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  • Nurse Practitioners : Nursing Practitioners

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    Nurse practitioners (NPs), or Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), play an essential role in the growing complexity of the healthcare system. Established in the early 1960s, nurse practitioners have served as skilled clinicians, meeting the healthcare needs of patients as the availability of primary care physicians continued to decrease. Much like a Primary Care Physician, Nurse Practitioners can serve as a primary health care providers or specialize in particular areas of health care like

  • Nurse Practitioners : A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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    Nurse Practitioners Carly Clay HS101 Professor Stewart Abstract A Nurse Practitioner has a very serious job. Being a nurse practitioner is not a job for someone who is not willing to work hard and be ready for anything at any moments notice. There are many different specialties to being a nurse practitioner such as emergency care, pediatric. Nurse practitioners work long hours and can work anywhere, from a doctor’s office to a hospital. Introduction Becoming a nurse practitioner is a common

  • Nurse Practitioners

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    Madison M. Stanfield Ms. Edwards General Paper 23 January 2017 Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and their Impact The idea of nursing actually pre-dates the 19th century, but the first professional nurse is Florence Nightingale. Traditionally, only sick people with families could get the level of care needed, but Nightingale realized the mistake in that assumption. If one didn’t have a family they couldn’t get the correct level of care. During the Crimean War, Nightingale helped clean the soldier’s

  • Nurse Practitioner Essay

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    ROLES OF A NURSE PRACTITIONER Sabine Dorsainvil NSG5000 South University The role of a family nurse practitioner is a fundamental portion of the future of healthcare. The role is clearly not as understood by other healthcare professionals as needed which results in the disagreement if the role of a family nurse practitioner is even required for primary care. As people are getting older, the need for medical professionals that can provide patient care to our ever growing population increases

  • The Royal Of General Practitioners

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    Introduction The Royal College of General Practitioners in its recent published paper has predicted that in the next ten years, the number of patients with one or more long term conditions will increase to 18 million in England alone. Currently this group of patients make up fifty per cent of all GP appointments, sixty four per cent of all outpatient appointments and seventy per cent of all inpatient admissions. The total cost is as much as seventy per cent of the total health and social care expenditure

  • A Career as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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    Pediatric Nurse Practitioner I would like to go into the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner career field. Pediatric Nurse Practitioners help Pediatricians and other Physicians diagnose and take care of children from infancy to young adults. I have grown up with ten siblings and many more cousins, so I have learned how to deal with children of all ages. Also, I have been interested in the medical field since I was a little girl and I have always loved to help people. I would have liked to be a Pediatrician

  • Role Of The Family Nurse Practitioner

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    The Role of the Family Nurse Practitioner in Advanced Nursing Practice Although advanced nursing practice is a broad field with several roles defined within, the author of this essay has identified the role of the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) as the focus for this assignment. The FNP role was selected as it is the specialty track in which the author is furthering his professional nursing education. The Family Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse (RN) who possesses advanced clinical training

  • The Mandatory Regulation Of Nurse Practitioners

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    abrogation of the mandatory regulation that required nurse practitioner to deliver primary care under the supervision of a physician. Dr. Jauhar, explained that the reason behind this law is due to the scarcity in the expanse of primary care physicians. He argued that Nurse Practitioners are thought to be cost-effective because they are remunerated lesser than medical doctors, however, that’s not the case Mr. Jauhar elaborated that Nurse Practitioner, though an asset to medicine, aren 't equipped with enough

  • Interview With A Certified Nurse Practitioner

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    Practice practitioners are expanding, taking up a multitude of roles across a diversified healthcare specialties. Advance Nurse Practice practitioner stands as leader in this comprehensive profession bridging the gap in management and clinical aspect of care (McDermott & Morant, 2010), reflecting the complexity of culture, organization and practice setting (Hyrkas & Dende,2008) to improve the quality of patient care. This paper is about the interview with a Certified Nurse Practitioner. The Certified

  • Personal Statement For GP Practitioner

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    I’m interested in the medical field; cardiology and/or a General GP practitioner. A cardiologist is a doctor with special training in the act of finding, treating as well as preventing diseases associated with the heart and or blood vessels. A GP is a general practitioner who does not specialise in a particular area in medicine. General Practitioners provide routine health care and assessment of illnesses and injuries. I’ve always had an interest in studying medicine as is gives a diverse opportunity