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  • The Importance Of Physical Activity For Special Needs

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    Activity for Special Needs Everyone needs physical activity to stay healthy. For special needs, it is even more important exercise and to get around. Exercise affects them by enabling them to learn new things that could help them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Strengthening those attributes could improve their skills and help them learn in different ways. Physical activity is very crucial for special needs to help improve them physically, mentally, and emotionally. For special needs not to have

  • Children with Special Needs

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    For my choice project I chose to interview a parent who has a child with special needs. The parent I chose to interview is a person I work with. She is a mother of two children, a son and a daughter which her son has been diagnosed with autism. Her son is ten years old and has been living with autism since he was diagnosed at the age of three. I have known this mother for about three years now and have helped her in many of the autism fundraisers that she puts on to raise money for her autism support

  • Persuasive Essay On Special Needs

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    to be good when looking at it from an outside point of view. However, after paying attention to the effects on the individual, it does not always have positive outcomes. Special needs individuals should not be given everything, because doing so deprives them of learning valuable life skills. Giving individuals with special needs everything they want more often than not makes them mean because they are spoiled. When parents spoil their kids, the children often get in trouble at school, which disrupts

  • Special Education For Special Needs

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    Special education can become very costly even up to four times more than ordianry education. Many tools are needed such as speech pathologists, phychologists and teachers, and sometimes speech facilities and equipment Many schools feel they are not suited to work with the students therefore they are hesitant to take on the challenge. However, many parent’s opinions on special ed learning shows that they favor it over home schooling and other options. There are many different choices for parents

  • Special Needs In Special Education

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    through the achievements within special education that our culture would be more willing and understanding of students with special needs. Even with great strides and progressive steps to improve the experience within the education for students with special needs society still does not fully understand what challenges students with special needs face daily. Culture wants to be accepting within its comfort level and does not understand that to help students with special needs or disabilities one must change

  • Special Needs In Special Education

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    Every student is “special needs” to some existent, meaning every child is different and they all learn different ways. However, some students do have serious learning disabilities. As a teacher, it is important to be able to meet the needs of every child in a classroom. Teachers will encounter diverse groups of students, some will learn very quickly, other may have a slight learning disability, and some may have serious health problems or other disabilities. After my field experience, I learned

  • Special Needs For Special Education

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    & Fitzgerald (2015) reported that it has been an increase of children identified with special education needs in different countries in Europe. One of the explanation for this influx is the definition of special needs recently changed, which caused more children to fall under that category. Since more children qualify for special education, professionals and parents need training and guidance on meeting the needs of those students. In Ireland, there is a challenge in finding the best comprehensive

  • Special Needs For Special Education

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    years, the total number of students with special needs in the United States has grown from 1990 through 2005. Studies from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) show that there are 4.8 million children enrolled in public schools who received special education between the ages of 3-21. The studies show that in 1990 the percent of children receiving special education in the school was 11 percent, while in 2005 the amount of students receiving special education grew to 14 percent. Actual

  • Special Educational Needs Support For Children With Special Needs

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    (GOV.UK, 2016), special educational needs support is available at all educational levels. This was in light of international developments, modifications to national legislation and decisions by law makers. The key international influencer was presented by the Salamanca Statement and Framework for Action (UNESCO, 1994). Also, two cases in particular the O’Donoghue (1993) and Sinnott (2000) cases contributed significantly to changes in educational provision for children with special needs (Griffin and

  • Should Special Needs Children Be Mainstreamed?

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    Many argue whether special needs children should be mainstreamed. Mainstreaming is when a school puts children with special needs into classrooms with their peers who have no disabilities (Masters in Special Education Degree Program Guide). Inclusion is a term which expresses the commitment to educate each child, to maximization extent appropriate, in the school and classroom that he or she would otherwise attend (Wisconsin in Education Association Council). Special education is a term used in the