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  • Statistical Analysis : Anesthetic Performance

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    pain score and sedation score (Ramsay Sedation Score) were compared. Table (2): Numeric pain score (Bourdelet al., 2014). Rating Pain Level 0 No Pain 1 – 3 Mild Pain 4 – 6 Moderate Pain 7 – 10 Severe Pain Statistical analysis: Microsoft access were used for Statistical analysis,

  • Cp 520 Statistical Analysis

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    CPP 520 Statistical Analysis From The Contingency Table. High Rating-Local Hazard Vulnerability * Community Hazard Vulnerabilty Level Crosstabulation: The Frequency increases with Vulnerability Levels. For example, in 3 Counts, the Communities with Higher Hazard Levels have more Higher Ratings: Where as the Communities with Low Hazard Vulnerability have "Not High Rating". The Chi-Sq Distribution was used. From observation of Chi-Square Tests, there is slight Association between the

  • Statistical Analysis And Quality Assurance

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    Data management, statistical analysis & quality assurance Data collection The data and the values of the sensitivity scores would be collected at the general dental practice by the trained dentists who will report to the second investigator responsible for the overall collection of the data. Direct patient examination would be carried out at base line, immediately, 3, 6 and 9 months post application using visual analogue scale for tactile stimuli response and Schiff cold air sensitivity scale for

  • Statistical Analysis For The Social Sciences

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    Mental Health Research Project Sociology 315: Statistical Analysis for the Social Sciences Professor Dana Williams By: Hayden Beaudreau 12/11/15 Question: This research project will try to grasp a better understanding of an individual’s mental health based off a few different variables including respondent’s income, alcohol consumption, and marital status. The main focus for this research will be to try and grasp a further understanding of the effects each of

  • A Concise Statistical Analysis Report

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    For the purpose of explanation, these voltage regulators main purpose is to protect refrigerators from power surges and electrical catastrophes. Throughout the course of this paper elements will be strategically place to develop a concise statistical analysis report to cover the following: Any quantifiable factors that may be affecting the performance of operational processes. An explanation of how these quantifiable factors may be affecting the operational processes. What is the history and problem

  • Descriptive Analysis of Statistical Data

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    Final Project: Statistics II Descriptive analysis of statistical data INTRODUCTION There have always been crimes, from a treachery to an assassination. Happens in every country you can think of, and every government has to deal with it. It is really stressful to try to understand the nature of the crimes: why are they done and where could they happen next. Out of this preoccupation is that we found studies gathering data from communities; we focused on one specific crime: murders. In several

  • Statistical Analysis for Property Crimes

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    in the spreadsheet. This is a multiple regression analysis. I have attached a PDF file that explains the case and the spreadsheet version with all the data recorded from the PDF file. Pleas emae sure you include all the graphs, plots and please use megastat software. Topic: We want to determine the primary factors that affect property crime rates in the United States. The statistical analysis of the data involves multiple-regression analysis. Questions to answer are: 1. What are the

  • Statistical Analysis On Coaching Psychology

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    States the statistical analysis used to answer research questions The researchers state the method used for analysis to answer the research questions. The researchers used meta-analysis to answer the research questions because they drew their data from different published research articles (Haan, & Duckworth, 2008). Meta-analysis allows the researcher to combine results from different studies in order to focus on their contrast. The analysis technique enables a scholar to understand the sources of

  • Statistical Data Analysis Sample

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    Statistical data analysis was performed using programs MATLAB R2012b or R2014a and was conducted at 95% confidence level. Amino acids in the hair protein were determined using the relative peak areas and the concentrations were determined from a calibration curve from liquid injections of standard amino acid solutions of GC/MS analysis [8]. Also, ANOVA (one-way analysis of variance) was used to compare the mean concentrations of each amino acid between the case-control study groups. The F-test that

  • Statistical Analysis Of Campus Crime

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    Statistical Analysis of Campus Crime Reported by Xing Huang Abstract The report sets out two hypothesizes to examine whether the factors—acceptance rate, campus size, private and number of admin staff—have a influence on the number of both 2010 and 2011 burglaries. The purpose of this report is to provide evidence for city managers to deal with the campus crime. The analysis indicates that city managers should carry out a more effective program for private schools to protect students from campus