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  • Reflection Of A Speech At The Middles Of Speech

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    When I was waiting to perform at my first speech competition I realized that I couldn’t breath. It was as if all the air in the room had been sucked out. I felt like I had entered an empty, soundless vacuum, almost as if I had been sucked into space. I half expected myself to become weightless and float around the room, but this didn’t happen. Instead of this, I stood frozen in the middle of a classroom in front of a dozen other people. I was the center of attention, and I hated every second of it

  • A Speech : The Power Of A Speech

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    face by having to give a speech as well as the stress on what to give a speech over to keep your audience attentive. We connect with each other through the words we speak whether it is in a large group or one on one in a working interview. A teacher has to learn how to communicate in many different ways to help every student learn in their own unique way. I always found it hard to pick a topic that I want to discuss or write about. In my opinion, it is easier to give a speech that you are well familiar

  • Reflection Speech

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    enroll for this online Speech class, I did not know what to expect. I thought that we would only meet in order to present the required speeches and then I thought that we would have a virtual classroom to give speeches were we were all online at once. Now I know that both of my guesses were wrong. For our speeches, we either record them online and invite classmates as audience members to watch, or have a live audience of family and/or friends that record you giving your speech in your living room or

  • A Reflection Of Speech

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    have finished their speeches, I have considered the feedback given about my speech and compared it to other speakers in the class. I reviewed in my head what I did wrong and went back in my mind to remember those speakers who I believed did better than me in the categories I scored low in. We learn from each other’s strengths as well as our mistakes. Accordingly, chapter ten focuses on the beginning and ending a speech. An effective introduction gets the speaker off on the right foot. The “right

  • Speech Reflection

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    I have never really been a fan of giving a speech or presentation in front of people. But I think I got a little more comfortable talking in front of people as the semester went on. During this semester I see that some people talk really quiet, or fidget with their hands or clothes. When we first started giving speeches I talked a little fast so I did not reach the time limit that I needed to. My major right now is criminal justice, but I have not fully decided on that yet. I took this class mostly

  • Speech Reflection

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    that no one else wants to get up there anymore than I do. The first speech I gave was over the benefits of yoga. I was very nervous, but I was also very well prepared. I think being so well prepared is why I did so good on my first speech. In this class I learned how to prepare myself for upcoming speeches. When I would read the chapters in the book, I saw the tactics that were recommended to use when preparing for a speech and used them. I also learned a lot of terminology of things when reading

  • Speech Reflection Paper

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    something I have enjoyed for several years now. Getting up in front of a class is difficult sometimes, but I always try to put my best foot forward when giving a speech. This year in Fundamentals of Oral Communication, I feel that I was able to grow even more as a speaker and presenter. After reading all of my evaluations and rewatching my speech, I now am more aware of what I can still improve upon and what I improved on just in the last couple years. Something that is very important to me is getting

  • Speech : Speech And Speech

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    their speech and communication skills, are often hard to understand; however, having a speech disorder, such as a stutter, on top of that may make it near impossible for anyone to understand what that child is struggling to say. Stuttering is just one of the many speech disorders that make children’s speech even harder to understand. Even sentences that might be a basic sentence to say might come out muffled, broken up, or distorted in some other way, if a child has a stutter or another speech deficiency

  • The Importance Of A Speech On The Audience

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    When making a speech, it is important that the speaker understands who their audience is. By understanding the characteristics of their listeners, the speaker is able to tailor their speech so that it involves topics that interest the audience. The listeners will then be more attentive and interest in listening to the message. In this Communication class, my classmates are my audience because they are the ones who will be listening and giving me feedback. In order to make effective speeches, there

  • Reflection Of Robert's Speech

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    feels like he knows where he’s at and runs it. His speech regarding the “No Smoking Policy” was outstanding in such a way it was well spoken. In my opinion why he deserves to win the most effective overall speaker would have to be because of his charisma, preparation, confidence, and attitude on stage. His charisma was amazing. He was always happy and willing to make something funny out of serious embarrassing moments for example when he gave the speech about dating two people at once others can view