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    Rasputin Rasputin had a significant impact on the royal family as well as Russia during the reign of Czar Nicholas II. Rasputin was a staret that worked his way into the royal family. The influence of Rasputin on Alexis, the heir to the throne, gave him great power. The power given to Rasputin had a notable impact among the Russian people as well as Russia. Grigory Efimovich, better known as Rasputin, was born in the town of Pokrovskoe in 1871. The name Rasputin means "dissolute," for his

  • Rasputin Influence

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    Rasputin played a part in the fall of the royal family but he was not the main reason. The Tsar had no one to support and protect his family due to not seeing to civilians needs. The overthrow of the Tsarist government was the ending of the oppression and tyranny. Rasputin however did manipulate his ability to influence government decisions. The Romanov Empire in Russia was a dynasty that had been in power for over three hundred years and sadly ended with the last Romanov family being murdered.

  • The Murder of Rasputin Essay

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    Rasputin was an important figure in the Russian Revolution. His acclaimed magical powers helped lessen the symptoms of poor Alexei's hemophilia, an awful condition in which the blood doesn't clot. Because Alexei was the heir to the Romanof throne, Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra were in a stressful situation. They gave Rasputin certain powers that people were jealous of. The aristocrats could not stand a peasant in such a high position. Peasants could not stand the rumors that the tsarina was

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    Grigori Rasputin was not a very great person in history. A great person in history does good and important things for his people, country and the world. Early Life and Family: Grigori Efimovich Rasputin was born on January 10, between 1864-1872, along the Tura River in the village of Pokrovskoye. Rasputin was married to Praskovia Fyodorovna in 1889. His mother was Anna Egrovna and his father was Efim Rasputin. Grigori had three children with Praskovia, named Varya, Maria and Dmitry

  • Rasputin : The Mad Monk Of Russia

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    God (Frost). This man’s name was Rasputin. Rasputin became a trusted advisor of the czarina because of who he was and he received more and more power because of this connection to the crown of Russia. Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was born around 1872 in the village of Pokrovskoe in Siberia, Russia (Frost). He was born into a peasant family seemingly destined for an ordinary life. He married a local woman Praskovya Dubrovina and worked on his farm (Harris). Rasputin began to have an interest in religion

  • Essay on Russian Revolution Leaders: Grigori Rasputin

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    Grigori Rasputin was unique compared to the other Russian Revolution leaders; Rasputin was known as the “Holy Man” because of his healing powers. Many people believed that Rasputin possessed mystical skill in healing the sick and injured. Rasputin’s healing powers introduced him to the Russian court when Rasputin supposedly helped cure Tsar and Tsarina’s son Alexei who was haemophiliac. Rasputin also had the ability to know what others were thinking and to heal people in conditions which were impossible

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    stands out. This man, Rasputin, although he was not royalty, was close to the family and had a hand in its downfall. Rasputin Gregory Yefimovich was a peasant and a self proclaimed holy man. He was born in 1872 in the Siberian village of Pokrovskoye to a simple village family. He faced many

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    Rasputin: The Saint Who Sinned      “It's good to know that if I act strangely enough, society will take full responsibility for me." Ashleigh Brilliant may have subconsciously considered the effect that society has on us all and how wound up we can all get into our lives, our beliefs, and maybe even our visions. Our visions are the most important thing to all of us and one day may get us into the most excellent position or the most hideous position. We always chose

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    Gregory Efimovich Rasputin is one of the most debated characters of the 20th Century. Thousands have discussed whether Rasputin was a holy man who came to the aide of the royal family or more simply, a cheat who thrived in womanising and in truth, a man who had a debauched sexual appetite. After all the word "Rasputin" in Russian mean "the debauched one". But in the following pages, I will try to explore a better side of Rasputin; I will attempt to give an accurate

  • Reasons For The Fall Of Rasputin

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    However, was Gregori Rasputin the primary reason for the fall? The question that was once whispered on thousands of Russians’ lips is still asked today. Who was Rasputin? Gregori Rasputin was a Siberian peasant who not only intrigued everyone by his bushy beard and piercing cold blue eyes, but by his mystic “holy” powers he claimed to have. He believed that God had given him a gift for healing as during his childhood, he almost died. Despite these claims, at a young age Rasputin had already acquired