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  • The Cameron Shark : The Characteristics Of The Greenland Shark

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    long (the same size as an adult great white shark!), and can weigh 2,000 pounds. This monster of the deep is the Greenland Shark. Although this massive creature seems like a monster, humans actually rarely come in contact with it, making this shark even more elusive. Surprisingly, this shark is actually very important, let’s find out why. Even though the Greenland shark sounds like a horrible beast, one could even say it looks kind of cute. This shark sports a round, tubular body, like a torpedo

  • Sharks

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    Running head: Sharks Sharks T Tolerico Marine Biology Doctor Cameron Guenther Sharks What do you think of when you hear the word “Shark”? Do you think of the lion of the ocean or perhaps God’s perfect predator/scavenger? Perhaps you think of the movie “JAWS”? Most people will think of the movie “JAWS” and think killer, attacker, and predator. However, are sharks really preying on humans? I view sharks as God’s perfect predator and scavenger. Sharks, like lions, weed out the sick and

  • Shark Finning Is The Removal Of The Shark

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    Every year there are thousands and millions of sharks dying in the ocean simply, because of a soup? Not a soup that makes you feel or look any younger, nor does it cure a sickness, but because of a delicacy. Sharks are at a high demand mainly in East Asia. Shark Finning is the removal of the shark’s fins while they are still alive and throwing the rest of its body back in the ocean where it takes a painful death. Seeing that sharks are on top of the ecosystem, their population is also decreasing

  • Shark Finning Should Stop The Sharks

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    Shark finning should stop. Shark poaching or finning has been going on for a while to make a dish called “shark fin soup”. People who eat that most likely don’t know what happens to make it. Poachers catch the sharks, and put them on their boats and hold them down while they cut all of their fins off. The worst part is once they’re done, they drop them back into the water and make them suffer as they lose tons of blood, and later suffocate or be eaten by other animals. It makes me feel sorry for

  • An Essay About Shark

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    Pinocchio’s or teeth as scary as Dracula’s? Well, I assure you they‘re out there. For years, these sharks have lived undetected, and now I expose them and their very strange lives. The Cookiecutter Shark, Goblin Shark, Japanese Wobbegong, and Prickly Dogfish Shark have so many interesting characteristics that make them unique. Do you know what shark has the largest teeth in the world? It’s the Cookiecutter Shark! It is called that because of the cookie-shaped wounds that it leaves on the bodies of its prey

  • A Study On Shark Tank

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    Since 2009, the renowned reality show, Shark Tank, has been giving small business entrepreneurs hope – allowing them to achieve dreams which previously appeared impossible. In this television show, five multi-millionaire and billionaire investors, known as “sharks”, invest their time and money into small businesses which they believe will succeed with their expertise. Each entrepreneur who enters the “Shark Tank” must attempt to convince these “sharks” that their business is worth their investment

  • Shark Attacks

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    great white shark veraciously attacks him. This is what comes to mind when most people think of sharks, but they are not really just man-eating monsters of the sea. Sharks are a fascinating group of fishes that strike fear into the minds of humans, but they are nothing to be afraid of. There are over 475 different species of sharks, but only a few of these are considered to be dangerous to people. These include Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Bull Sharks. Most species of sharks do

  • Sharks Essay

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    Sharks Sharks are one of the most feared carnivores in the sea. There are 365 species of of sharks in the sea as we know today. All sharks are carnivores. Most of them eat live fish, including other sharks. A shark's most common natural enemy is an another shark. Most sharks eat their prey whole, or they tear off large chunks of the bodies. Some sharks crush their prey. Others take out small pieces off flesh from large fish. Sharks also feed on dead or dying animals. Sharks have the reputation

  • Shark Conservation : The Dangers Of Shark Conservation

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    trend will continue. Sharks unfortunately are a species that are at high risk due to the actions of humans. Yet until recently they weren’t given very much attention. So now that the public is aware that something is going wrong with sharks what can they do to change it. The public could start with simple things to just become more environmentally friendly. They could recycle their plastics, try to reduce their contribution to climate change and become more educated about sharks. The next step they

  • Evolution Of Sharks Essay

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    creatures that inhabit Earth, they have all evolved over the course of their existence. Sharks have been roaming the earth for over 450 million years, in this extensive time period, there have been many things that have changed since modern day. There are many different reasons on why the evolved, and also how sharks managed to completely change themselves in the course of 450 million years. The life for a shark millions of years ago is going to be a lot different than if they were in the modern world