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  • Saudi Arabia And The Arab Arabia

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    Persian Gulf and Red Sea, is a country by the name of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s largest country. Saudi Arabia is officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Given the title “the birthplace of Islam”, makes Saudi Arabia highly respected in the Middle East and in many other Muslim countries and communities. Composed of over twenty-seven million citizens, Saudi Arabia ranks as the 13th largest country in the world. Business in Saudi Arabia is different than business in the United States in

  • Women In Saudi Arabia

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    Rights in Saudi Arabia Women’s rights have been a very controversial topic in the world for a long time and it still is today. We as people living in the United States do not really think about it as much seeing as it is not that big of a problem in the United States anymore. The thing we fail to think about most of the time is what is happening in other countries. All over the world there are still countries today where women have little to no rights and say in their own lives. In Saudi Arabia women

  • Saudi Arabia Essays

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    known by many Westerners for its oil production and, often, extremist beliefs of groups within the country. The country is Saudi Arabia, and though it is thought of by many as a rather backward country, Saudi Arabia has a rich history and culture, and it is a country that revolves around Islam and the worship of Allah as the one true God. For about fifteen hundred years, Saudi Arabia’s history has centered on one major theme: Islam. Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was born around 570 A.D. in the city

  • The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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    In Saudi Arabia I am sure that there is probably more than one language spoken there but the number one language is Arabic. Did you know that the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia has that biggest continuous desert, in the world. Saudi Arabia is a country located in the Middle East surrounded by water, and desert. Saudi Arabia is also known for being the 15th largest export economy in the world. Saudi Arabia is an amazing country. And I hope you enjoy these pages filled with more wonderful facts about the

  • Saudi Arabia Culture

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    practices to its stunningly beautiful cities full of unique architecture, Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country. With its acknowledged status as the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is an important cultural and religious hub for many who come seeking spiritual enlightenment or simply a chance to experience the bustling cities and thriving commerce of the prosperous metropolises. With a population of over 28 million people, Saudi Arabia is a vital part of the Middle East, with some major influence on the

  • Saudi Arabia Essay

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    Saudi Arabia Economic statistical indicators convey the fact Saudi Arabia is a developed nation. However, close analysis of political and social statistical indicators would suggest that their standard of living and individual freedoms are severely suppressed. This 'developed' nation has abnormalities in its statistical indicators which are similar to those that characterises third world nations. Saudi Arabia is oil rich and is a strictly Islamic State. Their Muslim religion and its

  • The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently facing one of the greatest challenges since its founding in 1932. With the Iranian influence spreading across the Middle East, the Saudi response to the war in Syria is only one of many interconnected battles against Tehran. They must balance their desire to see Assad fall with the need to silence the religious message emanating from Isis, as both of these threaten their political system and way of life. This challenge is all the more complicated by the falling

  • The Discovery Of Saudi Arabia

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    I asked a friend of mine to come with me to visit the Asian Art Museum. I told him that the Museum is exhibiting pieces of recent archeological discoveries of Saudi Arabia. Since we were both Saudis, we felt curious to explore the museum for the first time. When we arrived to the museum, we paid 15 dollars each because we were adults. It was not until we finished our visit that we realized that we could have used our student identification cards to pay only 10 dollars each. However, we did not feel

  • Saudi Arabia And The Arab Arabia Essay

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    of Saudi Arabia, commonly referred to as Saudi Arabia, is located in the Middle East, on the Arabian Peninsula between the Red Sea to the west and the Persian Gulf to the east. Saudi Arabia is bordered by the following countries (clockwise from the north): Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen. In the west, Saudi Arabia is separated from Egypt and Israel by the Gulf of Aqaba. In the east, Saudi Arabia is separated from Iran by the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia

  • The Problem Of Saudi Arabia

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    Saudi Arabia is a country mainly known for the origin of Islam and has two holiest places in the country. Saudi Arabia is an oil producing country with huge reserve fund and its currency is doing very good on the financial front. Till early nineties country was in the very good state of the financial as well as population distribution. Most of the Saudis were working and having very low unemployment situation. With the increase in the population and educated youth demand for work has increased and