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  • Pros And Cons Of Probation And Probation

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    of the terms, probation and parole, to know exactly what offenders face when placed on community supervision, because to me it means the same, as the offender would call it being placed on papers. Probation - where through the courts, the offender is put on supervised stipulations in the society or community through a probation organization, instead of imprisonment. However, a few probationers are required to serve a small percentage of their time incarcerated followed by a probation period, called

  • Reflection Paper On Probation

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    Working as an intern with Ingham Circuit Court Probation has provided a unique exposure to the criminal justice system. Being involved with the adult probation department has shown to me the process of what occurs after sentencing. Through my experience this internship has shown me how critical agents are to monitoring, rehabilitation, and successfulness of probationers. The position of probation agent requires extensive amount of dedication to ensure a probationer is receiving correct treatment

  • Effects Of Juveniles On Probation

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    offenders on probation has proved to be a more disciplined procedure rather than placing him or her in an institution. People’s view of juvenile offenders’ placement on probation feel that it does not deter crime. Placing juvenile offenders on probation rather than sending them to a juvenile detention center is a more effective way of working with juveniles and preventing future crimes. Juveniles placed in a detention center with adults are at risk to commit other offenses. Juvenile probation officers

  • Essay about Aspects of Probation

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    exactly what the purpose of probation is, what kinds of conditions can be imposed if someone is put on probation, and what roles the probation officer and the court systems play in the scheme of things. If you know someone that is on probation it may not hurt to know a little bit about the way it works and that is exactly what we will be talking about here. Probation is one of the least restrictive penalties among the alternatives confronting a sentencing judge. Probation is the conditional release

  • The Pros And Cons Of Probation Officers

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    There are several steps to the criminal justice system, one of them is Probation; a program where the offender’s freedom is limited; usually they have a curfew, and have limits on the things they do. Probations Officers are a huge factor in getting the juvenile offender back on the right track following their sentence. One of the problems with probation is that rather than helping the offenders, sometimes it can hurt them. Some scholars argue that the officers do not take the juveniles, specifically

  • Past, Present and Future of Probation & Parole

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    to study the past, present and future implications of the probation and parole system, I had to study the history of both. I will begin with the history of probation and then talk about the history of parole. I will also talk about how probation and parole work in the present and how and what will happen to both probation and parole in the future. Probation comes from the Latin verb probare which means to prove, to rest. Probation was first introduced to the United States in 1841 when a boot-maker

  • Probation Officers Should Be Legal

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    Probation officers wear many different hats; some are those that they never dreamed about when becoming an officer of the court. Probation officers are the offenders’ friend, confidant, mental health counselor or even a parent to an offender that may be just turning 18, who has not had a parent influence. This feeling of someone looking out for the offender may make the offender feel more comfortable and willing to work with the officer. However, the probation officer needs to be able to establish

  • The Probation Officer And Offender Role

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    The Probation Officer and Offender role has been widely examined, specifically in regards to the effective management of risk (McNeill, 2009, NOMS 2010). Within this, it is recognised that the relationship between these individuals is paramount to the effective management of risk and offending behaviour. There have been numerous working practices introduced throughout the years within the Probation Service to identify effective working practices including the Effective Practice Principles and latterly

  • The Theories of John Augustus: The Father of Probation

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    John Augustus, a Boston boot maker, is commonly referred to as the “Father of Probation.” He gained renown for spearheading initiatives to investigate the backgrounds of convicted criminals. This led to more reasonable sentences for many individuals, as well as a radical shift in the approach to rehabilitation of criminals. A Massachusetts native, he was the founder of a thriving business who maintained an interest in the legal process. He was a member of the Washington Total Abstinence Society

  • Probation Officer

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    Probation Officer Requirements If you 've ever wanted to know how to become a probation officer, keep reading find a job description, probation officer job requirements, online education and training, and general salary information for this popular career. Probation Officer Job Description Probation officers and parole officers are often lumped together when people think about them. They do have some common duties, such as working within the corrections system and being employed by county