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  • The Athletes And Professional Athletes

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    Change occurs instantly once a player is drafted into the NFL as a professional athlete. The fame, money, and lifestyle are brand new and exhilarating. The professional athletes are initiated into a culture of partying, bling, new cars, new houses, and new followers. Along with their careers as an athlete, they instantly sign contracts making them millionaires over night. The majority of athletes come from backgrounds of poverty and rural areas, making them untrained on how to handle finances

  • Athletes Professional Athletes

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    and wage differences between genders different races. However, salaries of professional athletes and every day, essential careers, such as teachers, nurse, and police officers, can become an even bigger controversy because we don’t understand why athletes deserve to be paid that much, or we think us, as everyday workers, deserve to get paid more for what we do. There are some valid reasons that contribute to professional athlete’s high pay, and our average pay. This has always been an interesting

  • A Professional Athlete

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    An athlete is someone who is in sports. They have to be physically fit and have endurance. Athletes need to make a commitment and be dedicated to their sport. Some go to college then start their career as an athlete; although, some start right out of high school. They have to have good moral standards because they are in the public eye and often become role models for children and young adults. Athletes can play in minors and the majors, they start out in the minors and work their way up to the majors

  • Professional Athletes

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    Athletes are paid too much Do athletes make too much money? Most people today think so because the amount of money they make for entertaining the public. Kobe Bryant makes more than a yearly teacher salary by making a single basket. Doctors and surgeons make life saving decisions every day and make significantly less than a rookie in a professional sport. An average professional athlete makes two million six hundred thousand dollars more than the president of the United States who makes critical

  • Professional Inhletes And Professional Athlete

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    Have you ever thought about how much money professional athletes make? Do you think they make too much? Professional athletes get paid way more than the average person. Alex Rodriguez, who played for the New York Yankees, made the amount of money it would take to feed a country’s poor for an entire year, and yet he used steroids to make him better. (Bhagat) The amount of money players make is absurd to some people, but the team's ticket sales and merchandise sold means more money for them. (Callahan)

  • Athletes And Professional Sports Athletes

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    Many professional sports athletes historically took steroids to enhance greatly their overall performance, to furnish them with a reasonable edge against their opposing team. Most of the trained athletes who took or are trying anabolic steroids, do not grasp the additional complications they are taking mentally and physically with on themselves. In that respect there comes consequences with taking steroids, particularly with getting caught, these matters can be a problem for the sports athletes trustworthiness

  • Should Professional Athletes Be Athletes?

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    competitively are not athletes. This is due to the fact that the sport does not require much physical activity, and is not team based. The general public defines an athlete as someone who possesses stereotypical characteristics such as physical strength, a winning history, and participation in a common sport. A trait that is most forgotten is the psychological side of being an athlete. In order to be fit, succeed in gruesome competitions, a strong mindset must be present. An athlete is made up of many

  • Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

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    Are Professional Athletes Overpaid? The passages present a discussion about arguments concerning whether or not professional athletes are overpaid. This is an important debate since professional sports represents a multi-billion-dollar-per-year industry. The two positions argue whether or not professional athletes should be paid the large yearly salaries they are paid. Both viewpoints have valid claims warranting consideration. For example, evidence suggests that people with far more important

  • Professional Athletes Are Overpaid

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    question is “Are athletes overpaid?” Many professional athletes get paid millions of dollars. Some people think that these athletes are overpaid, but professional athletes deserve their extremely high paying salaries. I personally think athletes deserve their unreasonable high paying salaries. There are many reasons why athletes are not overpaid. For example, professional athletes deserve exorbitant salaries so that it can carry them for the short amount of time they can play. If an athlete only plays

  • Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

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    Are Professional Athletes Overpaid? “I think a man with a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football” (Schrock). David Price, Toronto’s new ace pitcher, signed a contract for 217 million dollars, in the 2015 season (Kennedy). The average salaries of jobs are much less elaborate and troublesome, are considerably lower than what athletes are receiving. A young private entering the army will receive around 34,008 dollars in his first year defending