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  • The Importance Of Security In School Security

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    Identification and exploration of need I aim to design a simple system to implement into the schools existing security as at the moment it is very easy for people to enter and exit the school both in and out of school hours.Also with incidents involving the school poorly set up security system makes more of a need for an update the current one.Although it is a bad thing be so open it also does have the benefit of allowing staff and students to leave when allowed but also allowing them to leave without

  • School Security In Schools

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    School Security Seeing students wear uniforms in school may seem either too strict or too traditional, but when one figures out, and understand, the reason why for this formality, more will see the advantage of wearing school uniforms. Some may feel that uniforms should not be required in schools because they think it’s a waste of money, students don’t want to be told what to wear, or because they don’t want to look the same like everyone else at school. However, uniforms are much less expensive

  • School Security Issues And Outcomes

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    School Security Issues and Outcomes Brenda Colon-Santos¬¬ University of Central Florida   Abstract This paper explores security issues among every school in the nation. Although, several schools have taken steps to make their school safer. Some fear that it is not enough, while others feel they have done too much. Most schools have enforced stricter polices such as dress codes. While others have encouraged teachers to carry handguns in schools. There has been a lot of national debate on camera

  • Schools And Campuses Should Step Up Security

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    In today’s society we see more and more cases where somebody threatens a school whether it be a bombing or a shooting. In some cases, these situations come without warning, somebody decides to arm themselves and go terrorize a school or campus. You have instances like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting where Adam Lanza shot and killed 28 people. Another instance is just recently at Ohio State University a student ran his car into a group of people and proceeded to stab eleven others with a knife

  • School Security: Safe but Subtle Essay

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    School Security: Safe but Subtle The most infamous and deadly act of violence to occur in a U.S. school were the events of April 20, 1999. In Littleton Colorado two teens went on a shooting and bombing spree that left 15 dead and 24 wounded before they shot and killed themselves. During the rampage, the two fired about 900 rounds of ammunition from two sawed off shotguns, a 9-mm semiautomatic carbine, and a semiautomatic handgun. Police also later found more than 30 bombs placed throughout

  • Security Cameras In Public Safety And Safety In Schools

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    realized that the school might have security cameras that may locate the phone. However, I was shocked to learn that the school did not have such surveillance cameras. The use of security cameras may have helped avoid this situation. In regards to public safety and welfare, security cameras provide an effective way to oversee individuals and their actions. Schools should continue their surveillance practices to maintain safety and ensure justice for crimes or other offences. Security cameras are beneficial

  • Integrating Technology for Better School Security Essay

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    Integrating Technology for Better School Security Using new technology for better school security is not always easy because it is difficult to address the correct problem with the right equipment, there also exists economic issues, and mental unrest among staff and students. School safety is an issue that has been concerning this country for many years. With the populations of our schools growing, the crime rates with in them have been as well. The student to staff ratio has greatly increased

  • Security Cameras Should Not Be Placed Public Schools

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    with your friends down a school hallway to find out that you’re being watched. Feeling like you are tied down or feeling like you have your privacy rights violated, causing you to become very self- conscious and uncomfortable. Security cameras should not be placed in schools where students are learning, playing, laughing with their classmates. Children at a young age shouldn’t need to compromise their privacy rights because authorities want to place security cameras in schools to watch over children

  • The Issue Of School Security

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    been an unfortunate amount of tragic school shootings in the last ten years developing an atmosphere where gun activists and safety advisors have been feeding on every event that takes place. When these catastrophic events transpire, reality’s morals are questioned; what is considered safe? Among the emerging trials of appalling bloodshed, society deems it as a commendable time as any to make a change. In the result of such events, the issue of school security and pressures to student protection

  • Security Issues Facing Elementary Schools

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    The most substantial security issue facing elementary schools is the predictability of schedules. Students, faculty, and even maintenance staff generally have the same schedule every week if not every day. Therefore, if there were a potential attacker looking to launch an assault on a public school, it would be very easy for him or her to target a particular time and place in which most of the school's members would be. Additionally, if a perpetrator were looking for a specific individual, he or