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  • The Peloponnesian War And The Athenian War

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    The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C., brought an end to the Golden Age of Athens. The Peloponnesian War was fueled by an intense rivalry between the two city states, Sparta and Athens, and was comprised of two smaller wars and one isolated expedition of expansion to Sicily. Spartans historically had always been the political, social and economic RIVALS /adversary of Athens, opposing their democratic and economic goals. The Spartans were politically apprehensive that Athenian culture prospered, for

  • The Peloponnesian War Essay

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    The Peloponnesian war (431–404 BC) was an ancient Greek war fought by Athens against the Peloponnesian led by Sparta. Thucydides famously claims that the war started “because the Spartans were afraid of further growth of Athenian power, seeing as they did have the greater part of Hellas was under the control of Athens”. The two main protagonists from opposing sides Lysander and Alcibiades had the most influential impact on the end of the war. Lysander was appointed Spartan navarch for the Aegean

  • Thucydides And The Peloponnesian War

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    in a noble family, which was linked to Athens and its leaders. He was one of the greatest ancient Greek historians and author of the History of the Peloponnesian War, in which he describes the struggle between Athens and Sparta. Thucydides was also interested in the technical part of the war. He focused on the difficulties and possibilities in a war between the powerful land force of Sparta along its allies and the powerful naval force of Athens. He observed that the strategic interaction of states

  • Effects Of The Peloponnesian War

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    The Peloponnesian War: Overview, Outcome, and Effects The Peloponnesian War was a series of battles that were fought between 431-401 B.C.E. Its two conflicting forces were the Peloponnesian League, which was headed by the city-state Sparta, and the Delian League, which was headed city-state of Athens. The war separated and disconnected the poleis of ancient Greece, and other negative aspects of war were highlighted by Thucydides, who writes of the war and states, “think, too, of the great part

  • Peloponnesian War Analysis

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    History of the Peloponnesian War define as the causality for the Peloponnesian wars? Thucydides text History of the Peloponnesian War is often used by modern historians to examine the initial causes of the Peloponnesian war. The Peloponnesian War of ancient Greece was fought between Athens and its empire and the Peloponnesian league led by Sparta. The text is considered by many historians as an exceptional source of ancient history used to establish the motives behind the Peloponnesian Wars. This is mainly

  • Essay On Peloponnesian War

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    The Peloponnesian War Name Course Tutor Date The Peloponnesian war which was fought in 431-404 BCE happened in ancient Greece and was between two city states, Athens and Sparta. Athens had an alliance with coastal states and most of the island states that boarded the shores of the Aegean Sea to the north and eastern side. Sparta, on the other hand, had formed an alliance with all other independent states that formed central Greece and Corinth, Sparta leading the alliance. Athens navy was

  • Peloponnesian War Essay

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    The Peloponnesian War actuated a series of political and social changes that substantially altered the hegemonic balance in Greece that would have far reaching consequences for Western Civilization. Moreover, the Peloponnesian War represented not only the nadir of Greek morality, but, the apogee of the Spartan mirage of invincibility and domination. For the Spartans, winning the Peloponnesian War was a catastrophe that culminated in the atrophy of the Spartan system as well as the perpetual irrelevancy

  • Peloponnesian War Strategy

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    Evolution of Strategy Throughout the Peloponnesian War In the years leading up to the Peloponnesian War, Athens and Sparta formed a successful alliance defending Hellas from a Persian invasion. This alliance dissolved soon after leaving two independent city-states in its place. Athens possessed a robust naval force and Sparta possessed a formidable military force. Each possessed unique systems of government and policies that defined markedly different approaches for relationships with their respective

  • Essay on Peloponnesian War

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    partnership. Beginning after their domination of the Persian war, the two states slowly became aware of one another’s growing power. More time went by, and the Spartans began to grow conscious of the other states, feeling wary and paranoid around them (Fox, 170). No state was particularly to blame for the strain on their peace treaty, nor for the war, it came as the two states developed. Eventually the two states had clashed enough and declared war. Although the Spartans gave the Athenians a chance to back

  • Essay on The Peloponnesian War

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    The Peloponnesian War pitted the Athenians against the Spartans. The Peloponnesians’ were an alliance of city-states controlled by Sparta. These two powerful city-states became locked in a struggle for dominance of the eastern Mediterranean area. The roots of the conflict and in particular this expedition is highly complex. As Thucydides says in his history of the war, the underlying cause was Spartan fear of Athens' expansive power. But, the triggering event was Athens' aggressive behavior towards