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  • Star Wars Essay

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    creatures. just about everyone nowa something about George Lucas’s famous space sage Star Wars and has at least watched a few of the movies and so,e people may even think they know everything about this movie and it's creators but most likely there are things you do not know about these famous and successful movies so today I am going to talk about six fun facts that you most likely do not know about Star Wars. Yoda was not originally a puppet Did you know that yoda was not originally a puppet

  • Similarities Between Star Wars And Star Wars

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    Star Wars vs. Star Trek Star Wars and Star Trek, two movie titles often confused by non-fans because the first word of both titles is ‘Star’. But do not be confused because the two are extremely different in all sorts of ways. One of them is fantasy, the other sci-fi. One is full of creatures and heroes and villains and spaceships and power and darkness, the other filled with humans and aliens who fly ships together in primary colored uniforms. In other words, one is clearly better than the

  • Review Of ' Movie ' Star Wars '

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    Hunter Keane Dr. Jarrod Whitaker Ritual Studies October 5, 2015 Untitled Jedi Paper When George Lucas released Star Wars in 1977, it would be reasonable to assume he possessed some level of expectations regarding how his film saga would affect and alter the lives of its audience. What he may not have anticipated, however, is that his fictional protagonists, the Jedi Order, and their respective philosophies would resonate so strongly within particular individuals to such an extent that it

  • The Story Of Star Wars

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    To get to the origins of the billboard, we need to start with the story of Star Wars. In 19xx George Lucas has an idea that become Star Wars. In 1976, with the first novel, and again in 1977 with the release of the motion picture that idea became a reality. But not even Lucas knew what a phonomenia it would become. He captured not only the minds but the hearts of the public. Those most enraptured with his work would clamber for every scrap we could get are hands on. It was slow coming after the Original

  • Movie Review : Star Wars

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    film-inspired games usually appear the afterthought of the Hollywood marketing process. But Star Wars: the Force Awakens isn’t a fairly large franchise film, and these are by no means normal circumstances. A little under a month ahead of what could quite possibly be the biggest cinematic release of all time, we fans have not just a shameless tie-in but a fully-fledged reboot of one of the most loved franchises in Star Wars’ enormous gaming catalogue. And while that may be as much a result of rose-tinted nostalgia

  • Harry Potter Vs Star Wars

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    of themed product with a unique connection to the movie. The center of the marketing effort on movies relies on the success of the movie. This essay will focus on the Star Wars franchise, the Harry Potter franchise and the MCU(Marvel Studios) franchise and how each franchise profits from its’ products. To start off, the Star Wars franchise is the oldest

  • Antigone, Star Wars, and the Good Life

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    Sophocles’s play Antigone promotes a good life that, through careful analysis, is very similar to the Stoic theory of the good life. Antigone is a story about the members of the ancient Theban aristocracy vying for control of themselves and others; however, in its core it contains an exploration of the good life, that is trying to investigate what values will allow one to get what they want out of life. A group of philosophers, also of Greek origin, produced a theory of this topic; this group of

  • The Origins of Star Wars

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    “The Origins of Star Wars” Not so long ago in a galaxy a bit closer to home, George Lucas crafted one of the most iconic movies of all time. That movie was soon followed by a series of mind bending movies that captured the hearts and minds of generations up to this day. From light saber duels to the destructive power of the Death Star, Star Wars is one movie saga that we are all familiar with. But how did this captivating series come to be? How did it all begin? Just how did George Lucas come up

  • The Journey Of Star Wars

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    just landed on the moon. Who knew that this landing could spark the idea of the most advanced and important franchise of movie history, Star Wars. Star Wars has brought many different ideas to the cinematic world. The production of movies has gone up in the past few years, with that being said, Star Wars is the number one franchise in cinematic history. Star Wars is an action packed space opera about a galaxy a long time ago in a far away place. In this galaxy, a young slave boy, who lives in an outskirt

  • Star Wars Essay

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    the person who changed cinema forever. George Lucas did all of this in 1977 with the release of the film he created, originally called, “The Star Wars.” He had this idea after his first feature length film “American Graffiti” in 1973. This film became popular and he later pitched his idea for a space opera to the production company. They agreed and Star Wars was born. In the beginning, it was meant to be one film, which would entail all of the story for the three films in the original trilogy, A New