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  • Into The Wild Personal Response

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    Into the Wild a story that gave a life event and a deranged experience. I personally believe no one would want to experience what Mcandless went through ever. Unless of course they like to be lonely like sir and have " freedom." like McCandless himself. Even then I would still think people out in this world would not want to live what he went through, So frightened to know you prefer being alone with no ones help. To come to think that freedom does exist and you'll have it one day but, will you really

  • Coaching Personal Response

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    Personal Response Gary Collins provides a plethora of valuable information for individuals in pursuit of life coaching. The presented literature provides clear and concrete information that easy to apply to practice. I think the most influential information that Collins describes is the process of growth and the role of the coach. Tony Stoltzfus states, “Coaching is helping people learn instead of teaching them” (As seen in Collins, 2009, p. 19). Coaches are the individuals who walk through

  • Night Personal Response

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    “Night” by Elie Wiesel – Personal Responses Chapter 1 • Moché the Beadle’s story is very disturbing. He had experienced horrible atrocities and risked his life to warn his fellow townspeople. However, the latter did not believe him yet alone listen to him. They called him the madman. This passage is hard for the reader, who knows what is going to happen to the Jews later on (situational irony). Moché was also foreshadowing what was going to happen to the Jews. This warning also brings about the

  • Personal Response to creation

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    Personal Response Creation Lenses by Leah Silverman The main theme is humans can find it emotionally difficult to conform to society, but usually end up doing so. The meaning of this theme is that we all want to do things that are practical to society even if it feels wrong in our hearts.The main driving component which draws people too conformity are the desire to be accepted in certain status groups. People fear that if they do not conform to society, they will be

  • Beastly Personal Response

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    The book “Beastly” by Alex Finn is about a boy name Kyle Kingsbury he was a teenager living a normal life. He so popular until one day he asked this girl to the dance. The girl said yes when though he already had a date to the dance he was trying to be jerks because she was ugly. His flower that his maid bought was different from what he wanted were white. 2 Petals fell off it. The day of the dance came, he called her out and tried to make fun of her, but it didn’t work,she ran out the door and

  • Ww1 Personal Response

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    During the Second World War everyone in the United Kingdom had to step up to help the war effort and defeat Germany. This included the Girl Guides who found themselves having support the home front in many different ways. The Girl Guides used the many different skills they had obtained at their meetings and camps to help the country to survive the war. Some of the ways the Girl Guides helped was by providing the public with services such as health care, and child care as well as food for the people

  • Odb Personal Response

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    Every day I stand near the garbage compactor and watch pounds and pounds of produce go down the garbage hole never eaten for many reasons. Some produce is simply too ugly for customers to want to consume, for example like a deformed bell pepper, a bent cucumber, a freckled banana. Some produce is gently bruised like an apple that was pressed a little too hard or a tomato that was bruised from customers “testing” it for juiciness. So much produce that has little to nothing wrong with it is simply

  • Atticus Personal Response

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    I am reading the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The recent chapters we have been reading focus on how to walk in someone else’s shoes. In chapter 10, 11, and 12 mostly talks about how Aunt Alexandra comes and lives with them for a while and how Jem is maturing more. In chapters 13, 14, and 15 shows that Atticus goes to the jail cell where Tom Robinson is and so Jem, Dill, and Scout sneak out and go looking for him. They see that a mob of men are coming towards Atticus and Tim, so Scout

  • Personal Response on Sexuality Identity

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    Personal Response on Sexuality Identity Lillian M. Floyd PSY/265 Lauren Lappe February 16.2014 A person’s sexual identity may seem like something obvious, something that should be an essential characteristic of our lives. However as we have found, these things are not always so simple, often finding that our sexual identity, is ever changing most of our lives. I have given my own identity some thought and I find for me it wasn’t easy. In this essay

  • Citizen Kane - Personal Response

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    Citizen Kane is an American drama film released in 1941. It follows the life of the main character, Charles Foster Kane, and the investigation into “rosebud” – the last word spoken before his death. Kane was a wealthy newspaper tycoon who lived a reserved lifestyle; he had many possessions but isolated himself from the public eye wherever possible towards the end of his life. The director’s portrayal of the films main themes are shown in such a way that a Year 12 group of students would be able to