: Othello kneels .............................................................................................. IAGO: Do not rise yet. Iago kneels Witness, you ever-burning lights above, You elements that clip us round above, Witness that

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    Desdemona in Othello         In William Shakespeare’s tragic drama Othello, the wife of the protagonist is Desdemona. She is a lovely, intelligent, wholesome and pious person. This essay will analyze her.   In Act 1 Scene1, Iago persuades the rejected suitor of Desdemona, Roderigo, to accompany him to the home of Brabantio, Desdemona’s father, in the middle of the night. Once there the two awaken him with loud shouts about his daughter’s elopement with Othello. In response to Iago’s

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    Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello deals with various issues in the tragic vein of tragedies such as Hamlet and King Lear. Marriage and associated issues stands out as a key theme and preoccupation in Othello. In Othello, various issues such as race, patriarchal attitudes and other general human frailties complicate marriages. Shakespeare portrays marriage in a very bleak light. In the beginning of the play, we see that marriage is not only a union of man and his wife but also involves various familial