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  • Sickle Cell Anemia

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    Sickle Cell Anemia Prepared by: Jozalyn Velez Outline • Definition • Symptoms • Causes • Diagnosis • Treatment/prevention • conclusion Sickle Cell Anemia Sickle Cell Anemia is an inherited form of anemia, a condition in which there isn’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry sufficient oxygen throughout your body. Normally a person has flexible and round blood cells. With Sickle Cell anemia, Hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells, that carry oxygen in the body

  • Sickle Cell Anemia

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    Case:- Doctor informed complete studies of a 9-year old child with sickle cell anemia. Her main complaints were cough, vague pains in legs (joints), night sweats, abdominal pain, less hunger, and increasing weakness. In a series of knowing experiments that involved taking venous blood from the arm under different conditions, the doctor showed a connection between oxygen tension and sickling of the red blood cells in vivo. When the oxygen pressure fell below 40-45mm Hg, the sickling was marked increased

  • The Importance Of Sickle Cell Anemia

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    or not you inherit the genes that cause sickle cell anemia—also known as sickle cell disease and abbreviated SCD—is of more importance than the color of your eyes. Sickle cell anemia is a disease that deals with hemoglobin, the protein that aids in oxygen transport from organ to organ, in red blood cells. Normally red blood cells have a biconcave shape that attributes to a maximum capacity of hemoglobin, but in cases of sickle cell anemia, red blood cells are structured, fragile, and crescent-shaped

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    Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary disorder that mostly affects people of African ancestry, but also occurs in other ethnic groups, including people who are of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent. More than 70,000 Americans have sickle cell anemia. And about 2 million Americans - and one in 12 African Americans - have sickle cell trait (this means they carry one gene for the disease, but do not have the disease itself). Sickle cell anemia occurs when a person inherits two abnormal genes

  • Causes Of Sickle Cell Anemia

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    Introduction : According to Conran,N. (2015) ; The term sickle cell disease (SCD) describes a group of inherited Red Blood Cells (RBCs) disorders. People with Sickle cell anemia have abnormal hemoglobin, called hemoglobin S or sickle hemoglobin, in their RBCs. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body. “Inherited'' means that the disease may passed from parent to their children. Sickle cell anemia is not an infectious disease; means that a person cannot

  • Sickle Cell Anemia ( Sca )

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    Sickle cell anemia (SCA) is an inherited blood disease which causes normal, round, healthy red blood cells to transform into sickle-shaped cells. Normal red blood cells are flexible and can easily pass through capillaries to bring oxygen to different parts of the body. However, sickle cells are fragile, and can easily die, leading to anemia (red blood cell deficiency). SCA can also cause blood vessel occlusion (blockage of blood vessels), tissue infarctions (death due to lack of oxygen), bone, joint

  • Sickle Cell Anemia Disease

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    What is Sickle Cell Anemia Disease? Sickle Cell Anemia Disease is an inherited disease that turns healthy red blood cells (donut shape) into abnormal sickle shaped red cells which affects people's hemoglobin (a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood) (Naoum). This disease gets its name from the shape of red blood cells under low oxygen condensation which becomes sickle shaped. These sickle shaped cells get stuck in small blood vessels which causes people with this disease to

  • A Study On Sickle Cell Anemia

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    Sickle Cell Anemia The gene or chromosome that is affected? The haemoglobin atom has combine parts: an alpha and a beta. Patients with reference to sickle cell suffering take on a variation in a gene on chromosome 11 that codes for the beta subunit of the haemoglobin protein. As an answer, hemoglobin molecules don 't display suitably, causing red blood cells to be stiff and take on a concave shape (like a sickle used to trim wheat). These adequate shaped cells get hooked in the blood vessels and

  • Sickle Cell Anemia And The Disease

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    Sickle Cell Anemia LaToya R Walker American Public University Systems Abstract This paper will discuss Sickle Cell Anemia. It will describe what the disease is as well as how its contracted. The paper will go on to on to discuss the symtoms risk and statistics of sickle cell aniema. The paper will end with discussing treatment for the disease. Sickle Cell Anemia Sickle Cell Anemia or Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a passed down blood disorder that attacks and destroys the red blood cells. This Disease

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    Sickle Cell Anemia Sickle cell anemia is caused by a defect in the gene that controls the production of normal hemoglobin, which is an iron-containing protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen from the lungs to body tissues. The defective gene results in the production of abnormal hemoglobin known as hemoglobin S. If you have the disorder, you inherited one gene for hemoglobin S from each of your parents. The gene is recessive, so if you received a copy of the gene from just one parent