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  • Spanking Essay

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    Spanking has several effects on the children, which build numerous opinions among the people. Researchers have shown many positive and negative sides of physical punishment. There are several people that agree with spanking their children and there are others who are against punishing the children. Many of the parents who spank their children believe that spanking is sometimes acceptable because they believe it will make a positive effect on their behavior. Spanking is used to correct children’s

  • Is Spanking Helpful?

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    Have you ever wondered what spanking a child does for them in the future? Some people argue that spanking a child will teach them to be respectful, while others prefer to find a different way to discipline them. I did a survey on my coworkers and college classmates to see what their thoughts on spanking a child for disciplinary purposes were. Let me just point out that I work in a lumber yard, so most of the survey participants are males, but I was able to survey a few females as well. The majority

  • Spanking Essay

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    said they have been disciplined by spanking. Spanking had become the norm in many household across America. In fact, the percentage of spanking in America is increasing by 5% each year. But why is spanking so popular in America you may be wondering? Well surprisingly it has a lot to do with traditions, adults who are parents in the 21st century grew up hearing “spare the rod and spoil the child” or “take a paddle to you “causing them to be accustom to spanking because it was used frequently in their

  • Spanking Speech

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    Do you think spanking is necessary? I don’t think spanking your child for his/her wrongdoing is abusive. Believe it or not, it actually teaches your child not to do it again. It also shows them that, that type of behavior is unacceptable and that you will not tolerate it. Some kids that’s more timid and usually respectful would be fine with a pop on the hand and time out or take their Tv time and iPad privilege away, but then there’s the kids who like to push their limits. Spankings should be used

  • Spanking And Discipline

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    was in the form of spanking or Time out. Spanking or Timeout tend to be a structured way of letting a child know that he/she has done something wrong. Many parents used these forms of punishment as a deterrent hoping the child would not make the same mistake twice but instead succeed. The question of what is the best way to discipline depends on what a parent experienced as a child. Different disciplinary can have a huge impact on how successful a child is in the future. Spanking can make a child become

  • Spanking In Children

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    your child pushes you to the edge of your personal limitations. At this moment it is often we correct our child’s behavior by spanking. Spanking is considered a form of discipline that is acceptable by most and an unacceptable to a smaller crowd. Spanking can lead to psychological problems in early adolescent, which long term can lead to emotional and anger retention. Spanking is like smoking cigarettes. Having one or two cigarettes in a lifetime likely won't give you cancer but ongoing smoking increases

  • The Importance Of Spanking

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    Spanking is considered a form of corporal punishment, and depending on what one’s view, belief or stance on corporal punishment weighs heavily in determining their views and beliefs on how to discipline kids. Corporal punishment is the striking of a child with an open hand, typically on the buttocks with the sole intention of modifying behavior without causing physical injury. Spanking is used to modify misconduct and misbehavior, and generally is done by using hands. When either one is executed

  • Spanking Essay

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    Spanking has been the preferred mode of punishing children most parents have opted for across cultures in the globe. For decades, most parents attest to the fact that spanking was the most effective tool in their possession with regard to ensuring discipline among the young ones. But over the last two decades, studies have been conducted that have adduced the negative impacts spanking has on children which has the propensity of impacting their teenage lives (Durrant and Ron). In a study conducted

  • Spanking Children

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    Who doesn't recall meeting a child who needed a good hard spanking? While children can be charming and delightful it is usually the two legged terror that get's noticed the most. Who hasn't heard or at least participated in some gossip or side conersation if yu will, regarding what should be done? Parents who have unruly children on a regular basis or even rarely are under the gun to address it. How they adress it is up for debate in todays more child friendly environment Some feel it

  • The Pros And Cons Of Spanking

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    Spanking has become an arguably debatable form of discipline. According to a study at the University of Texas, the more children are spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents (“Spanking: Pros and Cons”). There is a connection between spanking during the childhood and mental health diagnoses later in life. There are other options of discipling your child than spanking them, especially because all children can take spanking differently. Parents should not spank their child because it